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juno May 2017
Oh so
One letter from
What I am when I think of you
I don't mind
The night is beautiful
But I'll be indoors
Feeling fine
A little lovely
But a lot lonely
juno May 2017
your poetry timeline
must tell a story.
my beginning told me what i couldn't see before,
and helped my understanding
of today.
to see sometimes I am more the diction I write than I imagine or speak.
A different discovery
Seeming untrustworthy
Feeling untrustworthy
A logic to this way.
So here's to another day
Trying to move forward
juno Apr 2017
I guess it didn't work, I wish I didn't make it hard for you
I know you're not confused,
I just mean all the words I gave you
All those letters in your hands
Step away, be away
Whatever you have to do,
But please know I appreciate you
juno May 2018
I’m not enough.
I never have been.
Isn’t it obvious
I’m not enough?
That’s why I’m always in the same spot.
But can I get away from here?
Maybe this is home, but the house is falling apart.
As long as it stands,
There is a chance
I can be enough.
juno Apr 2017
I'm pretty tired,
Inside I'm confused.
I just want to end the relationship we have.
I'll accept overreacting to my scenarios.
But you let me sit, and I'll go.
If my mind is anything like our life,
then i have to stop my heart,
but it's hard to imagine.
I'll have to, and it's for you too
I'm just heart aching and have missed you already
Nothing changes how I feel
It's not easy for me so I hope we can work something out
There's always smoke around me
It calms the soul
Takes love if it always surrounds me
And somehow it feels like you got me
And it didn't take much,
You really surprised me.
You're beautiful.
My mind has been losing against this
I just know my heart is faithful, so
I'm gonna ask you,
I'm not gonna let my love go wasteful.
Well, that was the intent
If this is it then I should've been quiet
I wanted to but I just thought different
Boy, I just wanted to understand
It's not all a mystery
Discovered old ways to take care
I'll be focused on my health and even poetry
In hopes of being stronger and able to understand and see
This is for the best
There's the end of the mystery
Okay I just revised this previous poem. Wasn't the original plan but felt like it needed to be done. Felt like a new poem and I wanted to reexpose it !
thanks !

juno May 2017
Sighing at the question, "Blessing or curse?"
I laugh, blessing --
Of course.
But my heart cries.
And those tears dry.
Beauty, in a sad way.
Genuine with no sense of time.
She wonders, in the night,
Of a gentle patience
By her side.
juno Jul 2018
Why you so nervous
Oh, you know just why
You want to be loved
But love, you gotta put in work
Why you say
Paul once said
The love you take is
Equal to the love you make
So take your nervous and turn it to a purpose,
One that will tie you into a bow so neat
You’ll wonder what’s lying underneath
So why
Why are you so nervous
You’re waiting to receive something so dear, practically brand new,
But you already have it,
And you’re sending it off too.
why sometimes I believe I have so much nervousness towards other people. it coming from somewhere positive, not negative
juno Apr 2017
I can't play with fire anymore
There's no such thing as burn
When you're fire
I didn't leave you alone
And now I'm burned.
Typical relation between person you're caring for to fire, cause it's no good to you
juno May 2017
My love, you are missed.
Even when you are not on my mind.
We were so short lived,
but I don't mind.
You're worth the wait of a century.
The moments you gave me were timeless and infinite.
The look of your eyes on me, oh joy.
Without realizing,
you were taken for granted.
The great mistake.
I was confused in the heart,
yet thought I knew.
What ever happened,
it's passed,
and you're not around.
You treated me wholly,
though we faded.
I think of Love,
How it shines.
And how
It's above all.
juno May 2017
The unsaid truth --
Deranged, and underage --
Can reveal itself,
Walk away.
Step away.
It need not your day.
Powerful it is,
Even when
Nothings being said

— The End —