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Jan 12 · 55
Haley Lorish Jan 12
Mother Earth she lives within me
Tantalizing I feel her breathing
Fires in the lungs of steel
She will take so I can heal

Stormy waves I cry for help
Drowning in a sea of doubt
Mother, I cannot make it through
“But my child, I chose you.”
Apr 2019 · 215
Haley Lorish Apr 2019
I love you more than I have ever known.
Right here I awaken to what we have grown.
Here where the sun the moon and the stars
All fall back into place as do you and ours.
Aligned in plain sight how could I have not know
That you were the place where love was grown.
I love you James ❤️
Haley Lorish Nov 2018
Bittersweet and lemon treats
Tanking troubled hatless heaps  
Salty horizon flogs sweet beach
Sandy skin, too soft a peach
Your thumb brushing my left cheek
Can you still smell the apple’s reek
Skewed hearts remain in heat  
Devine reminds a heart to beat
Kept up in the saddles seat
King of every bit of hate, wash
These battered palms disgrace
Love has sunk the ship of face
Tulips lack the need for space
Whips of stars appear in plight
Have you only fight or flight?
Good wills only break the bank
And I’ve only left myself to thank
Sep 2018 · 249
Haley Lorish Sep 2018
But life is beautiful
And I need to live it
Even if I’m doing a **** job.
I want to die sometimes
Jul 2018 · 223
I'm drunk again
Haley Lorish Jul 2018
You are the sun
But I am the moon
Such a great distance
Separating the two
Still we proceed
Is it love that we need
I'm hurt. I'm so alone
But I praise this relation
We have through the phone
Our words fill my heart
What is this strange part
Of love I've never know before
Excuse my words for
They are so bare and
Lost in this world of emptiness
It's been so long since I
Let my heart open to
Write such words down
For others to hear and learn
I don't know quite who
I am and where this world
Could be going to but
I praise this relation
We have through the phone
Take me to this world unknown
Sorry for this horrible poem that makes no sense. It's been a while
Sep 2016 · 872
Beginning of the end?
Haley Lorish Sep 2016
You smell like rain
In you love is born again
Only fiercer this time
Deeper and faster I fall
You are a fortress
And I am a stall

A sweet musty rain
Yet my heart still feels
A bit of strain
The higher I get
The quicker I think
When will you finally
Just let me sink

when you walk to the beach
All my favorite things
You feel like home
And taste like dreams
But I'm filled with fear
Could it be our end is near

On that wooden walkway
You have my heart
Take all my love
Every last part
My soul yearns yours
Connected at best
Feel it in my burning chest
Fuel my fire and reach
My desires, I've forgotten
How Amazing this could be

you pass those green plants  
Your love, a breath of fresh air
But only after drowning
Do I find it unfair you
Filled my world with despair
But I can't turn away because
For now you smell like rain
A sweet musty rain
when you walk to the beach
On that wooden pathway
You pass those green plants
Mar 2016 · 941
At least I gave my all
Haley Lorish Mar 2016
I lost my heart, to love
I lost my mind, to love
I lost my faith, to love
I lost my hope, to love
I lost my passion, to love
I lost my happiness, to love
I lost my words, to love
I lost my hunger, to love
I lost my wonder, to love
I lost my body, to love
I lost my control, to love
I lost my motivation, to love
I lost my brain, to love
I lost my myself, to love
I lost my life, to love
I lost it all, to love
I lost it all *for you
Nov 2015 · 684
Haley Lorish Nov 2015
No sleep
Fill my lungs
I can't breathe

