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Aug 30 · 24
March On, You Go
Daylight 4U2C Aug 30
A river has flood me,
with the world's lost dreams.
The last breaths of love.
The loneliest of screams.
Aug 30 · 30
Daylight 4U2C Aug 30
Let me cry and leave me be.
Won't you just not bother me?
I gave my spine and soul and dreams.
I gave my everything it seems.
But never have you had enough,
old monster, teach me to be rough.
Take me while I'm squishy.
I'm empty,
yet still not sharp.
I'm crying,
yet not a harp.
I'm broken,
but I'm not gold-dust.
I'm nothing,
but still I must-
exist by the waves,
crash by the night,
hide by the day,
or in a fright I fight.
This is my hell,
my bright red tunnel.
I don't remember what led me to this hole,
but it pulled me down and let me go.
The bright red lights that flash and blind.
The tunnels tight and the dirt unkind.
The only thing that calms my mind-
when the fountain falls,
and holds me tight,
to bear this tunnel-
through tonight.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 30
I kind of hate everybody,
probably hate you too,
cause everybody lies to me.
I don't know what to do.
Yell at me, cause I won't open,
yell at me, to close.
I'm a bad guy
a mad guy,
a crazy little show,
spinning like ferris wheel,
and I don't even know.
But I'm the broken car,
look like the rest, but just not right.
Can't you let me be, though?
I don't want to fight.
Not tonight.. please, at least not tonight.
Watching from the top,
at me dancing alone.
Dance like no ones watching,
but I'm not on my own.
They watch me like a celebrity,
judge my every move.
They just don't get the dances flow;
it doesn't match my groove.
Flawed and mistaken,
over-dramatic and confused.
I could have walked away,
but I never have refused.
So fire away your comments,
and hate,
and beady eyes,
I must be asking for it,
and saying stop as some coy disguise.
Just please not tonight.
Let me go for just today.
I've had enough of dancing,
so please take the spotlight away.
Daylight 4U2C Aug 21
You don't know me.
Don't know who I am,
or where I come from.
You don't know me,
beyond my blues and grays and greens.
You might know my favorite color, or show,
but not what to me, it means.
You don't know my story.
You can't see my heart.
You aren't in my brain.
So dear god don't you start-!
Please clip this off here,
and just leave me be..
If you don't give a ****-
then stop barking at my tree!
I'll give you my ears,
like Vincent Van Gogh.
I'll give you whatever.
but I won't let you know,
whats inside,
or what happened,
I know you don't care.
I know you won't stay.
I know you won't like me,
or understand.
You'll just criticize me.
You can't hold my hand.
I might be alone,
for the rest of my life.
I might be like a child.
My future full of stife.
I might be a maniac,
or a monster to you,
no matter how hard I try,
and no matter what I do.
So give me a break.
Stop asking for more.
Stop yelling at me,
or knocking at my door.
You don't seem to get it,
and you never will.
No matter how hard I scream,
no matter how shrill-!
I beg of you please,
after all we did,
don't open pandora-

Just close the lid.

Be okay with the fact,
you can't handle the truth.
Be alright with knowing,
it won't be something you get.
No one ever might,
so please...

Just forget-.

Just forget-!
Aug 21 · 43
Daylight 4U2C Aug 21
A poet without words is probably dangerous
Puzzled mind
Stoic face
Not leaving a trace.
Aug 13 · 26
All I want
Daylight 4U2C Aug 13
All I want is for someone to find me. Someone to put themselves in my shoes from the love of my travel. To listen to the rambles I have from the love of my passion and voice. I want someone to notice me, and swim the rapid rivers of my thoughts, the shaky quivers of my breathing heart, walk seamlessly through the vines of my insanity, finding the truest me deep down within. The one that is good and bright and worthy. And put a mirror to her, so she sees... and I see. Letting me know someone else sees something amazing in me and helps me to see it myself. So I can feel normal, and real, and loved all at once. It doesn't have to be permanent, feeling this way everywhere I go. Simply with them. I want to feel calm, and happy, and real, and normal... and loved.
That's all I want.
It might not be very poetic, I don't know.
The petals all around me,
Dying just the same.
Saying they can't take it.
My happiness to blame.
My teeth too bright and glaring.
My eyes too strained and large
My heart is slowly pour out,
Drip by drop it will barge.
But my smile is too glaring,
Is all anyone knows.
My teeth,
they grip each other,
Holding on for dear life.
My corners cheek to cheek
My laugh is crying masked by fear.
Will I hurt you too?
Will your petal die?
Will I break you too,
Because of my permanant lie?
Will i **** the forest?
Will it even stop there?
Will there ever be,
A petal that can see?
See the dying?
Hear the crying?
Know I'm trying,
And I'm frying,
Under the heat,
Of all the petals,
That hate me.
Aug 6 · 34
Spent on the day;
Sleep wandress child,
in the light of the sun.
There will be more to see,
and you aren't yet done.

