Aug 22 · 160
without the moon the sky is an unknown co-ordinate
an xyz thrown between time and space
a telephone without tone
we use to talk to each other
in our free minutes
between our lives and our deaths

without the sun I am an anonymous verse
a genius with a badge and no shadow
a continuous coming and going
between two flickering points
on some old map of the universe
where everyone is
searching for their treasure

without you I have no noise
without noise I cannot sleep
without sleep I cannot dream
and without dreaming
without dreaming this poem does not exist
love <3
the moon
a snake of light coiled up
around a chimney
knows nothing of it
or how my skin could melt
on your fingertips while
you hum my name
I need a drink
so I sit on the edge
lean over the ocean
take a sip of you
your ***** soul
watch you wash your car
your green T-shirt clinging
to my eye lashes
soaking wet
for a thousand years or so
the smell of salt and beauty
makes me hungry
so I jump from the highest cliff
into a drawer full of
love letters
lavender, lips & crickets
I swallow you inch by inch
season after season
you are now
inside me
in the dark danger is a lullaby
and you smile with your sit belt on
falling asleep
in my sleep
while the night
Feb 13 · 224
1/2 & 1/2
half of me
does not understand
the other half
of me
half of you hates
the other half of you
that wants nothing to do
with meandyou
all the little things in me
look for the big things in you
while the big things you do
have no password for
seeing things through
[or the way the wind blows through my curls]

if my half and your half
half asleep half awake
would cut the silence
in half words
under half a sky
if your luck and my fate
half dead half alive
would drink
in half a heart bit
half a cup of hope
would we stand
half a chance
to share [half&half]
a whole happy moment
Jan 27 · 162
t r a n q u i l i t y
countries sleep next to each other
dreaming of gold and soldiers
the way men sleep next to their souls
dreaming of the scent of their women

mountains hold hands
so deers can drink from each other's rivers
while trees grow tall in thick woods
caressing the cheeks of the sky

beauty and truth renew their vows as lovers
so the world and her husband
can lay on a bed of hope
and make babies in peace

words and silence kiss
each other under the gleaming stars
making love with my tears
before my every smile
..when we are in between spaces, in the middle of a tornado, before a wave hits, life creates a space of tranquility. This poem comes from there.
Dec 2017 · 186
s m i l e
smile please
the end of the world will be equally shared.
with everyone

with the loved ones who kiss you daily
in a thought they are not carried anymore
with the bad ones
who fill your heart with stones
used to be thrown in the loved ones
with the indifferent ones
as indifferent as the pavement you step on daily
with the ones who walk with their head up high
dragging their soul through the grass

with the handsome ones
whom you’d love to get close for a second
whom you’d burn for an eternity
the ones you left your shield down for
and the sword you got stabbed with
killed and risen for nothing
with the ones that write your name in the sand
or in stone
the ones with lips of a child
and words of an elderly
with the ones hungry for peace
and afraid of loneliness

with the clever, the ****** and the calm
the powerful and the weak
with teeth or without
happy and unhappy
with the ones who lose to win
gullible, innocent, impossible
with the ones who loved and forgot

smile please
to the ones who tell you that
the end of the world will be equally shared.
with everyone
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Steampunk love poem
words self-calibrate to match my emotion
all my wires seem intact in the gas lamp glow
no one understands the strength of a potion
until they pour it inside you and they watch you blow

but this is different I cannot quite describe it
I move like a muse with the corset undone
I sense how the power of thunder is striking
and the steam in my pipes pushing up pushing down

I sit on the edge of this meaningful feeling
and everything's trembling inside and out
like a vessel afloat I'm breaking your ceiling
and reach for you, master, my creature of doubt.

we are two always but one feels the other
the wires are tangled we're both flesh and steel
your arms hold me tight your fingers go further
my eyes melting metal, your tears almost real

now give me a name and teach me your methods
unscrew all the bolts use your lips show me how
this poem will self-destruct in 5 seconds
you may countdown this stanza or you may run.
Jun 2015 · 943
He was grabbing my hand
dragging me at warp speed through

my hair was getting caught
in the corners
of unknown stars

(there are new planets
with dinosaurs and lava
out there
and no warning signs!)

blood was running
from my cheeks
to his cheeks
our heads up side down
into black holes
or chaos or light

I had no idea
this was a force
and we were obeying it
Falling in love is the most terrifying journey one can take. So, one takes it <3
Jun 2015 · 787
Eve's Apple
Adam, your eyes are darker today
sky before thunder
your smile hidden in clouds of thought
is it my lips? /or perhaps my thighs?/ or my *******
is it the way I play with the other animals
when you lie on the blades
of grass suffering
between a rock and my curious nature

[blink, blink]

Adam, dreams and dreamers
can only meet under the same tree
every day, this is the only thing we own
the only thing we know.



