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Oct 2014
You unlocked my heart and invited me in

You whispered so slightly

That tickled my ear

'A little spark kindles a great fire within'

Once you got the blaze going

Deep in my soul

That tickled down to my toes

Delve into all my being,

This night I realized

You are my hint of sherry

My cup of loneliness

With lots of steadying breaths of regrets

My hand reached towards heaven

Waiting for the spark I will receive ...


*The spark that kindles the fire in you
Was lit by the gust of wind
That kissed your soul sighing
Igniting the embers that were dying
You failed to see or feel…
The flame of eternal love
Was what the heavens threw
Fusing your nights into mine,

As my fingers reached to grab your sadness
The knuckles and digits entwined,
The sherry, your cup of loneliness,
I took away…
Spilling each blood’s droplet of mine
I was there each dawn,
When you woke seeking a brightened morn,

You missed what that little leaf saw
Laughed over…smiled
That drop of dew glistened in my presence
In that little droplet of rain that formed the rainbow
I arched over you, protecting you so tall!!
Love, collaboration, thoughts
In collaboration with Debbie Brooks
Thank you Deb...for the stimulation...hugs :)
Written by
       Pamela Rae, Bloom, Venusoul7, Dee, ryn and 4 others
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