When the moon harshly closes you
still in it's dark,
And you feel yourself swallowed
by the shark.
You, can scream.
You, can screech.
You, can let out a hark.
Your voice moves the mountains,
and crashes the waves,
Your voice knocks over the aged trees,
Oh, how fierce it behave!
And would you lose your voice,
It would be okay.
Because soon enough,
there will come day.
Daylight 4U2C May 18
I feel like I'm spiraling weightlessly through space,
trying my best, to not lose face.
And at the end of the day, I'm deep in the ocean,
sitting on the shore, without any motion.
I don't feel restless-


-nor at peace.

I try to avoid it-
but it's like-

-it's me.

I'm the beast.

Because I'm trapped in this skin.

This weird-

thick coat of paint.

And I can't peel it off because there is just NO WHERE


-to tear.

So I keep swirling slowly through space.
Just watching.
Feeling like,
I'm an alien,
just watching,
through the windowed eyes of a creature, that I opened the blinds,
to understand..
And I got so caught up in their story, or
whatever world this was,
so mystified by what there was to see and feel,
I forgot how to close the blinds or walk away.
My feet are glued to the floor
and my eyes are glued to the window-
of their eyes.

I know


this 'thing-'

-it's not me.

I wasn't supposed to look out this window.
I just-

I'm supposed to know,
that I am not the only alien,
looking through a window,
floating through space;
sitting alone at the ocean floor with water shifting and swaying my hair and clothes all around,
just trying to understand and relate without breaking anything,
or making this poor, defenseless and confused human,


I continue in this journey of flow and forward,
a drift-feeling,
as though they all are real.
And I AM the only alien that accidentally just took a human under my control.

Some days I'm a water fountain,
and some days I've gone dry as drought.
Some days I'm warm and feeling,
some days I'm just empty and without.
All days I'm never-ending-thinking
too concerned with all that is.
I should be proud to think so deep
but sometimes I just crave the fizz.
I want to think,
but without fear.
I want to love,
but not to tear.
I want to dream,
but not to forget.
I want to be brave,
but without the regret.
I know there's more-
so I'll just say...
this too shall pass..
so I can't fray.
Apr 21 · 61
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Nevertheless my heart still spins
It drifts and flows on with the winds.
feel free to use this as a poem excerpt if you want to make a poem from it
Apr 21 · 49
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
I've found a sparkle among the dark.
Like glitter in the eyes of a fairy, hymn, "hark!"

"The light hath found beneath the sidewalk so taken. None glimpse down; thus this light hath them shaken."

My aching and longing are living no more,
I finally find what I've been longing for.

A bridge is not needed,
The distance not far.

I need no train, bus, nor car.
To be where you are.
Apr 21 · 44
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Let them know that this world is so much larger than us, and time, too sparse to recollect.
Let them know that we are a glowing society and there will be times we dim, and we just balance on the rim, but we decide the feelings in our hearts and that makes us who we are.
Let them know that we can go back to the moments-
back to the feelings that made us alive or destroyed us inside,
in sight by the picture on the wall.
Let them know the power it holds by the ones who behold it and the ones who bestow.
Let them know.