...oldest story in the book. Dedicated to my Adam.
Jun 2015 · 723
3.59 am

a monitor

two parallel lines
like a road going nowhere

a mother sits on
a hospital linoleum

by her side
death kneels
holding a child’s hand
...a poem to all my death encounters while working in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Jun 2015 · 2.6k
you make me
take my toys out of the box
share them with children I don't like
finish a jar of marmite  wipe my mouth and say thank you
smile at horror films
touch snakes with my bare hands and eyes open
put salt in my coffee
speak with my mouth shut
you charge for every kiss a thousand Chinese burns

love is the pile of thorns surrounding a petal
what is love to you?
Jun 2015 · 740
BSc with honours
it's been a long trip since innocence
the distant city of joy
where my tongue believed in candyfloss
my footsteps in lyrics
sugar coated moments wrapped in colorful layers of truth
so many layers of truth

I since took a degree in doubt
they taught me how to earn a living
feeding fear to babies
selling carrots to dinosaurs
how all immortal things
are shiny posters on double-decker buses
running over bridges at night

fantasies are clinging to minds
like fluff to a sticky tape
when church bells ring till death do us part
I sigh, lift my pint and cheer:
another graduating photo.
Jun 2015 · 835
Do you believe in seagulls?
the world is at my feet
people are stones
houses, shops and government buildings
are shells
when I move
they crawl sideways
like *****

I am a quiet Big Bang on a purple blanket
the sun chases me over the sea
and I like it
can you run in those platform shoes?
I'll race you
to the end of the world
poem by the sea front...
May 2015 · 650
Keep calm and carry on
I sit in an ordinary seat
in an ordinary office
with an ordinary will to live
and a cactus
I am surrounded by people with ordinary habits
and clothes
the window is opened at the usual angle
and the volume of the ringer is on default

we look at each other in an ordinary way
(No love/ no anger with a dash of hope)
we have families, lovers and cats in ordinary numbers
(They calmly invade our minds on our tea-break)

we work shoulder to shoulder sweating
with no fear of Evil or ***
we have no ink in the printer, no problems, no money
no elevator

we have similar names, ordinary haircuts and shoes
we have a receptionist who eats carbs
the second floorboard, the one on the right as you come in after you punch the code and give it a good tug
is squicking

I am told that’s new all that crushes a spirit
Feb 2015 · 557
Favete Linguis
cutting through my thoughts
like a knife through still flesh
you stop in the middle of the room
with a chessboard and no corner unturned

I, ivy climbing through
every window of your soul
burst into green shamelessly
and have you surrendered by life

we praise the silence and seek each other’s arms
through centuries
and if there would be thunders instead of words
the room we sleep in would echo:
I like it. What is it?
...words are futile. Love is <3
Jan 2015 · 1.9k
Poem to my Knight
the hailstones were falling like dragons
attacking the windows of the North Tower
it was a New Moon, the beginning of a golden era,
the end of a long shift

his arm stretched, brought the sun from the dungeon
tied one of its rays, gently to my little finger
and nailed it to the sky with a swift move
the clouds collapsed like a pack of cards
(Queen of spades fell to pieces, like it never existed)
and then he held my hand, his sword and shield
leaning peacefully against the rest of my world

once again
I watched my children play ‘it’, my women washing linen
in rivers flowing into oceans I never knew I had
while men sat in a circle quietly sharpening their arrows
straightening their bows for tomorrow’s hunt

is there anything you ask in return milord?
my fingers touched his arm
for the first time in a thousand years
his eyes whispered in love-tongue, his lips kissed my handkerchief
which gently fell to his feet and caressed the earth he stood on

it was late and we had to close the gates until the next morning
when we woke up, drank coffee and lived
happily ever after
diligo est...
Dec 2014 · 769
'post-me' poem
poems with you start like the breeze on wild shores
there's salt in each verse and their words taste
like lips smeared in chocolate
before breakfast

poems without you are houses
ripped off at night by thieves
they are the empty souls untouched
by ***
tombstones forgotten in winter

some poems are poor and some
are rich
some open the door some close it
some are bonnie & clyde
some jane & john doe
and some don't even rhyme

my poems come my poems go
rhymes laugh out loud or grieve
but from this poem on you'll know
why you should never ever leave

