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Nov 2014
She came…sat down so gingerly
We exchanged glances furtively
Said it all, understood it all
Utter silence, ecstatic agony.

She sat with lips trembling unable to speak
My heart sputtering, missing a beat
Ah! Those precious moments
When hours seemed like seconds.

Memories blur & all that remains is etchings on a grey slate
Realities whisked away by the greatest slayer of all – cruel fate
I try to call out your name but can’t shout
I am left wondering what it was all about.

…The deafening silence is overpowering

Did it all happen? I am not too sure
If it did, it was love in divinity so pure
But whenever I look at the barricade of the grey slate
Memories come flooding in through the sluice gate.
Did it ever happen to you that a moment, opens floodgates of memories?
Written by
       ryn, wordvango, ---, Tide Islands, --- and 6 others
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