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  Jan 2016 freya
within me,
a universe
exist; unique.

endless, everlasting
we once were -
and never again

let this be
a goodbye
out goes the we
in goes the me

let this be
the end -
you are
freya Dec 2015
You can talk about my talent,
How teribble I am with painting,
But you couldnt talk about my heart,
How I truly blessed to create such amazing piece.

When I paint,
I paint those all my heart,
Those calm sounds of wind,
Those texture of the square canvas,

Those flickering of brush
The colors was everywhere on the table,
Appreciate you never will,
Cause you never shows it at all.

A part of my heart left with that canvas,
Those square heart of canvas,
Combination of Pablo Picasso and Theo Van Doesburgh,
The line, shapes, red, blue and yellow combine it together.

I can't describe,
My memories of that painting,
Is fading. Is fading away.

Hoping, you never throw it away
Hoping you always looks at it,
everyday and every night.

Bring it back to me when you never need it again.
freya Dec 2015
Actually, Im right there,
in your heart,
Im right there,
Standing in your line,
Right there, by your side,

My heart felt,
Insecure, and so much sadness,
and hope.

Been stuck by your humanity,
Pure, love and revenge.

I love you with no reason,
No reason at all.
freya Dec 2015
There is this glimpse in my eyes,
When I scroll my timeline and I saw you,
There is love that left behind,
Shows that I was still in love with you.

You did left me,
Neither do I,
But your name always remain the same,
And I still keep missing you everyday.

I keep wondering,
Why I always have this feeling,
Are you felt the same,
Or am I the only one that feel this way?

Everytime I close my eyes,
I see your smile, I see those eyes,
Did you ever feel the same?

I always feel crazy,
Crazy in love with you.

I never move on. I never did.
Maybe because I never want it.
  Nov 2015 freya
The Girl Who Loves You
That moment
     when you look into his eyes
  You see past the scars
          the hurts, the pains
      And all the lies
           through to their core
  feeling and knowing a love
    than you've ever felt before
  finally realizing
        You found the one
you've been searching your whole life for
        blessed with their presence
   And doomed to love them forever
as they are the reason for your existence

            That moment
    in which you can feel
        your life change forever
  that you've finally reached
              the end
      of a long, tiring endeavor

     That moment
  does not hit everyone
            the same
but if you miss that chance
    it could mean a life filled with
           endless pain
freya Nov 2015
You should chase me that day my
lover. Save me, save me so I will never
ever feel pain again. How I try not to
care, how I try so hard to ignore.

You keep on coming sweetheart. No,
no, actually you never left. Save me,
save me so I can show you my love.
Beyond everything, I still in love.

My eyes burn, in pain. I miss when
you lend your shoulder next to me.
Save me, save me and tell me I have to
be strong and brave.

I miss you until I lost my words.
Until I lost my breathe.
Save me please save me.
So I can be with you tonight
And forever.
freya Nov 2015
Scars that scare me,
I left it behind me,
Pouring all the memories in it,
So I wouldn't fell regret about it.
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