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Dahlia Jul 19
Today a year ago
I was a different person
nothing but dread for the future
fear of the past
fright for the days to come

But times change
and people, too

Some things come
blessings in disguise
masked by the shadow
holding light down inside

With love guiding the way,
a passionate embrace,
I can truly say

We'll make it out alive.
Jun 16 · 100
Dahlia Jun 16
Leave an impact wherever you go,
Because the more you do,
The more you’ll grow
Jun 5 · 27
Power and Freedom
Dahlia Jun 5
When I write, I feel free
Because there's power in my words
And freedom in my voice

When I write, I feel free
Because my thoughts make a difference
To me and those who view it

When I write, I feel free
Because there's a moment of escape
Each time I touch the keys

So I thank this moment for its power
As my mind releases thoughts
And my heart embraces freedom
May 7 · 137
Sweet Escape
Dahlia May 7
Take me to a world
Where agonies retreat
Where flower petals dance
Around little children's feet

Take me to a world
Where sorrow is forgotten
Where the sun never sets
And clouds glide like cotton

Take me to a world
Where happiness is true
Where everyone is kind
To strangers passing through

Take me to a world
Where stresses are evaded
Where everything is clear
And eyesight's never jaded

Take me to a world
A hidden sweet escape
A place where I can run and hide
A place to save my youth
May 5 · 29
Dahlia May 5
Artists and designers,
Schemers and conspirators.
The deeper the meaning,
the harder to cope.
With every brush stroke,
a new sliver of hope.
Like poets and authors,
each page is their canvas,
a place to create
a moment of magic.
Wrote from the heart,
this beautiful art,
evoking feelings
for all who are able
to marvel it.
May 5 · 72
Dahlia May 5
Burial grounds stand
Where guarded walls once stood

The shots blazed through,
Shattering impermeable pieces

Now I’m laying here,
Apr 11 · 218
Hid away
Dahlia Apr 11
I wake up and my face is red
From tears the night before
I do my makeup all nice
I put my best clothes on
And wear a smile on my lips
But don’t get too close
Because if you look in my eyes

You’ll see all that I hid away.
Apr 3 · 36
April 2nd
Dahlia Apr 3
I sat in class today,
a longing look in my eye
as I watched the clock
tick as the minutes went by.

It was a monotonous morning
with the teacher's long lecture,
so I proceeded to turn
my attention elsewhere.

I looked out the window
and to my surprise,
a flurry of snowflakes
fell from the sky.

Who would have thought
that April Fools Day would be followed
by a day full of snow, so bright and so careful?
Mar 26 · 63
Dahlia Mar 26
Quit your worries about
what you cannot change,

Just focus on the now.
Mar 12 · 54
Dahlia Mar 12
It's both beautiful and terrifying,
the unseen effects a collection of words
can have on a person.

And you may never know your impact.
Mar 11 · 49
Dahlia Mar 11
How can you look a person in the face,
call them terrible names,
insult them, embarrass them, harass them,
because of the color of their skin?

How can you look a person in the face,
trip them and laugh at them,
isolate, ridicule, and humiliate them,
because their religion differs from yours?

How can you call yourself a follower of God
when you do so much wrong,
when you spread so much hate,
when you mock and judge and discriminate,
because their are others a little different than you?
I've spent a lot of time attempting to become more religious, but time and time again it seems that many people who claim that they are the most devoted to God are the people who can be the cruelest. Not everyone, of course, but many that I have seen, and it makes believing in the best of it pretty difficult.
Feb 28 · 59
Self truth
Dahlia Feb 28
If I cannot convince myself
that I am all right,

How could I possibly
convince anyone else?
Feb 27 · 234
My beacon
Dahlia Feb 27
From the inside view
of the raging waters,
everything spun, twisted,
overwhelmed in a flurry.

I took a deep breath,
opened my eyes;
and to my surprise,
you were there to guide me.

You're a beautiful beacon in my sullen storms.
To my best friend,
thank you for showing me the way
Feb 17 · 64
Dahlia Feb 17
The worst feeling
in the entire
world is
It’s suffocating, my chest hurts,
I can hardly breathe
Feb 15 · 261
Is it just me?
Dahlia Feb 15
I isolate myself
Then cry tears of loneliness
As if it weren’t my own fault
Feb 9 · 289
Dahlia Feb 9
Sunlight brightens
tips of trees,
melting into
purple and blue
What a beautiful
Feb 8 · 137
Dahlia Feb 8
I'm addicted to writing,
the freedom's my drug.
I get high off the words
and float on the escape.

