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EzraZebra Mar 7
We tell ourselves,
"This pandemic shall
bring us closer together"
"It's the equalizer,
it's what's great about it"
And suicides are
on the rise, meanwhile

The vulnerable get sicker
while the Amazons get richer
We're culpable in our habituation
to the absurd
We're amenable to the situation
as it may occur

And we tell ourselves
This crisis shall
come to an end
It could be worse
we've proved our worth
And mutations are
on the rise, meanwhile
EzraZebra Feb 5
Don't forget to live
don't live to forget
EzraZebra Feb 2020
Mired in hypothetical
ethical quandaries
Vexed by anticipation and
expectations of attention
given without question

Come, then, isolation:
take me into your embrace
Swallow me up and cover me
within your lukewarm folds
And leave me safe and alone
free from consideration
In a landscape bare and
EzraZebra Aug 2019
They that bathe in
brightest light
Cast the darkest shadow
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