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this isn't a poem
because i don't even know how to write such
maybe this is more like a rant
to ask
why did you suddenly block me on all of your social media accounts?
  Jul 2020 Nocturnal Hikikomori
Stay quiet.
So I can..
Think for
So I don't..
Need you
All the time.
  Jan 2017 Nocturnal Hikikomori
I love
I love you
I love you more
I love you most
I love you mostest
I love you mostestest
I love you more than you love me
I love you more than anyone could love you
I don't love you anymore
I don't think we need to be together
Easy 8 Step Bake

1. Add a sufficient amount of cute, so much that you'll never stop looking
2. Add 3/4 tbsp of a killer smile, to stop your heart
3. Mix with 2 eyes, that you could look into forever
4. Laugh as you add the humor, so you'll always smile when they're around
5. Let it settle for 10 min, so that your heart gets used to not beating without them
6. Insert into oven at 666 Fahrenheit, it'll make you do anything for them
7. Take it out after what feels like a lifetime of waiting for them has passed
8. Watch them love someone else
  Oct 2016 Nocturnal Hikikomori
Gary L
when no objective is best for our protection
protecting ourselves would be the best direction
directing ourselves toward a progressive connection
connecting our minds to make a collective correction

correcting the obsessions that infect our perception
perceiving ourselves as the essence of conception
conceiving a brand new perspective of reception
receiving the blessing that we call perfection
In a Quantum Loop poem, the last line of each stanza must be used as a different form of the word, as the first word in the following line. It also must rhyme, or nearly rhyme. Rhyme scheme can be any way you want it though. In a double quantum loop poem, the first word in lines 2, 3, and 4 must rhyme.
Whenever one tries to leave,
They get ****** back in.

— The End —