The minutes spent thinking,
tension releasing
The minutes spent writing,
feelings free flowing.
Feb 5 · 106
Dahlia Feb 5
We pay no mind to the things we have
We constantly desire more and more
We're inconsiderate, us humans

We want and take
and grab and steal

But we forget to cherish and appreciate,
To settle for just enough
Our greed is all-consuming.
Feb 4 · 43
Super Bowl Sunday
Dahlia Feb 4
My family is here and surrounding the screen
chanting excitedly with passion so real
enthusiasm exudes my loved ones
with each play that's made
it's a wonderful thing
how together we
have become
Feb 1 · 322
Dahlia Feb 1
Being sad for this long,
I’m exhausted.
Feb 1 · 50
Your little secret
Dahlia Feb 1
Don't tell a soul,
You say when you're through.
Don't tell a soul that I did this to you.
I nod my head silently,
Face covered in tears.
I have to comply,
You're the worst of my fears.

I’m choking on sobs,
My hurt is overflowing.
But you’re sitting there smug,
Amused and glowing.

You walked away that day with little to say,
Not caring about the way I felt,
Not caring about me; without a doubt.
You left me and my ravished skin,
You left me, your most heinous sin.

Though you've moved on and gone your way,
I'll never forget that horrible day.
It’s been almost 9 months since it happened and I still feel it, still remember it, clear as day. Some days are worse than others. Last night was a bad one.
Jan 30 · 113
Dahlia Jan 30
After the pain is less noticeable,
after the teardrop count lessens,
after the hurt becomes a dull ring
instead of a blaring siren,
you're left in a dreary state,
a frame of mind where
you're not bothered
by the same sadness
you're just wandering,
solemn, emotionless, and
Jan 30 · 67
Relationship advice
Dahlia Jan 30
A friend once asked me how to act
around the girl he likes.
I told him, be yourself.
Wouldn’t you rather her
fall for you
instead of the person
you’re pretending to be?
Jan 29 · 59
Played (haiku)
Dahlia Jan 29
I’m like a game
I’ll return to the shelf
for I have been played
Accessories sold separately. Handle with care :,)
Jan 29 · 380
Poetry Effects
Dahlia Jan 29
Poems pull at my heart strings
creating emotions, so loud
through the silent screen

I want to write,
to create a stir
to make people feel
and bask and absorb
in each little word

I can only hope and try
and perhaps I’ll do it right
Jan 26 · 331
Never too late
Dahlia Jan 26
It’s never too late to decide
that you want to change your mind
This applies to anything: career, college, significant other, even during ***. Never give someone grief for changing their mind.
Surround yourself with people who support you and respect your decisions, not who try to bring you down or force you to do something. Too often we are ostracized for being indecisive or unsure of ourselves, but we need to be more accepting and welcoming.
Jan 25 · 58
I’m here
Dahlia Jan 25
Tell me all your troubles,
Tell me all your fear.

I promise that I’ll listen,
I promise I’ll stay here.
Jan 24 · 195
Blame Game
Dahlia Jan 24
I have a bad habit
of thinking
things are always
my fault
Jan 24 · 303
The Midnight Orchestra
Dahlia Jan 24
The stars sing
The deer dance
The trees tremble

The wind whines
The moon murmurs
The wolves whimper

And the curtains close
as you open your eyes
and behold the dreamy dawn.
Jan 23 · 240
Temporarily Endless
Dahlia Jan 23
Don't promise me forever
If you can't stay the night
Jan 22 · 2.2k
diamonds in the rough
Dahlia Jan 22
It’s rare to find
people who

Dahlia Jan 18
The future is in a plastic bag,
easy to see and possible to reach.
The contents are all muddled inside,
one big blur of possibilities.

I could stick my hand in and feel around,
blindly grasping shapes and outcomes.
Or I could wait it out, see them spill out,
and have it all revealed at once.

But when I look inside, the only truth
is that I can hope and wait.
Jan 18 · 103
Dahlia Jan 18
rise in the sun,
flourish and grow.
spread the delicacy,
open up to the world.
let the light shine
and beginnings begin,
because flowers seize opportunity.
Jan 15 · 193
At the beach
Dahlia Jan 15
At the beach, the air is clear.
At the beach, can I stay here?

At the beach, toes in the sand.
At the beach, skin is tanned.
At the beach, life is grand.
I could go for a trip to the beach right about now.
Jan 14 · 92
Cons of youth
Dahlia Jan 14
People say that
because I'm young
I haven't felt
I haven't experienced
I haven't learned
I couldn't possibly know
pain and anguish
but there's a chance
I've gone through more
than they ever will
and in that case
they shouldn't tell me
what they think
I should and shouldn't
Jan 13 · 242
bettering myself
Dahlia Jan 13
by fear, by passion, by pain

by memories, by reminders, by faces

and yet

for joy, for care, for love

for growth, for improvement, for change
Jan 13 · 104
take me to the moon
Dahlia Jan 13
the moon mewls in melancholy
as the sun snatches his soft shine

each day he's chased away
but the night returns to grant his passage

i'll sail up in my soaring ship
and befriend the lonely lost one

because we all know a searching soul
and they must be protected.
Jan 12 · 163
Dahlia Jan 12
We’re not afraid to

