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juno Jul 2018
Why you so nervous
Oh, you know just why
You want to be loved
But love, you gotta put in work
Why you say
Paul once said
The love you take is
Equal to the love you make
So take your nervous and turn it to a purpose,
One that will tie you into a bow so neat
You’ll wonder what’s lying underneath
So why
Why are you so nervous
You’re waiting to receive something so dear, practically brand new,
But you already have it,
And you’re sending it off too.
why sometimes I believe I have so much nervousness towards other people. it coming from somewhere positive, not negative
juno May 2018
I’m not enough.
I never have been.
Isn’t it obvious
I’m not enough?
That’s why I’m always in the same spot.
But can I get away from here?
Maybe this is home, but the house is falling apart.
As long as it stands,
There is a chance
I can be enough.
  Jun 2017 juno
Autumn Joy
i'm scared
i'm scared because i just graduated
i'm worried
i'm worried because i don't know anything

i'm excited
i'm excited because i can be my own me
i'm happy
i'm happy because soon i'll be moving away

and i'm scared again
i'm really scared
no one told me how to be an adult
i guess no one gets told
what do i do with myself now

work is unfulfilling
school too expensive
career unlikely
money too low
depression creeping in
anxiety levels rising
breaths shortening
that brings us up to where i am right now. i still can't manage to be calm longer than one second. everything's cool
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