Oh, let them know that these days are our best and the rest will be hard, because we must decide what fashion we will stride,
and that instant to decide if we will survive or die hard.
Let them know of the dark, when we used to struggle for a picture, our lungs would be rusted and eyes would contrast but the picture perfect memory would forever last.
Let them know we alone can make the change we hope to see, and end our fortunes of calamity in this society.
Let them know we are better off different and normal is out, because if we were all normal we’d be robots without a doubt.
Let them know these memories may one day die,
but the feelings will still have you smile and cry.
Let them know.
Apr 21 · 40
They Call Me Bones
Daylight 4U2C Apr 21
Can't you wait til morning,
to caw like old bird do?
Shrill- as nail to glass,
or look like you, just aren't you?
Can't you just stay quiet,
and blend-
nor fight the waves?
We are all just fishes,
but you're the one that strays.
And if you could you'd help us,
but- oh- how thin you grow,
can't you see, you hurt us?
How is it, you don't know,
that our pain flames the brightest,
and you'll NEVER be the meat.
Can't you just stop cawing,
and float, with the harsh night sea?
Can't you just stop crying-
for what will never be-...?
Jan 1 · 42
Mockingbird's Sunset
She stares at the horizon, a saddened sort of day. Like a crying heart- somber, without words to say. "Is this the world beyond the line? But, I will still sit. The mocking birds will scratch and cry, but I will not run away. I will sit. And I will contemplate. For this is what I was given -a picture- of such bliss." She tilts her head and ruffles her feathers, as the cold breeze passes by. "This is what I was given- wings to cross the sky. But as I crossed and crossed I found, you never feel it fully. The best of beauty, comes from 'dreaming' of it truly. To think, it is much bigger than I could ever dream. For once you have been there, it won't be as great as it may seem. And once you've done it all- well-- what would be left? Nothing to aspire. Nothing to fill despairing depth. This is how I fly. I am soaring right now here. Just staring at the horizon- and dreaming of what cheer, to swim in puddles deep- of orange and yellow shine- to break myself free- and take back my soul full-time.

And to dream
so openly-

is the craziest-

the freest-

...way to be...
Your words- they mesh
Too cruel to understand
And in your hand I shrivel.
Clever girl,
prove me wrong.
Is this your way of scaring me?
Why can't they hear me?
People so dear to me.
Why can't they see me?
People so free- to me.
What is it that I am missing?
What is it that I need?
What is it that my old soul couldn't breed?
Why do birds seem so free--

on a spool
My wings are sewn to me.
Is this what I swore I'd be?

Not today, just not right now.
To hear them clear as light.
But do they ever take a break?!
No never, day or night.
Ticking away like a clock, rushing like a second hand.
Do you ever take a break from clicking at me, my old friend.
Not today, no not right now.
Just hearing clear as light.
Not today, my old friend-
please- just not tonight.
May 2019 · 107
The Simple Little Seed
Daylight 4U2C May 2019
I belong inside a seed capsule
Planted in the ground
My body in the fetal
Besides the water, bugs, and soil- no sound.
I belong there,  where my arms will spread
As branches fled the ground.
The dirt will fly around
And a shadow, grace my plain
I belong in the ocean
Where the waves wash over me
Softly pushing a warm force on my back-
Like a pat.
To say "It's okay.  It's okay." until I believe.
I belong deep deep down in the black
The blackest blue there is.
In the fetal position.
I belong behind glass walls in a cube in a world only I recognize,
Where people walk outside and glance only slightly with their careless eyes.
Where I scream like mercy me!
Where I yell past the tearing of voice box and beyond my gasps until there is just a silent hiss from my mouth.
And no views my way,  because is all just a warped, fuzzy mumble.  A few ears might point my way,  but they pass by still today.
I belong there.
Throwing glass bottles at the glass wall-
Yet unable to shatter the walls I'm within,
No matter how much shattering I hear inside them.
I belong.
Yet I don't.
Yet unheard.
I just want to be a bird.
Free to see the world.
Free to fly.
Free to fall and not die,
As I spread my arms and catch the wind, then start my way again.
Free to run away.
Free to stray and be.. Okay.
Apr 2019 · 192
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2019
It started all by falling,
falling for the spell,
Winter's cold hearts frozen,
brought us closer still.
Then by the time I sprang,
into their golden arms,
my heart was dried a summer fried,
and changed by no alarms.
I never knew their colors-
could shift so sudden,
If only I could have,
but I was left as white as snow.
Then by the blossom of this truth,
I spent last summer in my youth.

Now seasons,
they have taught me well,
that all things come and go.
One would think,
by all this time,
they would already know.
But we are all still learning,
catching up to our own time.
And the more we think we've learned it all,
the more we have to prime.
Aug 2017 · 513
The Deadly Eye (part 2)
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
I cannot lie.
I cannot lie.
I met the eye of poogley-pie
In my dreams.
I thought I'd die.
Oh how could I-
Oh how could I-
Have met the eye of poogley-pie.
It stared at me,
It glared at me,
It looked me up and down.
I nervously thought it followed me when I went into town.
They say the eye of poogley-pie does not take prisoners yet-!
I haven't fainted,
nor hit my head,
so how much more living can I get?
I cannot lie.
I cannot lie.
The eye- I saw it blink.
It was a man with a soft nice hand,
he sent me flowers...I think.
This poogley-pie,
is a sweet, kind guy.
It's hard to believe those who meet him soon die.
Aug 2017 · 84
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
Will you let me be by your side,
through the troubles,
through darkest night?
Will you let me,
love you so much?
My heart can't hold out much longer...
I'd like just one touch.
I need to know.
Where next to go.
Will you let me be your guardian angel.
Will you let me handle the devils?
You mean more than I do.

