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I dread this day every year,
and as I search the card isle
I fail to find a card that fits our story.

You see our story isn't one that I am proud of,
as this day is a reminder of what I don't have.
I see the way that you look at me from across the table,
the way you crinkle your brow.
I know I am not who you want me to be.
My life reflects the grace of God that I want you to see,
feel, know, and cherish.

I'm different.
My heart is soft and tears freely flow,
sometimes frustrating me, too.
Apologise, I won't.
The **** is broke,
and all I am left with are memories that haunt my soul.

Today I receive the pain,
the sadness that you bring to me.
I soak it in and choose to feel it,
to breathe it in, and acknowledge it.
Today I will cry,
but I will also hold on to the fact that I'm adopted,
by a God who satisfies my heart.
Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. -Psalm 27:10
Lord, I know you're there
I see you everywhere.
Psalm 23

It is not only on her birthday, and the day she left
i remember her everyday...without fail
her thoughts visit me when i rise in the morning
she hints to me what she'd do if she were in my shoes
at night, i whisper, "talk to my sleep..."

in my dreams, our eyes seldom meet...she's younger now,  lovelier
always busy pruning her bougainvillas and dama de noche,
the usual scene....maybe, she's telling me this is how it's going to be
that everything would be okay, even when i, too, am gone.

it's like, she's just outside, tending her garden
it's like she's absent, just traveling, for a while.

in the minds of my children and grandchildren
my siblings and their families
her memories play on and on, like a record spinning on a turntable
she's a serenade...a classical piano piece that won't fade
my late mother...she's a song that will not die.

Copyright May 7, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in and out of Hello Poetry!***
One fine morning
on my way to work
I met a real dinosaur
in big boots and a mischievous smirk

I’m kinda lonely he said
just visiting this town
I don’t have any friends
and thats bringing me kinda down

He looked kinda sad
with his tiny Dino eyes
I’d have to call in late
and explain it to the office guys

First we went out for ice cream
then we played a video game
He cracked a lot of dinosaur jokes
which were all kinda lame

When he would laugh
his mouth would open wide
Which sorta kinda scared me
and made me want to hide

His Dino tail would wiggle
and his laces would always come loose
It was funny trying to watch him
tie up his dinosaur shoes

Then we went to Iceland
and all the rides were cool
It was really spectacular seeing a dinosaur
floating in the swimming pool

Then we were really hungry
and we went out to dine
He scared all the waiters and waitresses
and drank up all the wine

I climbed up on his back
and he went for a run
Omigosh this day was perfect
I was having so much fun

Everywhere we walked
people screamed and ran
at the big stomping dinosaur
causing all the traffic jams

If only they would listen
If only they could see
Mr. Dinosaur is just a nice guy
just like you and me

Our perfect day was over
Dino had to go back home
probably back to Jurassic Park
and left me here alone

Next morning at work was a ******
such a tiresome bore
I just wanted to leave the office
and run out the office door

When the clock stuck five
I finally decided to leave
I left my dull office
and Lo & behold I just could not believe

Standing before me
in front of my very eyes
stood my dinosaur buddy
what a nice surprise!

We talked and talked for hours
even after dark
and when the day was over
I decided to move in to Jurassic Park

Now we’re never lonely
Dinosaur and me
Dinosaur has a friend
and I have family
like a mother to a son
we made it up for fun
but together we shall stand
to always give a helping hand
When the night comes,
Take the Armour,
Swing your mightiest sword,
Like a sudden gust of wind,
Gather in light,
Of thousand angels,
And fight the battle,
Of demons and devils.

Rising temper,
Waging battle,
Wound after wound,
Yet the victory is clear.

So say the prayer,
O' mighty soldier,
It is the strongest weapon,
For it is,
The Lord who win the battle!
A perfect evening ended as
Its opposite.
Guess it was his fault again,
As it always was, whether
God's honest truth or the

Sometimes it feels like
There's a Satan's Little Helper
Carving my initials
Into every bullet in the world,

He thought, and bowed his head
Unto the sour, sour

Of it all. No reason to hold back
The angry tears; he let a few
Hit the kitchen
Sink, so as not to stain
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