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 Oct 2020 egghead
John Destalo
she wanted to
be his escape

someplace he
could get lost

someplace with
no direction

or destination

someplace too
dark to see

where all speech
is touch

but she offered
him too much

so he never
wanted to leave

and thus it was

that she had to
break him
 Oct 2020 egghead
all it took was a single look- he fell for her.
angel eyes in clear blue skies, he only thought of her.

the sun created her dancing raven locks,
capturing life- tempting him to reach towards her.

the moon would rise, singing solitary melodies,
and in his inner strife, he only wished for her.

the stars could taint the lonely night
but their brilliance couldn't stain his love for her.

chrysanthemums reflected in her sancy diamond lies,
and for her sustenance, he picked bouquets for her.

her beauty shone like carved, clear stone,
and his heart was enveloped in a cold embrace from her.

and as he fell, a willing victim to the abyss,
he smiled, as if all his breath was hers.
a ghazal attempt I wrote for class about a man with an...unhealthy obsession with the abyss.
We play with minds
but the mind plays us

don't use it enough
only when convenient

or when it's too late
when we've been suckered

bamboozled into thinking
too much about nothing

The only reason you are here
is to be composted

Recycled into something
that will in all hopes last forever...
 Oct 2020 egghead
Sara Brummer
There are always waiting spectors
as morning’s penumbra ripples
where chants of the mind play
to an audience of one.

They shape the mist as dawn
expands and connects each breath.
The weight of darkness lifts to
the edges of ether, emptying
the private hole of self.

Slowly, the hours
open to the hovering light,
the soft burn of the sun.
Like an instant between
seasons, the clot of darkness

There on the edges of wakefulness,
unexpected color breaks open silence,
dispersing the night’s assembly of ghosts.
 Oct 2020 egghead
Been though a lot
Had closed up
Dealt with it
And went back
To the start

But everytime
I get back up
There is someone
To push me hard
And I fall again

A lighthearted joke
Was all it trully was
You had to hurt me
And it is all because
I don't read minds

Why is this normal?
How could you ever?
Thinking before speaking
Is probably what you
Should do better

I hope the females
In your life
Pack their bags
And leave you
For the better.
This was written about a guy ,who replied to a pick up line by calling me a fat b***h (didn't take it too personally since it's completely false). Yes, people like that are real and it made realize that these people have no concept of how hard it is for someone to make the first move or how much of a low-life it makes them look like. There is no excuse to act this way. If you are not interested or taken, just say so with respect. Good thing I am stronger now and this was written purely for making this into art and having something possitive associated with it.
 Oct 2020 egghead
Secretly bad
an uneasiness within
assert goodness
as to cover up sin
maddening breaches
of spiritual growth
time to put the pope
to the end of the rope!
Traveler Tim
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