While your searching for the answers I'll gaze,
at your pretty eyes, and the way you pass the days.
I cuddle with a book but am I reading at all?
I'm busy fascinating about the future I'd recall.

Will you let me be by your side,
through the troubles,
through darkest night,
Will you let me,
love you so much.
My heart can't hold out much longer,
I'd like just one touch,
I need to know.
Where next to go.
Will you let me be your guardian angel.
Will you let me handle the devils?
You mean more than I do.
I know it's true, don't say it's not.
While I stare, you'll be waiting on the rest on the world to make you whole.
Aug 2017 · 329
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
No, the doctors not in,
so feel that skin,
it might begin
to squirm,
to breath,
to shrink;
sink beneath
you stomach and crawl around.
The doctors not in,
so feel that skin
crawl and fall if you feel it at all.
He will be here soon to close your wound,
So don't fear my dear,
Just quiver til noon.
Aug 2017 · 427
Moral Serects ?
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2017
...Let's put it this way:...
Burning building,
collapsed in it's fate,
deep under ocean;
ill-knowledge learned too late.
I wouldn't tell a soul.
You'd be last to know.
I swear not let it show.
And without saying goodbye,
I'd just go.
I'd just lift off.
It's the land I choose to trough.
rolled into your eyes,
clear blue skies,
dreaming of this person here,
is a fear,
realization to persevere,
never ever telling dear.
If I found to be,
my enemy.
The red in me,
burning fire here to see.
The heart of mine,
gone black to thee,
Nothing left to keep it in,
If scratched it's way out of my skin.
If lost the mask and soon be shown,
Finally the truth me be known.
My heart is tainted,
What is that cause?
I shalt not tell,
Fear all be lost.
Shall I peep,
My life to hell,
No reversal for this spell.
Long story. Its not suicidal. Just a long story.
Aug 2016 · 462
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2016
neon skies and walk- bys how hard to remember thise faces. forgotten people, and they leave ni traces. How unfair we dont have the ability to carry ourselves and all of them. how cruel we can fall too far buf onlt fly so high. And if we try to hard we are plucked right out the sky. How sad to see someone fight so hard for their wings to simply die. But it wont stop you from trying. You'll still keep others feom dying. You'll wipe their teara when your friends are crying. Youll shine brighter than the sun so when they see the dark they know where to run. How kind you are to be the one, who knows when a smile-chain has begun. If i could be greater and better and grand, Id help you out. Someday- Ill give you a hand.
Aug 2016 · 496
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2016
My heart
it goes a pitter-pat
When you
you look at me like that
I feel
your warmth that radiates
Your some-
someone I cannot hate
But You,
are shyer than sky blue
are beautiful and true
Do I deserve You?
Do I deserve you?
I don't think it's true,
So what do I do?
I'm probably going to continue it or something
Aug 2016 · 549
Butterflies and Birds
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2016
When my butterflies fly,
I wonder why,
my heart starts to sing,
like birds in mid-spring.
Jul 2016 · 418
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
Sometimes the one you think is hurting you is helping you,
and the one you thought was helping you was always quietly hurting you.
The invisible rug is always under our feet,
but who is it that holds the end?
Surprises come from everywhere,
but there's a point in life when you just won't even care.
I hope you soon get there.
Jul 2016 · 405
Live, love, life
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
Bear the moment bare and open-hearted. Bear the moment from the minute it ends to the second it started.
Jul 2016 · 1.5k
What's mature?
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
/What does it mean to be mature?|
/Is it agreeing your wrong when your not?|
|Is it keeping silence while the kettle is hot?|
/Is maturity cutting ties that'd be otherwise kept?|
|Is maturity forcing peace then demanding they accept?|
|If that's mature, I don't think it's right, because forcing a peace treaty| \will surely enforce a fight.|
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
:What is can be done with you?
:You are left in the middle with no form of view
:You're a grey sheep to a sheppard
:You're a donation without a cause
:Your unsure of what you are yourself
:Your only perfection is full of flaws.
:What can be done with you?
:You never know what to say or what to do
:You lose all that you gain
:You give in pounds like a ****** and live broke as a toy
:You have no sense of happiness
:You have no sense of true joy.
:What can be done with you?
:You tell a love you hate them and to hatred you say the untrue.
:You seem to be a basket case,
:oh what can be done with you?
:You stay alive for yourself but live for others pleading
:You tear when they walk away
:You tear when you esteem is bleeding
:You want to get what you give away but you give it so it's gone.
:What can be done with you grey sheep?
:You're always so right and yet so wrong.
Jul 2016 · 282
The Dirt Feeters
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
They knew their falling would come. Said, "Stead fast may we fall. For our legs may lie short but out heart will show tall."
Jul 2016 · 288
May Willows
Daylight 4U2C Jul 2016
Everyday at 6 on the hour May Willows bathes in her flowers.
She gently smooths her lavender upon her gentle skin,
giving it such passion it entices as if a sin.
After which she reaches for her crimson towel and envelopes herself in it's subtle yet overwhelming power.
Yes, without this barrier walls would fall, hearts would sink, evil would rise.
Then her little peachy furs flutter to a wake.

