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O' Lord,
seek me and see my frailty
I have become weak
my heart has become weary

Help me understand
When I cannot comprehend
all these things that you have planned
Heal the wounds I cannot mend

Bring me to your peace
in the refuge of your arms
embrace me through the cold
and bring me to your warmth

Help me not to be anxious
Help me to be strong
Help me to be thankful
Help me not to do wrong

all of these I entrust
all of these I commend
In the Name of Your Son Jesus
all of these I pray
Who of you can add a single hour to his life by worrying?
Poems are words
And words have meaning
Expressing ideals,
Or dreams,
Or feelings

The same words
Appear, time and again
Arranged, rearranged
For love
Or for pain

Such little words
With so much to say
Used time after time
To bless
Or to pray

But sometimes words
Just require punctuation
To change what they say
For the right


Love!               vs              Love?

I love you!                      I love you?
It's true, I do!                 It's true, I do
Wonder why?              Wonder why;
You love me too!          You love me too?
First published 22nd September 2014, 10:00 AEST.
Jesus is the super glue
That holds us together in a world that is falling apart.
He started gluing me together when I let Him in my heart
He is now my best friend and I never want to part from Him.
Look yonder, yonder, are pieces of me, the shards,
Which seem to spread and go on for yards and yards.
What can hold? I am told, it is the glue of the new,—
Christ Jesus is glue, glue, to hold and mold redo.
If, O, if of His grace spilling, filling, if you are willing,
Willing, willing, yes, be willing, to accept this stilling;
Your heart would piece by piece together healing,
Ah! healing, and smooth out each crease, resealing.
Walk with, talk with, dine with, recline with Him;
The One that fills, heals, reseals, each and all of them.
Christ is that mediator, friend,
Creator, beginning, and end.
Do not err and stray, today,
I pray, or lose the pathway.
Bind, mind, and find in you
He is the kind, refined, super glue!

**~Collaboration by: Ann M Johnson & Timothy~
© Ann M Johnson &
© Timothy
August 12, 2014
Be just Be with no hesitation!
Go as far with determination!
Fear is not in your realization!
God and you in unification!
Everyone of you is blessed.
I was facing a year,
never shed a tear,
I have not a single fear.

I'm always facing these tests.
I will never be weak,
you can can call me a freak,
but through God I speak.

In times of ultimate stress.
I find beauty in the time,
I will never lose my mind,
love makes me feel fine.
Even in the hard times, I find my blessings, I find his love in lost time. I find myself in his blood. He took upon my shame so I could live free.
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