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  Feb 2015 Hannah Jean
BertJane Perez
I never meant to push you away
I just needed to do something that no else could do for me
And that was getting over you
As much as it hurt me to ignore you
To tell you I was too busy to talk
Just know I've always been in love with you
My heart broke every time I told you goodbye
And then turned to dust with every single chance I never took
Every moment that was wasted trying not to speak to you
I could never be just friends with you
And now you've made it clear
That I never will...
I'm **sorry
I don't have the time to criticize you,
I'm too busy improving myself.
Hannah Jean Feb 2015
We're talking
      but at the same time we're saying nothing.
Small talk absorbs the silence that we won't let come.
    because silence brings honesty
                                 and you don't do honesty.
Hannah Jean Aug 2014
I wish we were still strangers.
I wish you were still that boy that i kept staring at.
I wish you had never hugged me that first time.
I wish you hadn't held me the next night.
I wish i had never said i liked you.
I wish i would've looked a little closer.

Cause my own hopeless stupidity enabled you to play me like a child.
Hannah Jean Aug 2014
I love when you walk.
How you kinda sway like you own the world.
Every other girl is dying to be me right now.
And you don't even know.
Your so unconsciously wonderful.
And all you care about is making sure i'm having a good day.
Hannah Jean Aug 2014
And the way is strange down to your heart.
And the path is wide and grows ever dark.
The hour grows late and it's time to go.
I cannot stay here anymore.
This is something i am going to add to down the line.
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