*(I wonder if I should post this)
* this is an experiment between real feelings/ a poet/ a muse and their story...
Jun 2014 · 529
Motto: "There's a little girl's voice that sings lullabies in my guest room closet but don't mind her; she died years ago. Here's your blanket"*

the night squeezes moon juice into my dreams
and I lemon my way through thick syrupy words
going round and round above, in my head
like a dotto train
ding ding ding!!
(Luna-land here, everyone off!!)

fantasies of the weak
begging like potato chips in a bag to be crunched
at least once
in a commercial with a second hand banner and no pride

trouble was waiting in paradise
like paint in a ***
ready to be splashed over an Aston Martin’s window

how we laughed at this scenario, oh, baby!
how many times
we giggled thinking *** is away on business
and this time He is, He must be
and He must have left in charge
Brahms’ lullaby, her frail mind
and someone’s little finger
Mar 2014 · 1.6k
Thank you for listening
one by one
they are pressing the button for more
I nod and
talk to them with my mouth shut
(my mouth is full of popcorn and wisdom)

I tell them to walk through fire with grace
save your words and
bring me an edelweiss - my eyebrow says
show me how you catch a ray
your bullets are buried in the snow above me
stop shooting blue birds
they’re made of plastic and
no thunder can save you

now and then
my cave is filled with the helium of silence
there you may take me hostage
while you dunk your biscuits in a cup of peace
magnolias grow without asking questions
do you think my big stick is a silly-Billy
or *** is wearing white socks?
...dedicated to my team <3
Jan 2014 · 536
Drapeau blanc
t’was war as we knew it

a thousand fears in a jar

labelled ‘eau de thè’

a cloud blown over our heads by no man's wind

and still turned the world that we knew

and all that you were

your wrist

tossing a thousand pancakes

your lips

blowing a thousand kisses in a row

your nights

holding my silhouette

amongst a thousand faces

I have no more use for this shield

or this sword

whoever gave them to me

can take them back

I hold myself hostage to

a thousand years of peace

mon chouchou

I'll be drinking onion soup

from our mug, every morning

a thousand years from now


until we meet again
to my dear friend, C: rest in peace! x
Nov 2013 · 592
What is it?
what is this tip toe dance I’m doing
around a purple room
without me moving a limb?
this pursing of lips and
imaginary fingers catching their kiss
at the other end

and this song?
I know this song
the sounds climbing my frame
up and down, up and down
from pianissimo to forte to pianissimo
why sing it now, in my dressing gown
smiling in front of a mirror like a dumb man
staring at his feet in a summer puddle

a child is blowing soap bubbles through a straw
in my head
and while my hat is still on
and no one can see a thing
I'm going to corner him
I'm going to catch him
I'm going to grab him by the hand and ask him:

what is this? what is this?
Oct 2013 · 665
and stripped of pride
I watch
beat by beat
my heart crawling towards love’s shore
a puppy in the sand
my fingers running their way
through his hair
(dangerously dark)
unfaithfully deserting
the ego of my hand

my eyes feast upon his
(ravens upon innocent flesh)
layer by layer
the skin of a soul
or two
chimneys may be struck by thunder
roofs blown away by giant winds

