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Oct 2014
Your words pulverized me again and again
I saw each little arrow
that lead me in circles
back to your doorstep,
wanting to reach out, touch you
but was afraid you weren't there,

Did you understand the love we shared
Deeper than the depth of the Pacific,
but the schism of the abyss deepened,
like a cracking Mariana, imploding unto itself,
as I play each scene through my mind
what did I do to make you turn away
I wonder…
it was hard to say
good bye…,

My angel, it has been long, since I saw you
yet whatever little moments that we spent
were blessed pearls in shining oysters,
worn around our hearts
I aver it still hurts to know
you are still there somewhere
How I miss…
the endless, senseless talks
wishing for more of those precious moments,
but life, does it value treasured seconds?
I wonder…
then why is it that
I miss the most…us?

I hope to awaken when the sun comes up
and rubbing my eye, I see the dream crash
see you standing before me
as if you had never left my side.*

The parallel worlds.
My princess, just peep out of the castle window
Do you see that glorious steed?
A knight atop, in his shining armour
Perhaps not…
Since with changed time’s dimensions
I stand on the tor while your castle is in the vale,

Each looking at the other as a mist
Yet still there, where we were…
Nothing has changed, yet there is no constant
The eye of the storm has changed the breeze
The sailboats changing tack, yet on the same course
All a matter of perception…

Look out of your dream and you shall find
Us, standing on the same shore that we last left,
The travels and travails seem to keep us adrift
Bobbing up and down, times tides
Synchronous, dancing to the beat of the waves…

Debbie Brooks.
Love, sorrow, collaboration
Written by
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