White smoke
Hazy days
I can't
Dream of
You again

Parted lips
Future me
Will regret

Winter bites
To the bone
Your air
Fills my whole

My fantasy
Jun 2015 · 1.9k
I just want to get better
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Mom, I think I'm depressed
           Oh you're just feeling blue
Mom, I can't stop crying
           You're just PMSing
Mom, I can't sleep
           You're just not trying hard enough
Mom, I can't move
           You're being ridiculous. Get off your ***
Mom, everything hurts
           For God's sake, Haley, you're in perfect health
Mom, I can't breathe
           Its all in your head
Mom, I can't eat
           That's the farthest thing from a problem
Mom, I feel numb
           I thought you said you were in pain
Mom, I feel ill
           If you're sick go to your room
Mom, I'm so alone
           Are you blind? I'm right here
Mom, I'm scared
           Of what? you're starting to **** me off
Mom, nothing feels real
           So you wanna go on ******* meds?
Mom, I...
           Is that what this is all about? ******, Haley
           You'll ruin your life
          Stop making **** up and go to bed
Jun 2015 · 554
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
The most dangerous place is inside your own head.
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
I'm fading away,
but you'll never see past my
camouflage smile.
Jun 2015 · 2.8k
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Jun 2015 · 2.7k
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
I am a lost soul
finding myself solely through
my chaotic words
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Hello, Goodbye
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Hello poetry
a home for my aching soul
goodbye cowardice
Jun 2015 · 896
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Hope is a solemn
thing. As soon as she pulls you
in, she always leaves
Jun 2015 · 794
Specialty Lies
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
you of my
toxicity, begged
you to abandon me,
but you were too far gone
living in ignorance of
our perpetual fate,
absorbed by
a hope
for eternity.
At last you finally see
I stole you, like the others,
****** the life from your heart.
My mind is tainted, owned not by me
but by my godforsaken crewel anxiety.
I never deserved your love, my dear
but you fell for my curse even
when I constantly remind
that my specialty lies  
in the incapability
of ever being
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
I love you, but I
love him too, and I'm sorry
for ruining you
Jun 2015 · 373
It was worth a shot
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
I never thought the words
I'm sorry
could hurt so much until I said
*I love you
Jun 2015 · 432
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Its so simple for
a heart to break in two, yet
laborious to heal.
Jun 2015 · 483
Fellow Poets
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
my dearest friend, do not be afraid
of the sweet freedom of speech
to let your mind wander
let your words pour
straight from your heart
conduct a symphony of poetry
welcome to a dark, mysterious world
Jun 2015 · 600
Something Great
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Although it pains me
you've sure given me something
great to write about
Jun 2015 · 497
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
My mind has turned against me
where malicious thoughts arise
in the deepest depths of my mind

My heart drowns amongst the poison
of fermented hope that one day was
oh, how did I become so withdrawn

My life feels stranded, frozen in place
'cause the world is slowly escaping me
won't you please save me from myself
Jun 2015 · 988
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Beware of the wolves,
my dear. They're back in my mind,
clawing through my thoughts
Jun 2015 · 680
No Longer Mine
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Heres to you, my darling
to your dark sun-kissed skin
to you warm, honey-gold eyes
to your soothing, rhythmic voice
to your hands holding me
to your stunning soul, so divine
to your heart no longer mine
heres to you, my darling
and to the us that once was
Jun 2015 · 357
Between the Two
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
He is the sun, but you are the moon
and I am the Earth who needs the two.
He brings me light and warmth to my whole,
but he's always the same, here every day.
While the morning is sweet, I'm not myself
like I am in the night, the moon as my guide.
I constantly crave the darkened sky
where a beautiful mind comes alive.
You stand out amongst the other stars.
I breathe in your energy as it becomes mine.
You will forever bring out the best in me,
but your faces always change, never the same.
He is the sun, but you are the moon.
How on Earth do I ever choose?
Jun 2015 · 280
My Song
Haley Lorish Jun 2015
Beautiful soul, I must be blind
to not have seen what you meant to me.

Beautiful soul, I'm lost in my mind
dreaming of you being mine tonight.

Beautiful soul, am I over my head
thinking maybe there could be an us again?

Am I too late?
Has all been done?
Have you finally learned
you deserve a better one?
but wherever you are,
won't you please hear my song?
Beautiful soul
Apr 2015 · 579
Alive Again
Haley Lorish Apr 2015
Mystical indie tunes flood my ears.
My breathing matches the beat
and my eyelids jolt open, intoxicated
with the thought of my feet against the gravel.
Exhilaration fills my soul.
Breathe in breathe out
I’m alive.

The ground pulses through my feet
ricocheting about my body.
Trees become bright colorful blurs.
Shades of green and brown beg my attention
but my eyes are persuaded
by the rippling river.
I’m alive.

Tearing through the wind, my arms
push me through the pain.
Lungs ache, knees about to break,
yet somehow I’ve come to miss this familiar feeling.
A smile sprouts upon my face
Don’t stop. Keep going.
Alive again.
Apr 2015 · 816
Haley Lorish Apr 2015
With my mouth taped shut, and my hands *******,
my feet shackled down, anxiety pushes me
to my own bewildered hell. Where endless
oceans break along a coast of shame

Her eyes hold no emotion and her heart
holds a lifeless tune. But nothing will
ever beat her devilish dress woven from
the stolen sanity of the prey she lurks at night.