IT is this time today when May Willows recalls the fateful event of her youth that has haunted her fresh adolescents and had given her such shivering adaptations.
She recalls the cold, unwelcoming shards skidding across her face. The speed of her skin against the granite causing her senses to numb in shock.
A party was being held but the ground did crash it. The home was wrecked and the valuables were shattered in the unkind intrusion.
But what was there to do? Nothing was to be done because there was no true damage. It burned only of envy and esteem by the suns next rise.
To say "at least" for what remains means "smile" would be simple. To say another state is ill-fed so you cannot ask for more would be belittling any reason, since every story reveals a different thinking that is living a different living, comparing unique to unique.
   May Willows was brave.
But what was bravery when the day replays? And she does not scream since she stayed so brave. She screams inside looking unflappable. The terror is not found in her eyes or her soul, but within her mind. In such a life where only you know and only you feel the calamity, where is bravery? What is bravery? Comfort is difficult when the problem is a ghost. When the truth is microscopic in attempt to evade the naked eye? What is bravery when the scars reveal a story that the body cannot be true to? What then is this great bravery that one might wish to wear? What then is brave?
It's weird. I know. I thought something up partially and the rest was kind of improvisational.
Jun 2016 · 253
Your My Lemon Garden
Daylight 4U2C Jun 2016
You worry about the world and how you'll hold it up.
You worry about my smile and what we'll be when we grow old
You worry our souls to gold
we worry your strength to grey.
I worry you worry too much.
It's hard to know and harder to watch.
I worry your dreams are of fear,
because you feel like time is wasted anytime you aren't here.
But how long can you keep this up?
It's killing you, you know.
And I begin to feel presidential,
to be so admired without a power in my bone.
To be right next to you and watch you act so alone.
Id never think to run from this,
because your falling as it is.
I will watch so I may be there the day you trip and tip the ledge.
So if you can't drop the world even when arrows fly your way, and your knees soon buckle then give way. I will be there to hold you up.
Jun 2016 · 270
Stay Nice
Daylight 4U2C Jun 2016
Stay nice.
A piece of advice. A note to myself when I've lost it all.
Stay nice. Even if you hate the world, or angst has driven a ***** through your heart- even if your soul is blacker than death- even if they stole from you what made you real- even if your hurting or a fire burns your smile up-
stay nice.
Does it help to hurt the pain? Does it help to run the good away? Does it help to drop the mic, because the song was too hard for comprehension?
What do you learn by throwing a fit or stealing a smile or telling a friend you quit?
Be the change you wish to see! If you want life to be a tree and each person to be a fruit then be the fertilizer, or rain, or sun. Help the fruits to ripen. Teach people that no one is just a number. No one is just another atom on earth. Be the Atticus Finch. Be the warming parental figure to the world. You cannot force a change in anyone and you cannot make rightful karma come, but you can smile through it and be the contagious laughter. No matter how frusterating it gets or trying it will seem, may you always remember who you want to be and who you are inside, (no matter what anyone else can say) may you always-
Stay nice.
Jun 2016 · 242
Big-eyed Girl
Daylight 4U2C Jun 2016
You have big eyes,
and a pride to change the world,
but how far will you go when you know it all?
How can it be trusted you won't subsequently fall-
because you swear on your future that you truly know it all?
May 2016 · 279
Young and Ready
Daylight 4U2C May 2016
why do people assume they need to teach me about life; give me a lesson?
I think its okay then they walk away.
They say its to help me understand.
Fine! teach me about life; give me a lesson.
You all wear me down with this ******* obsession!
I'm tired of learning.
I'm tired of lies.
I'm losing my mind by these deluding blue skies.
I'll be cold because I'm too warm.
I'll be somber because I'm too bright.
I'll sleep the day and creep the night.
I'll harden my heart just to end this long deception-
while you teach me more of life; give me another lesson.
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2016
The news grasped our school so finely and tore it's reputation to the floor. We did not see it coming but someone filmed a fight from the door. Maybe 20 varsities who seen giving a  punch, a few other schools also, but not a whole bunch. The video went viral then was found on our tv's. They interviewed someone kicked out of football about our schools newfound needs. He said we needed something because something was not there. He said we sit as the worst school, but who was he to share? It sat on our tv's. On the old graduates tv's. On everyone's tv's. Embarrassment ran across every students face. The varsity was sent to another school and left without a trace. For 3 months, in the intercom, the principal ranted her shame. As expected, without the best players, we lost every football game. We've revived our spirits since that fatal day, but our reputation may forever lie gray.
