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esridersi Mar 25
Who I feel in me, who says hello, and loves me, finally wipes the crust out his eyes to see his face.
No longer empty, now abundant, I am the well of peace overrun | I am like a peace-filled lantern shone high as the sun.
As of now, I am the one who seeks discipline and rain in a formless sky - longing to wash away the thoughts that dampen my light.
I am strength where force is needed | I am like a faded hug where love was wanted.
esridersi Jan 20
happiness evades; joy fades.

life is a rhythm of changes.

  sorrow decays, peace is delayed.

  But not a moment out of place.
esridersi May 2017
In that place, I learned the borders of insanity and satire are a thin line.
You come wise to the hypocrisy and pain, delivered in vain
and try to escape it;
12 pills to a blissful, peaceful snore; and somehow,
you’re insane.
I know better now. But I saw, 2 patients, man and woman,
who played hopscotch over that delicate line.
They wanted to see if the medication was working. They asked me to define the word ‘many’. Word stew splatters on the floor when I fumble and foil to try and explain, and they thanked me.
They said it meant a lot to them...
They’re clinically insane and I’m unstable.
These chalk lines must be dashes.
esridersi Aug 24
Your sightly sweet smile
stole my seeing sense some
Saturdays since first you
crossed my sights.
You jaywalked the straits of
my peripherals like a perp
who stole a heart and two eyes.
I'd have cuffed you to a pole
if steel could hold diamond,
but your sparkled grin'd subdued
me and I was too lame to reach you.
esridersi Mar 25
I am the son
of a man whose
impotence in love
sought refuge in lust.
esridersi Aug 2018
Beauty wears a short, black dress of olive silk skin.

    She lies poised on the couch, drained of her special sleep.

    Yet still, light pours His fingers down her figure, sleek and thin.

    The face of her dress smiles behind the glasses guarding her deep brown eyes.

    Beauty chose the slender sweet slits for her lips.
    They match the dips her hips outline on her gown.

    Her legs sit dainty off the side, but her flushed-red scarf wraps her cheeks,
And hides quietly in the back.

    She sleeps soundly dressed true black, with her small eyes cracked.
esridersi Mar 2018
You are the twinkle twinkle in my eye, the moonlit path that connects the sky,
a marvel - a story to be told.
Beauty so astral, a folded celebratory quilt, built to last past
All the shames of the world.
I love you
Good night ~
Send to anyone you think you haven't told this to whom you love. You may not get the chance tomorrow, seize the now.  :3
esridersi Mar 28
dear, your lazy lips
-  like two eclipses
and a sphere,
bisected by puffs
esridersi Apr 2017
You are my dear, decadent desert,
My summer-thyme delight; Starlight.
Tonight’s your night, for you I write.
Radiant glow, fuzzed herbal hue.
My dear butterscotch icecream.

Sore arms churn thick, slick froth - Sauterne butter.
Gentle spread melts, dowsed in sweet, sugared innocence,
rich scents, then sits.
6 years pass quickly, youthhood gone;
My black swan, a third complete.

You, sauterne butter, mix with scotch -
Fermented, demented, invented to inebriate.
Golden brew dissociates reality -
Spinny, fuzzy, dizzy, funny… gone.
Go on again, dear fawn, 6 years pass,
Pant for the water, two-thirds complete.

12 years as toll to adolescence;
Icy, creamy, dreamy, element prepared.
Scoops of soft serve mix with years past - Angsty era.
Seductive spirits, beautiful brew.

At last, my summer-thyme delight dances with rhyme.
The lime-light shines; ten and eight.
Todays the date, stuff immaturity away.
Make room for the adulthoods’ good,
Scooped generously into a bowl
Shuttled and entrapped by me,
Melting, streaming, gleaming and freezing.
You awesome angel!
My pleasure supreme -
My dear butterscotch icecream.
pour Stellah, par sa idiot
esridersi Jun 2018
tired you must be
running, rolling - red, ablazed
all around my mind.
esridersi Jul 2018
Though your stressors be vile,
they'll never defile your style,
never darken your day,
for there's no bright like the bright from the light of your smile.
esridersi Dec 2018
I saw Christmas sun dancing with Eve sky,
like our words at night, swaying over the bed -
Glorious and merry, but just not as high.
esridersi Jun 18
i thought about one thousand things
when lying with the sun
each thought a dampen cloud
each cloud a Tattooed fish with wings
of words red one by one.

