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Haley Lorish Jan 12
Mother Earth she lives within me
Tantalizing I feel her breathing
Fires in the lungs of steel
She will take so I can heal

Stormy waves I cry for help
Drowning in a sea of doubt
Mother, I cannot make it through
“But my child, I chose you.”
Haley Lorish Apr 2019
I love you more than I have ever known.
Right here I awaken to what we have grown.
Here where the sun the moon and the stars
All fall back into place as do you and ours.
Aligned in plain sight how could I have not know
That you were the place where love was grown.
I love you James ❤️
Haley Lorish Nov 2018
Bittersweet and lemon treats
Tanking troubled hatless heaps  
Salty horizon flogs sweet beach
Sandy skin, too soft a peach
Your thumb brushing my left cheek
Can you still smell the apple’s reek
Skewed hearts remain in heat  
Devine reminds a heart to beat
Kept up in the saddles seat
King of every bit of hate, wash
These battered palms disgrace
Love has sunk the ship of face
Tulips lack the need for space
Whips of stars appear in plight
Have you only fight or flight?
Good wills only break the bank
And I’ve only left myself to thank
Haley Lorish Sep 2018
But life is beautiful
And I need to live it
Even if I’m doing a **** job.
I want to die sometimes
Haley Lorish Jul 2018
You are the sun
But I am the moon
Such a great distance
Separating the two
Still we proceed
Is it love that we need
I'm hurt. I'm so alone
But I praise this relation
We have through the phone
Our words fill my heart
What is this strange part
Of love I've never know before
Excuse my words for
They are so bare and
Lost in this world of emptiness
It's been so long since I
Let my heart open to
Write such words down
For others to hear and learn
I don't know quite who
I am and where this world
Could be going to but
I praise this relation
We have through the phone
Take me to this world unknown
Sorry for this horrible poem that makes no sense. It's been a while
  Jul 2018 Haley Lorish
Lifes a ride;
Gripping it tight
And screaming
Laughter makes the journey
Mine, and sharing the pieces
Smashed with a smile
Baptizes my soul
With Yours; Love Us
If you dare to live
Wild and free
Within the waves
We make a~part
Haley Lorish Sep 2016
You smell like rain
In you love is born again
Only fiercer this time
Deeper and faster I fall
You are a fortress
And I am a stall

A sweet musty rain
Yet my heart still feels
A bit of strain
The higher I get
The quicker I think
When will you finally
Just let me sink

when you walk to the beach
All my favorite things
You feel like home
And taste like dreams
But I'm filled with fear
Could it be our end is near

On that wooden walkway
You have my heart
Take all my love
Every last part
My soul yearns yours
Connected at best
Feel it in my burning chest
Fuel my fire and reach
My desires, I've forgotten
How Amazing this could be

you pass those green plants  
Your love, a breath of fresh air
But only after drowning
Do I find it unfair you
Filled my world with despair
But I can't turn away because
For now you smell like rain
A sweet musty rain
when you walk to the beach
On that wooden pathway
You pass those green plants
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