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anony Mar 2015
in truth
i knew i was wrong
but i closed my eyes and
forced my mind to work as i pleased
hold on to thoughts
i was right all along
but in truth
i was wrong,
i am wrong
anony Oct 2013
His quiet eyes
Stares deep into mine
Catches my breath,my heart
I fell in love
how bout that hahah
anony Jun 2014
i dont know how to write this very well in those flowerry mind exploding language
im just going to say it clearly and slowly
suicide is not everything,or the only way to end a be exact ,to end YOUR life.
i know im not in your shoes that i dont have that feel to take on suicide, but just imagine, how would the ones that REALLY LOVE YOU SINCERELY FROM THEIR HEART feel when you left them hung off with you under that buried soil. you just have no idea that strangers that read your suiciding  poems maybe have their soft spot for you,and grown to be love. i love you,and i dont want you to die. Please dont take on suicide,there's more than depression and related stuff in this world. You are the one who's reponsible to decide to be happy and not taking on suicide as your last result of hopeless feeling to live on. take a deep breath,let go, and be more positive,you can.i know you can.
idk i just read lots and lots of suicide poems on my home and i just cant let someone take their life after posting another suiciding poem.
anony Mar 2015
trapped with feelings
don't feel anymore
because baby
i once cared too much
before i was hurt
and my feelings are same no more.
anony Nov 2013
Those feelings of hatred
Those feelings of being used
Those feelings that you just can't say when you want to
Are just ..
The words left unsaid
Words burried deep down
In your fragile heart
Words that are meant to be said
To the person who hurts you
And yet you can't hurt them
With your words cause
Those are
The words left unsaid
hah hah what a masterpiece lol just trying my best here thank you

— The End —