two-hundred-twenty words of Dread
and sorrow bled drippy through the sky.
red tears of dreams unsung had spread
so blinding past their eyes.

the other seven-hundred-eighty
sought sun spots sealed so sweetly
such Skies in haiti these fishes seek
eyes pour out dried completely

they splatter across all over my face
i taste musicical patterns and poetry and maths
their nebulous purpose encased like Gifts
opened too slowly to lie still in place.
esridersi Feb 14
if light weighed like lead
and your smiles were cheap
we'd ignite Manhattan
with some cents and a sheep
crushing them all, dead.
atomic number
esridersi Nov 2018
Our hugs -  such subtle soft candlelight;
The wick roots deeper still into our navel
One waft, we flicker -
Sharing supple warmth
in shadowy night.
esridersi Nov 2018
Think what pains
a flame must endure:

trapped in a lantern

Inexorable gusts misshapes its form
like dead clay in uncaring hands -
pure self-found victim,
so surely estranged.

****** to winds and shimmers,
alone in the dark;
Bright auburn eyes that seek
stares itself apart.

A million souls to a flame
sharing warmth in vast night

each too blind to the others light.

and worst of all
they blame themselves,
Insecure and in doubt,
pretending they're alone.

Arrogance plays second to their
greatest offense -

ignoring love, their truest sin.
Concept for longer narrative form
esridersi Dec 2017
Like a ship -
at the bottom of the sea.
A scene of forgotten debris;
by the pressure
of the cerulean expanse,
without a chance
against the piercing
blades of the sun,
undone and washed up
by the water of the sea,
- are the memories of you and me.
i detest cliches
esridersi Jan 2018
Luck is when the fruits off one’s labors don’t spoil before harvest – when life doesn’t pluck the buck from your pocket,
or the orbs from your eye sockets.
To be lucky means all the yucky, mucky misfortune simply grazes the hairs on your nose.
Brevity says “I am not lucky to know you”.
It's miraculous to me that you held the key to my heart from the start.
You are not chance, cause, nor coincidence.
You are rarity.
You are pleasantry.
You are necessity.
So as the day must become the night,
so too the rays of my heart must return
to rest in dusk with you
~ and for that
I am forever grateful.
esridersi Feb 16
falling in love
with love is like
searching frantically
for your iPhone
in 1847.
esridersi Nov 2018
are we just as clouds;
shrouds of magic smoke through air -
soaring so proud?
esridersi Feb 2
What such luck struck the
head of man
That he should be made softer than any feather,
warmer than any
Yet never embrace his
fellow man;
his unmet friends?
esridersi May 2017
One breath; I am awake.
The tar serpent’s smell fills me,
Like a balloon -
Swelling and sweating.
Regretting past June; her odour
Forgetting my fragrance; my importance.
I hate its scent.
esridersi May 2017
The taste of bitter, burnt, ****** bat lingers and loiters on my tongue.
12 compelling capsules; the vile creature consumes me. It becomes me.
We swallow the slimy brew like ***** –
forcefully, frantically, and (near) fatally.
It promise lies of peace, power and protection.
We swallow more pills, hungrily.
It’s parseltongue subdues me a circle deeper in Hell.
My taste is bland, touch is numb , breath is still, and we are gone;
Slithered away mixed in gunked, grotesque goop; the tar serpent.
esridersi May 2017
Its breath submerges me a circle deeper.
I can feel the tar serpent slither and slide like thick, murky fog– toxic.
Artic; so cold. Chaotic, like a mold,
festering, blistering, growing far too quickly.
Lovingly, the demon touches my neck with its black, blunt fingers;
Drawing a little, light, line through me even further.
My spine is Parkinson's.
M..myheart isn’t ready.
I fear it’s touch.
esridersi Feb 11
what Lightning "flashes"?
why, aren't we all the Weather
raining and sighing?
esridersi Oct 2018
I racked my head for a poem;
some stack of words to say "good morning, pray you are well", but stacks swell and topple messily on my hands to your eyes, so

    to wake to
  one star,
and not
esridersi Jan 31
A single sighting
defiles our vision. White
clouds cross-dyed Drear

