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 Jul 2020 nishta
 Jul 2020 nishta
Sunflower roam far,
dance under the moonlight,
kiss a star.
 Jul 2020 nishta
I want to live in your bloom.
Like a red blood cell in your vein, forever apart of you.
watching you gracefully conquer life,
maturing into the flower you needed to be.
 Jul 2020 nishta
SA Szumloz
Hands like raw chicken
Dead bones encased in cold skin
Lifeless to the world.
I went to my grandmother's viewing yesterday. My father touched her hands and said that they felt like raw chicken. I wanted to touch her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Sorry for the gory details, I just wanted to express my feelings.
 Jul 2020 nishta
Adhara Sygnus
breath taking,
like the solar nebula,
blended with bursts,
of amber and lilac,
and splashed elagantly,
a lil' of coral and teal,
the world twinkled,
sparks of rich silver,
soft scintillations,
in her eyes
I'm obsessed with people's eyes,
cause most times, only they speak the truth
The thoughts invisible
Invincible the cape of words
Now they haunt

Between keeping mum
And wanting to express
Lies the lies of quiet

Sometimes I write a lot
The Words, written
Sound better
Than the spoken

Strange is the world of words
Spoken and written
Both heard
All four set of words
Written at different times
Straight from the drafts

It’s dark and cold
Just before the dawn
Bedewed Baby leaves
Rare jewels shimmer under the street lamp
The birds have set their tune of mirth
It’s always the same with these birds
A new dawn, rising
They have welcomed
Just the same
What’s with these birds
I wish to know and learn
Do they do karaoke dawns
Someday, I wish to sing along
But today, as happy as them
I listen to their mirthful song
Listening to the birdsong ( 5:00 am)
10th July
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