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Cynthia Danso May 2016
like glass falling to the pavement
like the expensive china buried in the dumpster  
an exquisite poceline doll at the mercy of a toddler
too young to apprehend it's true value
fingers soft and buttery it easily slips through
crashing instantaneously, bringing the whole world to a standstill
Sending across chilling thrills
Cynthia Danso May 2016
We are but bits and pieces
torn and ripped from the same fabric
incomplete, utter emptiness
Our threads hanging loose
one wrong turn, one wrong move
and we come apart into nothingness
We are but bits and pieces
One day we'll find each other
and be woven back together
Into something more magical
than we ever could be apart
We are but bits and pieces
you and i, me and you
i know it's real
i know it's true
Cynthia Danso Oct 2015
The Earth revolves around the sun
Slowly completing her annual run
It is the centre of our galaxy
The primary source of energy
For our carbon-based humanity
The source of light without which we can not see
This is only a model, a representation
of something much  more heavenly

The earth revolves around the sun
This is merely just a pun
Not the gaseous, fiery, sphere
that sends its electromagnetic waves speeding through our hemispere
The ball of hot boiling plasma
The yellow dwarf star and blazing super nova
But the Son only begotten of the Father
The Nazarite, the Lion of Judah

Through him everything was created
He existed way before the world was dated
The image of the Father, a perfect replicate
Born of the ****** teen
With whom the Lord was well pleased
The fulfillment of the prophesies
An enemy of the Pharisees
He who walks on water and calms the stormy seas
His Majesty The crowned Prince of peace

The son who stumbled and fell
While carrying the cross
bravely bearing weight of the world
Struggling with every breath
Weakening with every step,
moving closer to his evitable death
The son denied, rejected, despised
pierced, bled and died
For your sake and mine
The son who rose, ascended and is seated on high
surrounded by the angles and dominions up in the sky

The son who tore down the veils
broke the chain of religious ways
and leads us straight into the throne of grace
The earth revolves around the son
The firstborn of God and Man
the living, breathing form of Manna
who satisfies all our hunger
And transforms us through his holy wonder
The earth revolves around the son
The good shepherd, the lowly lamb
the Son Who was and is to come
Cynthia Danso Jul 2015
The Lord hand picks the unworthy
The outcasts, the needy
The downtroden and filthy
Drowning in despair
Shaking in fear
Staggering in sheer agony
Wondering what just might be
What life really means

His hand is upon the lost
Those still imprisoned by their past
The backslidden and fallen
living in sin and lust
Brewing with contempt and disgust
Crumbling into dust
Wondering if the Lord is just
if they can ever come back

The face of the Lord shines upon
Those who weep and bitterly mourn
The Broken hearted and torn
Who stay up until dawn
Singing the burial song
A chorus of whaling voices
A choir of morbid faces
Wondering what the next phase is

The Lord is gracious
The Lord is kind
The Lord will save us
The lost sheep he will find
His people are declared righteous
Adopted, sealed and sighed
Wonderfully and fearfully designed
Chosen, before the beginning of time
We all chosen

— The End —