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Feb 2021
you know when the ground
is dry and cracked and hardened,
and the fields crunch underneath you and grass splinters
and cows group under shade
in the country towns you drive through
doing 50kms on the main road,
stopping for a pie and paying with cash?

yeah that ground. anyway,

you know when the rain's due
and the clouds bundle like sheets in the washing basket
and that smell of dirt and sky
and the thick drops fall on your neck,
and you squint your face up and wait for the next one to hit you?

yeah that rain. anyway,

you know how the water pools and the ground can't drink it fast enough
and it's drought signs to flood signs in sixty minutes
and the crops fail and the men cry,
all because the ground wasn't ready for what it needed to arrive so fast?

yeah that irony. anyway,

I feel that in my heart sometimes.
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