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Dee Nov 2014
Unable to perceive right from wrong
Oh! How long…Oh! How long
When today’s today shall be relegated to the past
These precious moments would be forever lost,

Heavens came my way
But tides kept me astray
Alas! Such was their power
A deluge, not a trickle or a shower,

How I now wish
The clock had stood still
I could’ve clasped those precious moments
Before my life just withered & ebbed away,

Now as I stand far from myself
Look back and say
Where was I?
Where was my soul?

That beautiful, blessed day
When Heavens came my way*.
Thoughts, musings
Dee Nov 2014
She came…sat down so gingerly
We exchanged glances furtively
Said it all, understood it all
Utter silence, ecstatic agony.

She sat with lips trembling unable to speak
My heart sputtering, missing a beat
Ah! Those precious moments
When hours seemed like seconds.

Memories blur & all that remains is etchings on a grey slate
Realities whisked away by the greatest slayer of all – cruel fate
I try to call out your name but can’t shout
I am left wondering what it was all about.

…The deafening silence is overpowering

Did it all happen? I am not too sure
If it did, it was love in divinity so pure
But whenever I look at the barricade of the grey slate
Memories come flooding in through the sluice gate.
Did it ever happen to you that a moment, opens floodgates of memories?
Dee Nov 2014
A moth with purple luminous sheen-ed wings
Fell in love with a flame, enraptured by her blush
Wished to wrap itself around her limbs
Gently caress her, such was his crush,

It ventured forth
Dying to explore her contours
Touch her ethereal glow
Aware that his serenading hum
Seduced by her fire, hitherto unsung
The blue mesmerizing core
That he could never explore
The sanctum sanctorum…

The wings now charred and singed
He writhes in pain yet ecstatic
He would rather be a ‘had been’
Than having lived a life, unseen…
Dedicated to my dear friend Debbie Brook :)
Dee Oct 2014
Did I hear a knock on my soul’s door?
Could be mistaken, my hearing is not good anymore
Or was it just a tired wind which stopped by to rest
Blown away by a storm and was just catching its breath.

Did I see your shimmering shadow on the floor?
Could be, since my eyes are not as good as before
And if you did come, did you call out my name so softly?
Or play the harp on my hearts strings ever so gently.

That sweet touch that brushed my face with those lips
The way, you tugged at my heart with your gentle finger tips
Linger on…

Then why is it that I hesitate, of your presence am not sure?
Is it wishful prescience, an illusion… a thought conjured?

Graced by age that’s what happens when years pile on silently
It happens to all, as time creeps upon us relentlessly?
The dawn turns to dusk and the rainbow grey
Your sweet music, touch and the caress had never gone away?

Ah! My failing senses, willful delusions had my perception obscured
There couldn't have been a knock, since I had never shut the door.
Memories, getting old, thoughts
Dee Oct 2014
You unlocked my heart and invited me in

You whispered so slightly

That tickled my ear

'A little spark kindles a great fire within'

Once you got the blaze going

Deep in my soul

That tickled down to my toes

Delve into all my being,

This night I realized

You are my hint of sherry

My cup of loneliness

With lots of steadying breaths of regrets

My hand reached towards heaven

Waiting for the spark I will receive ...


*The spark that kindles the fire in you
Was lit by the gust of wind
That kissed your soul sighing
Igniting the embers that were dying
You failed to see or feel…
The flame of eternal love
Was what the heavens threw
Fusing your nights into mine,

As my fingers reached to grab your sadness
The knuckles and digits entwined,
The sherry, your cup of loneliness,
I took away…
Spilling each blood’s droplet of mine
I was there each dawn,
When you woke seeking a brightened morn,

You missed what that little leaf saw
Laughed over…smiled
That drop of dew glistened in my presence
In that little droplet of rain that formed the rainbow
I arched over you, protecting you so tall!!
Love, collaboration, thoughts
In collaboration with Debbie Brooks
Thank you Deb...for the stimulation...hugs :)
Dee Oct 2014
Through the doorway of time

Comes through with strife

I was starting to lose myself

In the moment of my mind

It was gone in an instant

I must have been imagining

The glow of your love

And then I stepped into nothingness

When knocked down to my knees

I felt

The mirror of your touch

My love and the instant flame

As I stood up slowly

As I made my way to your arms

Your intentions were not plain

I rose more slowly to find

You the second time around


*Who was it whose embers did burn?
After the fire had been doused
The mirror that reflected your image,
Even after you were gone
Why is it that you forget the path?
That was…by rims of my eyes,
Lit with candles, fuelled by my tears,
The one whose shoulders you held on
When you were skidding , slipping,

It was just that momentarily you had looked
Into a setting sun, a darkness…blinding you
I was always besides, had always been true
If ever nothingness is what surrounds you
You need to just need to sigh a name aloud,
For me, it shall be a clarion call
A whisper louder than a shout….

The next a waft of cool breeze comes calling on
Knocking on your doorway of time
And it appears hopelessly shut as such
Open the window and there you’ll find
This man, his intentions plain and true
Standing patiently under the autumn yew
Waiting, the spring of a smile from you…
Who always loved you so much…

The curtains to the show have not dropped as yet
Wait awhile…
The story is still alive
Just this world that we have passed through
Another world beyond this
In collaboration with Debbie Brooks
Debbie you are such a motivation...thank you...hugs!!
Dee Oct 2014
Your words pulverized me again and again
I saw each little arrow
that lead me in circles
back to your doorstep,
wanting to reach out, touch you
but was afraid you weren't there,

Did you understand the love we shared
Deeper than the depth of the Pacific,
but the schism of the abyss deepened,
like a cracking Mariana, imploding unto itself,
as I play each scene through my mind
what did I do to make you turn away
I wonder…
it was hard to say
good bye…,

My angel, it has been long, since I saw you
yet whatever little moments that we spent
were blessed pearls in shining oysters,
worn around our hearts
I aver it still hurts to know
you are still there somewhere
How I miss…
the endless, senseless talks
wishing for more of those precious moments,
but life, does it value treasured seconds?
I wonder…
then why is it that
I miss the most…us?

I hope to awaken when the sun comes up
and rubbing my eye, I see the dream crash
see you standing before me
as if you had never left my side.*

The parallel worlds.
My princess, just peep out of the castle window
Do you see that glorious steed?
A knight atop, in his shining armour
Perhaps not…
Since with changed time’s dimensions
I stand on the tor while your castle is in the vale,

Each looking at the other as a mist
Yet still there, where we were…
Nothing has changed, yet there is no constant
The eye of the storm has changed the breeze
The sailboats changing tack, yet on the same course
All a matter of perception…

Look out of your dream and you shall find
Us, standing on the same shore that we last left,
The travels and travails seem to keep us adrift
Bobbing up and down, times tides
Synchronous, dancing to the beat of the waves…

Debbie Brooks.
Love, sorrow, collaboration
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