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fueledbysadness Jun 2017
She loved how he traced her freckles,
     Connecting those tiny blemishes with his fingers
Patching her pieces little by little, her precious tinker

And he loved how she never knew,
     How he memorized them and traced Andromedae like a tatoo
Picking her chains, hoping to unclog her soon.
fueledbysadness Jun 2017
I was asked how
To forget a person you know
Down their deepest core
Up to every small gesture,
From those lethal touch
To those addicting smooch;

I answered, you can't
You may press delete
But your mind will always
Find ways,
Backing up deleted memories.
fueledbysadness Jun 2017
For a girl who writes
   Body filled with fresh-picked scabs
   Brand from you, as price

You melted her ice,
   Taking a sly aim and stabs
   Severing a splice

She forgave you twice
   Nick, slit and **** you gave thrice,
   Gives you one more chance.
fueledbysadness Jun 2017
Do you
Look at
The star-lit sky
And think
Of me
Like how
I think
Of you
Right now?
I hope you do.
fueledbysadness Jun 2017
She loved flowers
That she became one,
But you picked her
And she withered.
fueledbysadness Jun 2017
I still remember seeing images of you,
Vividly as if it really happened

—but it didn't

— The End —