and Unfulfilled bleed through-in
all over our day; mucky.
esridersi Dec 2018
so much to inscribe
it takes time to write haiku
and oh... never-mind.
esridersi Sep 26
who knew hello from the blue
could redden me so softly --
just steal three thoughts from you
I’m     colored, *** and lofty
esridersi Jan 9
head fit for wonder
heart to fight and will wisely
hands meant to create
esridersi Dec 2018
                  into shore,        
esridersi Feb 13
strictly speaking,
there exist no
for Yesterdays Aches
or Tomorrows Concerns
in the Real World -
quaint tongue dances
and groans
of the throat.
"worry is preposterous" - Wi Po Yang
esridersi Jan 5
browning leaf fallen
ripples bleeding lake alone
distorting our world
even just one parchment-dry leaf can shake our vision
esridersi Sep 2018
It's been so many a day,
we last laid gaze on our face.
Yours as mine to see,
Mine as yours to share
Without a care, laughing.
esridersi Oct 2018
Should dead trees lay uninked in vain
Death shall come to skin my mane
They’ll drain me dry to paint thin corpses
Bloodstained sheets bounds and warps
What truths I kept locked up and caged

I must not waste another page.

Should Passions press their plans to gain
What pleasures tease them; thrashed by chains
Bruised, disconcerted, they’d cut my tongue
Ring it dry to wipe words unsung
While I pillage and drown my house in rampage

I must not burn engulfed in rage.

That once known pure now  lies down ****
And submits its flesh to be tattooed
This holds my heart, unyielding to change
Its fire and fervor forever estranged
With thistles and thorns we nourish our sage

I fear not death, desire, nor age.
esridersi Jun 2018
Something compels me
forcibly, fervently, pulled
to write a poem.
esridersi Jun 2018
With my hands stretched East
and my toes yanked to the West,
I'm all bend; no break.
haiku are deceptively difficult
esridersi Sep 18
said the Thing alone in his head
“how many steps must i stay ahead  
of fear and self-doubt
lest they figure me out
and peel the skin I’ve twice shed?”
we share much more in common with monsters than we'd dare consider.
esridersi Dec 2018
Spend less time...
Clinging onto whatif branches .
They’re frail & sapless.

When happiness breezes by, it can’t be contained in a bottle.
If you don’t understand the breeze,
you’ll climb desperately
tumbling from broken branches & broken spirits, only to be plopped where you started, but sorer.

Let go completely and fall, the wind will catch you,
toss you up and around
and gently set you down
on the dirt
esridersi Dec 2018
Coerced by Delusion, how could he
remember? To wake up
cursed by Her lies stained his mind. Love seemed forgotten and  
coerced by delusion. How could he  
traverse that fine line of truth he wept so silently on?  
Condemn her? Awoken, he saw True love can’t be
coerced by delusion; how could he?
Remember to wake up.
esridersi Mar 2018
Swirls of decadence dance in and about the nose of the bear,
who smells the baker's excellence.
"Her absence is my pestilence" thinks the bear.
"Those sweet scents would do me away in an ambulance" he thinks.

Given the chance, he'd take the brush from her hand into his meager claws,
and paint a portrait of him in her.
He'd accentuate his smile to show his bright grin.
He'd color his face outside the bounds to show his messiness.
Left up to him, the dim, grim hymn in his head would change the chorus from self doubt
to harmonies of carelessness and confidence.

Suspended, his thoughts diminish to silence.
"I do intend to forge a friend" he says.
"I'll ask to spend our time together in Zen".
What will she say to him then?
esridersi Feb 27
water-slicked concrete
won't deter the idiots
from Snapchat selfies
esridersi Jan 5
raindrops and puddles
pitter patter playfully
on friend-ships at sea
"she a thot thot"
esridersi Feb 14
dead roses
to violets,
our hate,
a watered glass
esridersi Sep 25
the same do your eyes
stretch my heart until he smiles
like sunshine in disguise
           your gaze lights me hot &
esridersi Jan 23
Does anyone else think it queer,
with plentiful humans so near
that we bury our faces
avoid friendly gazes
to blindly pursue lone careers?
esridersi Feb 14
your stretch marks, my dear
like cascading ripples of rose, or
wrinkled dryer sheets.
esridersi Apr 2018
The humming of the birds
inside the butterflies of my heart and tummy
start AFTER
the blueberry-peppermint scents
of your hair tickle and dance in my nose, but BEFORE
the streams of amber and yellow rush
to drown the still forest living on your face, in warmth and peace,
so that I might see your lips,
acquaint my hand
with your hips,
to hush and silence these birds...
that's when I kiss you~!

— The End —