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 Jan 2017 Mark Stephens
Hello, New Year, will you be kind?
I doubt it, I doubt you, and this is why:

Last year you were cruel, you ripped good from Earth
You watched tragedies happen without a bit of shame.
You couldn't be bothered to reverse your stroll, reverse time
And that doesn't change simply because you changed your name.
 Jan 2017 Mark Stephens
Haiku I
 Jan 2017 Mark Stephens
Everything changes
But my love for you remains
You are my constant
Someone made flowers bloom in my chest,
I'm choking
I wish the flowers were yellow,
Not red.

I felt the silver touch
On my back
As I laid there

You held me tight,
Until I closed my eyes,
I watched the sky,
The last thing on my sight.

Everything went black,
And the last thing I felt
Was a kiss on the forehead.

— The End —