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Oct 2014
Did I hear a knock on my soul’s door?
Could be mistaken, my hearing is not good anymore
Or was it just a tired wind which stopped by to rest
Blown away by a storm and was just catching its breath.

Did I see your shimmering shadow on the floor?
Could be, since my eyes are not as good as before
And if you did come, did you call out my name so softly?
Or play the harp on my hearts strings ever so gently.

That sweet touch that brushed my face with those lips
The way, you tugged at my heart with your gentle finger tips
Linger on…

Then why is it that I hesitate, of your presence am not sure?
Is it wishful prescience, an illusion… a thought conjured?

Graced by age that’s what happens when years pile on silently
It happens to all, as time creeps upon us relentlessly?
The dawn turns to dusk and the rainbow grey
Your sweet music, touch and the caress had never gone away?

Ah! My failing senses, willful delusions had my perception obscured
There couldn't have been a knock, since I had never shut the door.
Memories, getting old, thoughts
Written by
       Anand, ---, Pamela Rae, Bloom, Sjr1000 and 9 others
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