Apr 2016 · 457
Photography college
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2016
I remember when we were young going to a college for photography meant buying an expensive polaroid and becoming attached to its every corner. Now it signifies buying a portable Photoshop. I remember it used to mean dedication and work to hide in the dark for hours only for one photo for which you'd never want to let go. Now it's the darkness that you avoid because everything must be bright and vivid to be true. I remember how the goal was to bring to beauty out, not shut the beauty away! Now time has lifted those memories and set them far away.
Apr 2016 · 404
The Criteria
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2016
My friends call me nice,
You call me a ****.
My friends treat me well,
You treat me like dirt.
So tell me again why blood is thicker than water,
And how I must give you full respect because I'm ONLY your daughter.
Educate me on the ways of the ancient wise ancestors,
Who respected so highly each our freedom's brave molesters'.
Keep telling me how youth breaks governmental laws,
And how if you're older- then you're better than your teenage boss.
How the world CAN'T be mine until I'm 25 and I'll ONLY be as good as you were for as long as I'm alive.
Oh please, keep telling me how live is,
And the 'natural way'.
Keep subliminally crying out these words to me,
Trying cheat me of my say.
Because maybe you do have the elder wisdom lodged between your ears,
But BETTER, WISER, MODERN men, know wisdom isn't based by our developmental years.
Comments? Hearts? Suns?
Apr 2016 · 303
Give me to the stars
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2016
My love was lost on a battleship.
The devil up her nose.
She didn't care that she had no hair,
and she always smelled of rose.
I gave my heart in a thousand ways
to the girl with the long half-dress.
The snow white with the palest face,
and so much more pale lips.  
I recall how I first said "I love you" on the rusted monkey bars
but today she said so saddened, "give me to the stars."
She gave a peck
and whisked away.
But I prayed to see her a week from today.
My love was found in a house we once ran,
she wore her hair ground low,
and smile as big as she can.
We both looked out the window at life's passing cars.
I said, "I love you".
She said, "give me to the stars."
Her eyes so slow grew colder, older, more decrepit with each day.
I tried to act happy, but I just wanted to look away.
She wasn't the same as I once knew!
Her expressions never changed,
She was so white lined with blue.
It wasn't what my mind arranged.
I could feel the bleeding of her sewn shut scars.
I said, "I love you so much"
She said, "give me to the stars"
She was an orb of light before she whisked away.
The stars could not compare to her blinding day.
But I prayed her back from her holy grave,
She became a ghost.
She became a slave.
I cried and found my solace at last,
After holes in the wall and broken glass.
I'll told her, "I love you, near or far."
She told me, "I will be your star."
Comments or likes are greatly appreciated
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2016
They brought her down like a straw house.
Secluded her like a trapped mouse.
They gave her fear and she learned what lonesome was,
They taught her to hate and never again would she trust.
From a simple "hello" to a complex "goodbye",
She was alarmed and aware, and no one knew why.
Because words-
They stained her mind,
Imprinted upon her heart.
Lit a flame in her eyes that drew in dark.
burnt to her young tongue but not to theirs,
came with eyes like dark room spotlights.
Hard... cold stares.
So there the monster sat in fright-
a moment of despair,
but long came one sweet somber friend-
the trusting, loyal pup who'd always care.
Daylight 4U2C Mar 2016
When the sky falls down and they all must crawl,
            I don't wanna run anymore.
When we've lost it all and the clock will fall,  
         I don't wanna run anymore.
When the stories long and our hearts weak,
Our words are gone and we got numb feet,
The things we knew are all simply sand
The hourglass.
I don't want to run.
I want to stay and fight.
Fight for friends,
And with strength from above I will reign and my waves will crash...
When you hear the ethos call,
"When the sky falls down and they all must crawl,
            I don't wanna run anymore.
When we've lost it all and the clock will fall,  
         I don't wanna run anymore."
No, I just want to fight. I'll be here every night. With the waking of a deer in the light. Perhaps fear is in my blood, but I will not give up. Because I've heard from the holy light,
"When the sky falls down and they all must crawl,
            You shall not run anymore.
When you've lost it all and the clock will fall,  
         You shall not run anymore."
Oh I shall not run- anymore.
It's a song. ._.)***
Mar 2016 · 216
Daylight 4U2C Mar 2016
The air

