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He says to me,
"I want you",
and therefore i said to him
"But you don't need me, do you?"
He replies back,
"i need you yes"
Quote on his love for me.
 Mar 2017 Dereaux
40 years on earth
Still can't seem to find my place...
When can I go home?
I like haikus...
 Feb 2017 Dereaux
 Feb 2017 Dereaux
I'd bury you if I could

in smothered kisses and purple bows

to garnish gleaming glimmers of gold

I'd melt you if I could

In embraces smouldering bright cherry red

and umber wings of bliss

I'd **** you if I could

with cavities of love

with bittersweet almonds of truth

I'd marry you if I could

Te amo,

         *mi amor
Dead, like the leaves of autumn.
You probably don't even bother.
Anyways, how have you been?
Happy, maybe?

Angry is an understatement. Thought
You should know that.
Understand, dear?

Last time, I waited. For
An answer. A full
Anything better, than that one deadly
And sometimes, I wonder. Is
That it?
Is that all you have to say for yourself?
Originally written as a Creative Writing assignment back in January.
 Aug 2016 Dereaux
When my finger met the paper, in a brief love affair, it took my blood as a trophy.
Then the red droplets created a beautiful mess as it sank into the dead white wood.
It stung badly, and it continued to hurt as I went on a mission to find a bandage that
could keep the crimson art inside of me, instead of spilling it everywhere.
When I wiped the excess blood away I saw nothing, yet I was still in pain.
But what hurts the most right now is my heart, because just like I couldn’t
see the papercut, you can’t see my broken heart either, and it is bleeding heavily.
Because of you.
And I can’t seem to find a bandage big enough to heal the
hole you left in my dying heart.
I am so happy that my poem was selected as a daily. That is so unbelievable on so many levels. Thank you so very much to all of your comments, likes and reposts. It means the world to me! :)
If I said that you were perfect,
you'd just shrug it off again,
but that's what springs to mind love,
whenever I hear your name.
If I told you how much I like you,
you'd laugh and just say 'cute',
but never the less I like you,
and it's a feeling I can't refute.
If I asked you to be mine,
your no would be nothing new,
but I'll still forever know that,
my heart belongs to you,
 Aug 2016 Dereaux
 Aug 2016 Dereaux
One cannot see
Where one is blinded by
Vengeful needs
open your eyes to harmony. at least try it
 Aug 2016 Dereaux
Little Bear
if only we would love  
with our eyes
and our hearts

we would not see
the outer shell

we would simply
fall in love with
the soul
the spirit
the heart
before us

for the rest
eventually falls away
Thank you all so so very much for all of the wonderful comments and kind words. I am so very grateful. I woke this morning to so many emails.. i actually thought my Mum had finally managed to use the email account i had set up for her and had sent me some messages :o)
but no .. haha bless her heart.. :o)

So.... again.. thank you thank you all forever, for all the hearts and all the love..
i feel it ***
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