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Kelly May 10
My first taste
              from a different place

                           came from a poison drip

cursed lips
                           and weapons cinched in hips

                  Sexualizing romance for others’ leering pleasure

       now, blanketed security

   I feel no inferiority
                   and pleasure is free

for romance is no longer sexualized but prized, and *** is now romanticized

                   and I can feel everything.
  May 10 Kelly
Giorgia Travaglione
when two people are meant to be
we call that chemistry

and a single kiss
will leave them breathlessly

but some times in a laboratory
there is another story

so when two people are meant to be
they can also be like poison
there might be an explosion

so be careful when a kiss is breathtaking
your heart might still be aching.

- gio, 01.05.2020
Kelly Mar 27
I miss New York

             And Think.

And other things

           that taste of coffee
read: you
Kelly Mar 24
A comforting sigh in a sickening night

                             the ink of your arms on the satin of my sides
Kelly Mar 24
where to begin?
                                                     not this **** again
            the constant deliberation
                                                    ­                 your harsh beration

is that even a word?

I wouldn't know, you're not here to correct me

But I'll still prostrate myself before you
Never imply, never implore you
to swallow the pride I so eminently taste
on the tip on your tongue in the flames of your space

for I articulated immensely and pure,
I've no pride left -- I've already tried to say

                                   that I Miss You

In the olive branch of thought, or concern, or encouragement

The snicker on your lips at the edge of the cord
Has snapped in my face, in a favored exchange
You say I don't owe you
But maybe I do?
I couldn't tell you why

                                                       I'll still say I Miss You

Chuckle in my face
                                            say I'm looking too hard
when half passed a year, and I saw that you star-        -ted
to write in the place I hold dear to my heart
You played where you meant and you knew these parts

I would puzzle together would puzzle my head
to ensure that your seed had been planted and fed

And I hate the feeling you put in this trough
                             I'll lap at the puddle, still claim that is

All Love.

                        You forget that I know you
From that you can't hide
                         You forget that I know the shake in your voice
When you lie

                                                         Despite your uncanny ability still,
This hostility doesn't suit you
                                         Not that I think that I will
change that as of late.

I just wish you could swallow that burdened mind
The one with the Pride?
The one you never tried

                                                     to combat or control
because control is a need

I see that , I know that ,              so control what you please

But no more, not me
It's me.
It is me.

Can you not at all, remember it's me?

Not a burden
A binding
An obligation "back home"

No pressure
No lectures
Just a box of our notes.

The snipping aversion proceeding the kind
Doesn't look good on you,

I've reached and I've tried.

So I'll favor this favor, because my heart's cured --

         I'll tell you I Miss You
                                                          once more.

                                 this time try to
Be honest with me.
March 2020
Kelly Mar 16
Do my words
                               my existence
                   my breath
                                                          ­    my hardship

the thud of my feet upon the flesh of the earth

                                      my thoughts of us
                                                              ­                   or lack thereof..

Carry explosives
                                 unruly power
                         ­                               demolition
                       ­      daggers

into the satin, slick clamshell center of your chest

The way yours do

                                       To me?
Kelly Feb 7
A sharp pang
A silent ring
Drifting from the corners of my most precious

Darting through my body in a lingering scent
That turned my heart to lead
And yanked it to the pitfalls
The brick wall of

And the peripheral edges I kept
Side eyes and swept
To try to reconjure the pain
Instead of your name
A free radical in my brain
Slamming my skull in remorse and disdain

“******* retrospective idealism”

I took to my fate
Satisfied the craving
In simplicity
Unbeknownst to me

And instead of refuge
I Found beaded lights in complex plight
Forced to see the stream of me
Where I usually go to break free
From you and me, an unrealistic dream

And now my solace is littered with us
I spent too long on those words
That were gathering dust
Under lock and key in my healing cortex
Cerebral disfunction in seven letter text

Over and over and over I read

Instead of release the destruction increased and I began to bleed, barriers broke with ease
A flood of contrition, prohibited paths
Thinking in numbers, extirpate my crass

Denial that I cared that you clipped your nails
No talons to scratch me, pleasure to veil
Wait til I’m gone to ease that small pain
Convert to embitterment
To not admit that I miss your name

In similar, small, ignite on my screen
I never wanted mean
And never wanted to leave

And I sat in silence
Re read and re fed
Vitality with your words

And Pretended you still meant

Pt 1
Can it get worse?
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