She tears at my skin as I fall deeper in.
Pity means nothing to her exuberant claws.
My fears engraved in her malicious mind.
Her icy breath lingers. A puppet to her world.

My thoughts reek of burnt molasses,
drowning hope in their viciousness. I choke
on the screams that will never escape as
utter helplessness buckles my knees

water in my lungs, my eyes are stinging red
while I’m drowning in my mind again
Jan 2015 · 850
The Song of Winter
Haley Lorish Jan 2015
Alas, the dreaded winter wind
stale and bitter to the taste
she blew in disposition
her breath dispersed in white
as the key of G rang through
unappealing at the onset
winter's song commenced
spirits begins to perish
enveloped in her frost
howling out in utter agony
our crisp, frigid hearts
yearning to be thawed only
at the palm of spring's sweet song
winter's envy hastily erupts
wrapping the world in her arctic grasp
the song of winter will prevail
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
Helplessness grasps me
In her malevolent claws
Abducting my soul
Sep 2014 · 945
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
Here’s a story for you, dear
About a girl who had no ears
Could not hear of the world’s fears
Here’s a story for you, dear
About a boy’s vision so unclear
He could not see his mother’s tears
Here’s a story for you, dear
About a dad who loved his beer
Too drunk to know the end was near
Here's a story for you, dear
About a man who worked cashier
With wish to be an engeneer
Here’s a story for you, dear
About a helpful volunteer
Who most times was insincere
Here’s a story for you, dear
About a woman’s failed pap smear
Preparing for a condition so severe
Here’s a story for you, dear
Although we try to persevere
*We all want to disappear
Sep 2014 · 4.4k
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
You mustn’t forget
If you don’t you’ll regret
I'm afraid I'm obsessed
Or slightly possessed
You must do it with order
Or the words will get stuck
To make the voices stop
I have to get them out
Afraid of my own thoughts
I am prisoner to my mind



Please someone help me
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
Lost all Meaning
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
"It's time for quite,
  It's time for peace,
  It's time for calm,
  Now go to sleep"
                                                    *I'm sorry but
                                                    Those words
                                                    Have lost all
                                                    Meaning to me
Sep 2014 · 404
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
I lie awake at night
Wondering what could be
Terror of the great unknown
Without you is there still me
Tossing back and forth
An everlasting restless
What if I can never sleep
                                                                 Is this how crazy feels
I can sense the anxiety
Rippling from within
Control has lost its meaning
My heart rate escalates
Blurred vision and shaking
Are all I know that’s true
Dizziness then takes over
As my head pounds in tune
Laying here drunk with fear
As my world fades away
I am frozen in place
Am I breathing
Am I living
Is this *real
Sep 2014 · 435
Haley Lorish Sep 2014
I know you might be reading this
And I guess I hope thats true
Most likely you could care less
Don’t worry, I don’t blame you
My writing is quite rough, but
If by chance your eyes grace by
I would like you to know why

I love you to the moon and back
But that’s not quite enough
I love you to the end of earth
But still that isn’t all
I love your sweet perfection
But it’s your flaws that drive me wild

Through and through I love you
Skin and bones and all
Up and down, left and right
But each direction can’t fulfill
The words I can't get out

Just know that I am sorry
For all that I have done and
You’ll probably never read this
Or even get this far
Like I said, my poetry
Isn’t for the weakened heart

But in case you ever do
Today, tomorrow, or ten years
If you and I aren’t meant to be
Just know I’ll always hope
You find some who loves you
Even more than I could cope
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
What If
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
What if it cost money to say,
                                                 "I love you"
Would you have said it
                                                      So soon?
Would you have said it
                                                     So often?
Would you have said it
                                                          At all?
Aug 2014 · 14.9k
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
Bless your sister of the light
As she braves on through the night
Her cousin darkness loves to smite
May she always have great might
And her cousin see the bright
Where there is none to fright
Sister, take us to your height
I would like thank Eddie Starr for inspiring me with the first line
Aug 2014 · 954
I Wish I Knew the Future
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
I wish I knew the future
I wish that I could see
Is this our eternity

I wish I knew the future
I wish that I could fall
Once more again within
Your arms I felt so small