Like a soul has gone right through you


it's arms reach out for you offering to share the freedom

but you are too happy to go

The sun

like a hug

a kiss

a speck

burning into you cheek

but oh the warmth

The land

no longer like chains


a world so large is all around you

you could go...


You could see anything.

You set sail for something great.
Don't worry about their ****.
Don't stop to focus on the hate.

You open your eyes in a new skin,
the dull colors

don't keep them

You had a hope
so either bring it back
or dream something new

What ever you do

let go.

Not of a ledge
and not of your soul

Hold onto the things that ACTUALLY make you whole

Let go of the holes

the darkness

you don't need it.

The pain

say goodbye.

The worry

stop feeding it.

Let out one last big cry,
then pat yourself on the back because you guys have had a good run.

But it's alright to let go,

because you've decided that your smile won.
Daylight 4U2C Mar 2016
I saw light turn to darkness in the blink of an eye,
and taking a decade, I saw darkness turn to light.
I asked people, thinking they'd question themselves, "Why"
but they all respond, "That's just life until you die."*

The times have changed, and so have we,
when is the last progressive speech that changed the way we all see?
The ways are different, our hearts are done,
so many obstacles suddenly running just isn't fun.
So I'll take my time,
and stare at reality,
a ghostly friend
in an ocean of solitude,
thought provoking problems,
not breathless, but I cannot breathe words to what I see.
Wreck the facade we all need,
break down the smiles but don't make them bleed.
Take the pain off and leave it there,
and if their alone
even if it's hard work
be there.
Nothing happens in a day,
or another,
or a month,
but if you start a chain it will one day come back.
Keep the right turn,
and don't turn your back.
A message for the mass,
because I keep my word.
I don't turn my back on people,
because I know what it like to be unheard.
Please comment if you liked it, or just share it. It really is a message to everyone, because even if it's small I WILL make a change for the better.
Mar 2016 · 310
Puppy Eyes
Daylight 4U2C Mar 2016
Found by the playground
eyes circled and grey.

She wanted love,
she didn't want to play.

And it was a first time for me
feeling this sweetness wrapped in my arms.

Meek, flexible, honest, optimistic,
and so hopeful for the day to come.

This warmth I feel right now-
is it mine or hers?

Is it to keep or in the moment?

Because at this very milestone she feels so miracle.

The spontaneity that she would just-

Not at 'any' moment-

when I was in a hole of desperation-

pessimism enough to give away it all.

She lit up with every step I made and I made each step on a noose.

I felt a NEED to be with her.

"I NEED to be with her."

But life has roads

and roads have bridges,

which lead to oceans and marine's ridges.

Oceans find boats,

lost at sea.

That's my mistake, you never see.

It's why I like you.

Why I care.

