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Kelly 2d
I'm sorry I didn't
Come through again
I'm sorry under my breath
faced away from you

Curt and swift reply
A jaded kiss
wondering why I have to be like this
Kelly 5d
Silent screams from the rooftop
as the night ended in a bit of an anti
Rounded out by your hurry

but never discoura-ging

I watched each defined crystal line bring forth from the depths of the lead in our chests
a divine struggle

of life and highs

Cliche though it may sound
the round
-ness of your face
with your hair at my chin brought me exactly what I was looking for

By giving me nothing that I was looking for

Ink stands forever in skin
And I still think you deserve that

Your words will spring forth from my lips
And I still think you deserve that

But the ethereal place that I cinch at my waist will leave empty a canister once filled by your name

Though you did not leave of shame.

Just like the encounters of those in my art
your shaded brown eyes brought the start
Of me

Spurred by the Heart
of you

And in that, we will share, although you were somebody that I never knew

And I, somebody you will never think of

A saunter in the dark, strange conversational

Silent screams from the rooftops
and the fire

for me.
Kelly Jun 7
I love hearing people make promises

  fantasizing about the way they're going to

break them
you ruined me for a moment, there.
Kelly Jun 3
Every time I look down
The ink on my chest burns red
The taste of the shades of pink in your lips
Grabbing my hips
In selfless descendance

I can almost feel it
Your fingertips
In soulful bliss
I beg for it
is it you?
Kelly Jun 2
we were, we are
a hurricane
a wayward train
torrential rain
scattered, scorched, and singed terrain
but we are NOT debris,

we're beautiful, and effervescent
caliginous, bold
eclipsed fluorescence
tapered in incessant lessons
and garnished in moments of

n­o longer in hiding.
march 2018
Kelly May 31
I’m tired of people meeting me

And falling in love with somebody

Who doesn’t exist
I’m not here yet
Kelly May 31
I’m an acquired taste
Like coffee or IPAs
A little bit bitter
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