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Esridersi Apr 19
you are the very same delight
of the fading dreams sobering perfume.
like the cover of cloud against unyielding starlight,
you are. the very same delight
known when, asleep beneath a cypress,  
heavens whispers did gossip about a beloved sagacious tigress
and I eavesdropped too her scent and knew
you were the very same. delight
be your gift this year and all to be.
like ecstasies of joyous reverie, to me
you are the very same delight.
karins simanis Apr 2016
You begin with a life
from a land where nobody knows
You are only one in this land
Where you wanna change the revelation  

We cross millions of time
With a fate and you have a choice
Where to go and live a life
But sometimes you wanna lead your own life

You spread your wings
Open your heart and soul
Show who you are and become
Someone as a superhero

We live a life  With a full of lies
But you wanna clear those mistakes
And in a darkest hour of your life
We wanna tell a truth for once but can't

Rise like a Immortal
Become bigger with a weapon
Of a heart and  soul and become
Someone's a superhero and change
this mess and place by aiming a love

Every day we grow into highest points
Becoming from frightened child into
a standing tall of shield with mind and power
We become developed Phoenix

— The End —