Without that quality would I still care?
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
The one who survives by making the lives
Of others worthwhile
She's coming apart
Right before my eyes
The one who depends on the services she renders
To those who come knocking
She's seeing too clearly what she can't be
What understanding defies

She says I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

She turns up the light
Anticipating night falling tenderly around her
Watches the dusk
The words won't come
She carries the act so convincingly
The fact is sometimes she believes it
She can be happy with the way things are
Be happy with the things she's done

And yet I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

Reach out, hold back
Where is safety
Reach out and hold back
Where is the one who can change me
Where is the one
The one

Reach out, hold back
Where is safety
Reach out and hold back
Where is the one who can save me
Where is the one
The one

I need not to need
Or else a love with intuition
Someone who reaches out to my weakness
And won't let go
I need not to need
I've always been the tower
But now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow

I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in the snow
The danger and the power
Friend and the foe
comments? Likes? She's a very good artist.
Feb 2016 · 297
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
I'm tired of the hard life
One road to misery
The bridge that breaks
In London
The scars of our expressions
That still bleed
I'm tired of the lemons
I'm tired of lemonade.
There's not enough sugar
Or water
And I sit at this stand
There are limits to be made.
But how-?
I'm tired of the ultimatums
" way or the highway..."
I'm tired of feeling like a human,
In a steel,
See-through bubble
At the bottom of the ocean
Freaking out
I'm tired of the notion
That things get better
The more you shout
I'm tired of win or lose
I'm tired of die or live
I'm tired of morals
And human way
I'm tired of take
Being the same as give
I'd love to run away
But how-?
To die,
But no
I'd love to walk away
And just go
So simple
It's quick
I'd be gone
Beyond our fantasy
My soul would be neither here
Nor would lie there
My soul would simply be
I'd frolick about without underwear
I'd dance without chains and I wouldn't care
I'd frolick
Here and...
But where-?
Feb 2016 · 481
If I Die Young
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
Play my Spotify playlist at my funeral. Don't cover me up with flowers and things prettier than death. Let me soak in the sun no matter my souls depth. Tell every boy I've loved, I loved them. Give all my possessions to the poor. Feed my leftovers to the hungry...I won't need them anymore. Love my friends like family and treat my family like best friends. They won't push you away, but they won't let kind folk in. Resound my voice on the day I die, saying  ,"It will be okay." Even if I'm not there, I know you'll find a way.
  This isn't a letter for suicide. Don't worry, I'm not saying goodbye. I'm just saying what I'd like you to understand about me before I the day I die.
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
I bit into your personality,
but you were the bitter kind.
A Sun by day,
A close Moon by night.
Watching over my shoulder,
like a cat on prowl for a fight.
I did not mind the Stars intrusion into our simple affairs,
but when you make a movie with me,
I do not need their stares.
I have not the time-
nor the most sympathetic of cares.
Truth be told your white not gold.
You reflect your inner roach.
I haven't got a dime of love,
for a lover who needs a loving-coach.
So "****" be the word of the day,
as Count Dracula may say,
Your major brain's deep illness must soon cease,
and then I hope we find sweet peace
Feb 2016 · 246
Two Tails and a Worry Away
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
By earth and by sky,
by lands and by sea,
I've been caught in a web by my enemy.
Close to the edge and yet setting free,
I've been caught in the web of my enemy.
Mere cats in my way,
chewing the day,
I sway my tail,
a lost in the may.
Careful I watch,
for the worry I've learned
the fear that I know,
of a third-degree burn.
Feb 2016 · 233
4 never
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
Father's hands were always warm,
Father's love was always kind,
Father's name was never father.
Yet he spelled it for the crowd.
Father had no daughters,
but I played his Mother proud.
Food was steaming from its ***,
served to him each day.
And surely times we often fought,
but we always found a better way.
When we met his world was grey,
and now he asks me why I stay.
I always ask if he's okay,
but never does Father want to play.
Father always hides away.
In the house he sits on the couch,
with a good book in his hand.
I say, "Won't you smile at Mother?"
He says, "I don't think I can."
His 32 wisdom teeth,
cause me to misunderstand.
I sail to be his atmosphere,
never hitting land.

But Father is a genuine diamond,
a shine among the dust.
He may be a rough,
but with dedication he'll earn trust.
I'll never be the wife of Father.
I'll never know his love,
but he can be with others
...its hard...
but helping him is enough.
Feb 2016 · 318
Take It As You Will
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2016
To be within but never without.
      Drifting by like drift wood shore to shore.
Knocking and ringing with scythe in hand,
      Cawing messengers, "Nevermore."
Shall specks of light shine in the night,
      be waved into the dark.
Beckoning for filling within,
         beckoning for angels to hark.
And hark they will for each hole they fill,
          but what man is an island, is still.
To be an art craved in the sky,
             no longer asking, but why can't I.
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