We’re afraid to
Dahlia Jan 11
people get on
     and people get off.

young and old,
     fraile and bold.

i often wonder
     will my time come?

but a torn ticket
seems to say

     i'll be here
           another day.
Jan 9 · 377
Suicide, and Why Not
Dahlia Jan 9
Through your eyes, the world is gray
Not much to smile upon, a blurry disarray
You approach the day with an endless frown,
Your only wish is that you weren't around.
You curse the heavens and blame the stars,
Because there's a torment inside you, you hate who you are.
You hate the cold glares as you walk through the halls,
You're desperate to hide so you stick to the walls.

But there's a single escape, an easy remedy
A way to reach serenity.

It's a thought bubbling in your mind,
A simple solution, redefined.
It'll end all your troubles and end all your pains,
Releasing the throb from yesterday.

As you pick up the bottle and hear the pills rattle inside,
You take a deep breath and realize you're terrified.
You're overcome with emotion as you imagine a friend,
How would they feel if your life were to end?
You have family and friends and teachers and peers
A future ahead, where everything clears.

It may take some time, perhaps even years,
But you know in the end you'll get rid of your fears.

You imagine a dog, a pup you adore
Laying beside you with a little snore.
You envision the beach, your toes in the sand
A lover beside you, holding your hand.
You picture a snow day, you're inside with the heat
A mug in your hand, hot chocolate so sweet.
You see young children laughing, a grandmother grinning
A colorful playground, and that’s just the beginning.

These are all little things, moments so small,
But you realize you'd be heartbroken to miss out on them all.
Though the present is tough, it’s not tougher than you,
There's so much to live for, and that much is true.
Suicide prevention hotline-
Dec 2018 · 253
one of those nights
Dahlia Dec 2018
a long dreary day
and a cold lonely night

sad music flowing
and salty tears falling

pen on the paper
and words coming out

closing my eyes
sleep’s overcoming
Dec 2018 · 93
fairytale romance
Dahlia Dec 2018
I’ve read too much romance,
each page is my poison
filling me with hopes and expectations so grand
but deep down I know how unlikely it is
because a fairytale romance is exactly that
just a story someone made to fill their desire
how could the author be such a beautiful liar
Dec 2018 · 159
no one will know
Dahlia Dec 2018
they see my face and see my smile
but they don't want to listen and stay for a while.
I keep my emotions private,
hide my deepest thoughts
leaving everyone seeing tiny snapshots.
a view through a haze,
an unnerving gaze,
no one will know my point of view.
no one will know what's really true.
Dec 2018 · 200
Dahlia Dec 2018
I wanted to be loved,
but I'm scared to commit

Because what if it ends?
It won't be worth it
Dec 2018 · 342
I think in poetry
Dahlia Dec 2018
I think in poetry,
my thoughts convey rhyme.

I imagine in pictures,
just passing time.

My dreams carry meaning,
a slightly dull chime.

All these things in my head;
I'd be better off dead.
Dec 2018 · 240
Dahlia Dec 2018
I miss your skin
but I’m terrified of your touch

I miss your love
but I won’t forget your anger

I miss your voice
but I can’t stand your screams
Dec 2018 · 265
flower heart
Dahlia Dec 2018
delicate flowers
like a fragile heart
easy to tear
soft to the touch

blossoming under the warm
the rays of tender care

but quick to wilt and crumple

under a stormy sky,
the flower hides
afraid of the tears,
the rain

but all that it needs
is the thing many perceive

is it really love?
May 2018 · 92
Whispers and Promises
Dahlia May 2018
Lost and forgotten are the whispers and the promises
The start was floating, drifting around
Surrounded by a sea of mystery, of pain, of sadness
In the present I’m stranded
Standing on an island of betrayal
The waves are the disappointment lapping at my toes and flooding my senses
Nowhere to be free, nowhere to escape

Feelings are like chains bound to the ground
The ground the expectations, the plans, and the broken dreams
The chains the haunting memories, the nightmares, and the many missing hopes

Everyday it’s harder to breathe,
harder to rise,
harder to strive for the old carefree self that I once knew
Suffocated by his face, his words, his strong hold on everything I thought to be mine

Consumed by a feeling so many desire
A feeling that rips and tears and mercilessly destroys

There’s no control when there’s pain inside you
There’s no control when the images slip by you
There’s no control when the warnings breeze past you

How can one thing, one moment in time
Break you, shake you, leave you stumbling around the broken world
Everything’s different;
nothing’s the same
When your heart is torn and ripped away

Piece by piece—
Nothing more than whispers and promises

— The End —