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Shannon Richardson
27/F/California    A collection of lust, for closure.
Ottawa    There is beauty in simplicity.
Lizzie Matthias
16/Gender Fluid/Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰    We all have a lot on our minds, I just try to make it positive. <3 Bit about me: I play cello and ukulele and ...
Darrell Landstrom
20/M/FL    If this is your first time on my profile, if you'd like, please read "O Friends of Twilight!" (June 7th), or "The Hymnist" (September 17th) ...
Em MacKenzie
30/F/Ottawa    I have a passion for poetry, fiction, music and all things beautiful. I enjoy bright colours and night-time quiet conversation. All writing is intellectual property ...
elle jaxsun
26/Non-binary/🏜    insta @ellejaxsun
21/F/Salerno, Italy    what grater gift than poetry?
poetry is dead
Keda Kanye
Vanessa Gatley
21/F    Love life only get date once So check them out , share some of my work, if you like FOLLOW BACK love ya keep writing ...
Keyan R
23/M/Riverside, CA    I follow the flow like a drift wood.
Jade Welch
20/F    Thoughts are meant to be immortalised, so start writing them. |
Non-binary/A Forgotten Place    I'm a young teen battling with depression, suicidal urges and uncontrollable feelings. My monsters name is Quillian.
Earth    ethos
tumelo mogomotsi
20/south africa    i write what i like.
22/F/Anywhere but here    Instead of fading into air and dust, then what will the words, could it ever be farthest words from "probably" |beautiful disaster|
kiran goswami
17/F    I write. I read. Slytherin Always ❤
Don Francisco Luis
43/M/Bayonne, N.J.    Memoirs & Continuing Thoughts
Canada    Creative writer. Copyright © remains with the artist, contact me to discuss usage. Boc.
Emma Ely
24/F/Denver    These words are doing no good locked up inside of me, so I figure, what the hell, I'll gift them to the world.
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