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Oct 2014
Through the doorway of time

Comes through with strife

I was starting to lose myself

In the moment of my mind

It was gone in an instant

I must have been imagining

The glow of your love

And then I stepped into nothingness

When knocked down to my knees

I felt

The mirror of your touch

My love and the instant flame

As I stood up slowly

As I made my way to your arms

Your intentions were not plain

I rose more slowly to find

You the second time around


*Who was it whose embers did burn?
After the fire had been doused
The mirror that reflected your image,
Even after you were gone
Why is it that you forget the path?
That was…by rims of my eyes,
Lit with candles, fuelled by my tears,
The one whose shoulders you held on
When you were skidding , slipping,

It was just that momentarily you had looked
Into a setting sun, a darkness…blinding you
I was always besides, had always been true
If ever nothingness is what surrounds you
You need to just need to sigh a name aloud,
For me, it shall be a clarion call
A whisper louder than a shout….

The next a waft of cool breeze comes calling on
Knocking on your doorway of time
And it appears hopelessly shut as such
Open the window and there you’ll find
This man, his intentions plain and true
Standing patiently under the autumn yew
Waiting, the spring of a smile from you…
Who always loved you so much…

The curtains to the show have not dropped as yet
Wait awhile…
The story is still alive
Just this world that we have passed through
Another world beyond this
In collaboration with Debbie Brooks
Debbie you are such a motivation...thank you...hugs!!
Written by
       Weeping willow, Bloom, Venusoul7, Dee, ryn and 5 others
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