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joel jokonia Jul 2020
You can't survive through music only
Here I was thinking that is what I'm trying to do
And I'm not even half as good as my little sister Jayne
Her voice is flawless, when she sings the world stops
Her chords reach to the hands of time
I am sure they refered to this peculiar being
When they said "I heard angels sing"
The neighborhood stops
And elokshin it barely does
It's as if her voice clears clean the environment of clumsy noises
Only hers reigns
But here I am a struggling poet
Barely making anything of my life
Watching my dream outgrow me like an unwanted hedge
Yet still I believe in these words
As clumsy as they are
They will speak for me
To my daughter Nealah
To my granddaughters
To the next generation
Of Jokonia

I had a dream
As it is it's really a challenge being an artist under normalcy but now with this pandemic, it's suicide. How shall we live
  Jul 2020 joel jokonia
i'm a crownless queen
left to wander the wastes
searching for a princess
with whom i can replace
if your damaged and just out of a relationship, allow me to make you feel worse by first pretending to make you better
joel jokonia Jul 2020
He was in love for the first time,
Which often makes men quite honest for a brief period-even unselfish.
Of course, some men are honest and unselfish all their lives;
Which perhaps means that they remain in love-for the first time-all their lives
They are rare, of course
But the sort of woman with whom it is possible to remain in love all through lifetime is rarer
joel jokonia Jul 2020
Your presence
Is all I need....
I can't stop thinking about you
joel jokonia Jul 2020
I gatta work hard
Really hard
Give my daughter something
To idolize
Cause mum wanted a famous father
Well I will give you that
Cause you mean a lot
I go take the world into my palms
If it that will make you
Look into my eyes
With those twinkle little eyes
None matter how heavy
It will weigh upon my shoulders
For you I will pull on further
Even a mile more when I have walked a thousand
1001 are just numbers
Figures to count our blessings
Well we won't use numbers baby
We not the einsteins
But by Bernini's works we are the
We in the heavens baby
We the stars and moon
Exposed for political gains
Daughter see dad is a soldier
His wise too
He don't fight wars we would never win
Dad is warrior
His smoke signals shall be seen
  Jun 2020 joel jokonia
the star knows
all my secrets.

the sun sees
all my sorrows.

the moon hears
all my miseries.

the night holds
my very soul.
if you wish to know about me;
joel jokonia Jun 2020
Tite tichitambidza ivavo sando dzavo
Ivavo vatinavo
vek'kukanga kek'tanga
Kukusonera ganda
Ukak a mbaira uka k ama
Vakakuridzira ukamira..
Pawasasvikira vaikutambidza
Vaikunakidza ka
Ivavo usafe
Wavasvimise misodzi
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