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Iqra Ali Jan 2018
how can I tell him
tell him he's been living in my mind since the last time we spoke
I left but I wanted it back as soon as he walked away - the regret didn't overpower my pride and I guess thats how I know my families blood runs through me - we ruin relationships and our egos prevent us from making up sooner

I've learnt you can't walk back into someone's life expecting your space to still be there, and that's what hurts the most.
an excerpt of a story I'll never write
never walk away from something that makes you happy.
Iqra Ali Dec 2017
you could hear my heart singing with laughter everytime you complimented my smile or how my eyes lit up when I was passionate about something
we sat next to eachother so close, if you listened carefully you could hear the echo of my heart beat
we gazed ahead talking about our dreams that always included one another
shame the dreams shattered as we broke one another
the idea of breaking one another and calling it love baffles me

— The End —