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Esridersi May 2020
Hovering clouds by her face
La Lanae hides like a space

    Lazy and open she sighs
  Evoking grace from the skies

  Nothing perturbs her ocean
All she tries steals no motion

   Janell, a dry rain puddle
Unknown Sailor Oct 2014
Throw up,
now strip your fear from your illness
speak of dogs chasing dolls
but don't know the difference between
one's inner-self and a mirage.

Feel the sweat trickle down
yeah that putrid aroma
take you away from humanity.

Fear stricken eyes
sense of belonging
it makes you want to choke
run along and find your missing link
it's just that easy.

Turn your head and break my back
blue, yellow and green
it all makes sense now
brake your bones on a tightrope
and seek ye who snorts ecstasy.

follow the purge into an army of rebellion
Tick Tick Boom !
there goes your imagination.
taint my vocabulary
who soars within the bars of psyche.

I lost my self in the meadow
find Bambi and Pinocchio gambling on steroids
get lost in your creativity
find a haven in the flames
listen for her soul
I hear she has the best intent.

Seek purification in
the arms of a sinner
no use looking for redemption in wasteful youth
now darling fade into the night
for the dark  will comfort you of all your despair

Brandy + Whisky...

— The End —