I wish I knew the future
I wish that I could feel
Your touch upon my skin
The scars that never heal

I wish I knew the future
I wish that I could hear
The voice that brought
Eternal hope into my ears

I wish I knew the future
I wish that I could taste
Kisses that we made in haste

I wish I knew the future
I wish that we could be

I wish I knew the future

I wish
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
I wish I were a genie
Locked in a bottle I would hide
There no one could hurt me
Aug 2014 · 386
The Shadowed Figure
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
Lost in a forest of my thoughts
I find a shadowed figure
A silhouette I follow through the moss
Fear and wonder makes me linger
His cloak removed I look across
At eyes displayed as mirrors
I see myself within their future

We wander through the forest deep
I give myself to him
Trust thy with my heart to keep
In his love I will forever swim
Never before had I let myself leap
Into his love I had gone on a whim
But the fear, just yet to reek

We return to where our love was grown
Again he is covered in a cloak of silver
There he removes and what was shown
Were now eyes that made me shiver
Owned by someone I had never know
Goodbye he said with a hushed whisper
And I faded into my thoughts alone
Aug 2014 · 644
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
Have you ever felt empty
Have you ever felt numb
Have you ever felt blurry
Have you ever felt dumb

                                                         ­                    Have you ever  felt broken
                                                        ­                     Have you ever felt betrayed
                                                      ­                       Have you ever felt barren
                                                        ­                     Have you ever felt decayed

Have you ever felt anxious
Have you ever felt vacant
Have you ever felt darkness
Have you ever felt dormant

                                                      ­                       Have you ever felt shallow
                                                       ­                      Have you ever felt bleary
                                                        ­                     Have you ever felt hollow
                                                        ­                     Have you ever felt like **me
Aug 2014 · 3.2k
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
I'm downing
endless darkness above and below
I'm drowning
my body corrupted by the waves
I'm drowning
a puppet to the ocean deep
I'm drowning
amongst the wild of the sea
I'm drowning
water breeches my swollen lungs
I'm drowning
pain engulfs my whole
I'm drowning
just like any other day
I'm drowning
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Ugly Things
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
what is not
may seem what is
an innocent thought
small things we miss

what we want is all we hear
ignorant masks to hide our faces
but don't be fooled again my dear
ugly things hide in beautiful places
Aug 2014 · 328
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
eyes bright and gold,
a sun shining through
the endless love
I emit for you
rough and coarse
scratching my skin
your scent surrounds me
holding me in
you are the one
I could never earn
for your love I will
forever yearn
Aug 2014 · 884
Drown in His Eyes
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
His eyes are brown
Silky and golden
In his love I'll drown

In his arms I was found
And my heart was stolen
His eyes are brown

I never want to come down
His love is my haven
In his love I'll drown

His mind is a town
That I was given
His eyes are brown

His body is a sound
That I'll always listen
In his love I'll drown

My heart will pound
I truly have fallen
His eyes are brown
In his love I'll drown
Aug 2014 · 532
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
In your eyes
I am found
My body cries
For your sound
Your touch supplies
My heart will pound
Our love implies
We are bound
Aug 2014 · 418
Love is Red
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
All red
Sparkling, golden
Fierce, crimson, ****** red
Ruby riches in terms of lust
Love's red
Aug 2014 · 302
Summer Lights
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
For a split second
My summer came in waves and
Lightning was the sea
Aug 2014 · 385
A Dream I May Convey
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
I dreamed about death today
not in the selfish kind of way
like leaving friends and family betrayed
but instead a dream I may convey
to let the world seep away
leave the darkness and the day
captured by the waves, I sway
an everlasting sea of gray
worries and troubles left to decay
yes, I dreamed about death today
not in the selfish kind of way
but instead a dream I may convey
my world becoming a sweet ballet
Aug 2014 · 335
A Shoe Made to Run
Haley Lorish Aug 2014
A shoe made to run, but collecting dust
a box on the top shelf of her closet
laziness struck her though she knew she must
start to run, for soon there could be gossip

A long winter of cold hibernation
still she continued to ignore the shoes
until there came a strict realization
all she had done was interpret the clues

then she ran, ran, and ran, never stopping
the addiction was corrupting her soul
yearning for the elegance of running
the shoes soon became a part of her whole

A shoe made to run and that's what it did
no longer locked in a box had it hid
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