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 Jul 2016 freya
Tark Wain
I find my calm not at the finish line, looking back at the distance I've traveled, but in the moment, on the run, out of breath, looking forward. I don't know where I'm going, and I guess I hope to God I never get there—I'm happy as I am: Chasing something eternal and ethereal. The world is not—will never be—enough for me and that's just the way I like it.
 Jul 2016 freya
Julia Mae
i wish i hadn't talked
i wish i hadn't said anything
i should have bit my tongue
and kept my silence
i didn't want things to get this violent
nothing good comes when i let words escape my mouth
i wish i hadn't said a word
i wish i knew how to drown without spitting up water
 Jan 2016 freya
 Jan 2016 freya
within me,
a universe
exist; unique.

endless, everlasting
we once were -
and never again

let this be
a goodbye
out goes the we
in goes the me

let this be
the end -
you are
 Sep 2015 freya
 Sep 2015 freya
I like the way your name sounds,
Rolling off my tongue,
But mostly I'm in love,
With the way you say **mine
 Sep 2015 freya
The thing I look most foreword to
is being able to tell you I love you
without the fear of someone hearing me.
It's a shame i cant even tell you those simple words
 Sep 2015 freya
Emily Rene
I'm done writing poems about you

Who am I kidding?
 Mar 2015 freya
 Mar 2015 freya
Sunset over the dashboard
A low hum from the stereo,
It's our favorite song
We both softly sing along

Trees swaying in the breeze
Your hand brushes against mine,
There's a second of shock
Then our fingers interlock

The warm sunlight graces our skin
I look over towards you
In verbal silence our eyes meet
Your eyes twinkle, this is our teenage retreat
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