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Kelly Jan 1
I want to write
The idea of typing is so hideously ingenuine
I want to reach deep inside of me
Find the things that bite
And take them in my arms
Hold them hard
And tell them that they’re right
Kelly Dec 2023
I wish I’d never done it
Looked for something to look for
Pulled up the floorboards and found my heart
Still bleeding
Still beating*
One and the same, a treacherous game
Of just how far I can push into that part

A toothy grin, the smell of skin
Just beyond my fingertips
I reminisce
I hurt
I heal
I hurt
I heal
I hurt again
It never ends
Kelly Dec 2023
I’ve been clearing the weeds

But ****, you put out such a pretty flower
let it go
Kelly Nov 2023
there's a few ways it manifests
just in every way
                                    some small tinge of preference
      erupts into a spiraling sink drain

dragging me into the dirt
                                                        of my own self worth

broken down by my fascinations until
                                       a new picture emerges

a different perspective
                                                           maybe this time better?

                            almost always worse

because I'll never deserve it
Kelly Oct 2023
If there was nothing
Would you have left?
If there was nothing,
Could you say it with your chest?
As if the matter between us
Split the sky
Your hips
And my thighs
A tigh -tening
And the curve of your lips
I never noticed
Don’t retreat
Because you’re scared
To meet me
In my room
Under my skin
Beneath the clothes
Hell bent
Give in
Give in
Give in
I never intended all this madness
Kelly Jul 2023
if you don't think about me,

how'd you do it?
Kelly Jun 2023
if jesus died for a passion
why can't i?
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