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Apr 2017
I'm pretty tired,
Inside I'm confused.
I just want to end the relationship we have.
I'll accept overreacting to my scenarios.
But you let me sit, and I'll go.
If my mind is anything like our life,
then i have to stop my heart,
but it's hard to imagine.
I'll have to, and it's for you too
I'm just heart aching and have missed you already
Nothing changes how I feel
It's not easy for me so I hope we can work something out
There's always smoke around me
It calms the soul
Takes love if it always surrounds me
And somehow it feels like you got me
And it didn't take much,
You really surprised me.
You're beautiful.
My mind has been losing against this
I just know my heart is faithful, so
I'm gonna ask you,
I'm not gonna let my love go wasteful.
Well, that was the intent
If this is it then I should've been quiet
I wanted to but I just thought different
Boy, I just wanted to understand
It's not all a mystery
Discovered old ways to take care
I'll be focused on my health and even poetry
In hopes of being stronger and able to understand and see
This is for the best
There's the end of the mystery
Okay I just revised this previous poem. Wasn't the original plan but felt like it needed to be done. Felt like a new poem and I wanted to reexpose it !
thanks !

Written by
juno  21/F/texas
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