I sit still
inhabited by goose bumps
while the computer spells his name
in capitals italics or bold
I slip
and tumble
and fall
into the Dimple of his Chin

every time
untamed by waves, unruled by logic: heart - a master of chaos
Oct 2013 · 495
I do
do you follow rainbows to the end of the road
and pretend they end with a screech of the breaks
or perhaps you miss the train and convince yourself that
you were on the wrong platform or you were there just
waving someone goodbye
do you receive flowers from people you never loved
and your ‘thank you’ is the discorded key of a piano
in the middle of a concert
do you make someone cry and comforting them is a trembling hand
a surgeon never shows the world
do you etcetera your list of to do’s into a painted oblivion
and never ever want to admit
that your blues are not just a shade of angry skies
do you talk too much so you can never hear
the voice of your loneliness
bouncing of the walls of your room
in a ping pong motion
do you read tones of recommended books
to help you catch another day
while tomorrow comes and discards you into yesterday
without a word of apology
do you stumble across true love and wish you broke a leg
rather than a heart

do you think this poem is nothing to do with you
what is wrong with you?
Sep 2013 · 376
you ask me a question
I give you a poem
your question has doubt
my poem has hope
you ask me a question about the poem
and I say there’s no doubt about hope

words flow into silence
silence flows into past
past and present starring into each other
with a pen and a blank sheet of paper
in the hands of a clock
the wind shakes a leaf
it’s almost tomorrow

you ask me another question
and I give you this
it does not end
as it does not begin
is where Infinity meets Forever
and says: how d'you do
in a continuous white noise
with a touch of
it tickles your pores until your skin blooms into goosebumps
like cherry trees in a suspended Japanese garden
it pushes your face to the edge so you can touch the void
with your eyelash
it pulls you back just when you're about to jump
and stares silently into your dilated pupils
it feeds on you like a hungry beast
and you laugh the laughter of the King
and walk the walk of the clown
twist, turn and bleed with joy
clap, crawl and beg for

but you keep it all inside
written to and for inner beauty, even when it does not show its real face...
Mar 2013 · 945
[..I said to Barbara, I said]

word for word I’m writing my book,
making my costumes and playing me
the best I can

I think I am rather good
remembering all those lines that could
have once made a difference
when sunsets felt real,
beyond their damaged magnetic fields
I sang, I danced, I concurred
and when my sword bent from its knees
and I couldn't cry any more
I walked on burning coal through the icy rain
to embrace the forgotten

I keep on writing my book

chapter by chapter
I pierce my ears, die my hair, conjure the dark forces
and anchored by fear I deliver
touching, exhilarating, borderline shocking
live entertainment
half brave, half pushed
sometimes merely there
I remember the lights,
blinding they are, hallowing they are

I keep on wearing my costumes

children rush to me like lambs to their mother-sheep
and their smiles, joy and clapping
are worth a whole sun and one bright half of a Moon
we lick ice-cream together,
get colds together
make sticker-charts together and
sit on the naughty step together
and after dark - and only after dark – we pray to not have to pray again

keep reading
turn the page to the scene
with the guy who locked the rare wounded dove in a cage
and the woman who loved too much, laughed too much, wore too much lipstick
and her depressed chiwawa
and keep playing me
Sunday to Sunday
the best you can
...every man, woman and poet for him/herself.
Feb 2013 · 868
Control Panel.Test 01
Statement 1.The poem bellow is false

there’s no rush in pushing dreams
one into another and watch them disappear into black holes
like shiny ***** on a Saturday night pool table
no need for hope and fear
to marry again and again and again
lovers can only be parents to one eternal daughter: agony

open your eye
the voices in my head are now quiet
muted by the glowing in the dark yoyo of life
forever ends Tuesday and
it doesn’t matter why
or how or who played in it

the Big Engineer wants us to be grateful
for every dove flying above our heads
for every loaf of bread sliced on the kitchen table
for every mouthful of air allowed in this room

‘Breath in and hold’/ (should I do what I’m told?)
I take in you2 and exhale love dioxide.

Statement 2.The poem above is true
..inspired by reality check, written by me, read by you.
Oct 2012 · 2.1k
(fictional tale of real beverages)

he sat at table number 9
she chose 10
their eyes never met
but only through the wall wide gilded mirror across the room
he thought her name was Faith
she guessed his was Luke
he took a sip from his mocha massimo every 41 secs
she guessed he was 41, slowly stirring her white-no-sugar earl grey
she wondered if the ******* page three of his 'Sun' was a blond, a brunette or a red head
he wondered what principle she's at in 'Why men love *******'
they ate lemon and poppy seed muffins with small bites
his lips were firm
hers unable to hold on to the cheery blush lipstick any longer
he thought she was single and had a RSPCA rescued cat called Biscuit
she guessed he was married with three children and a wife called Porscha
she must be driving a Ka
he must be driving a Jag
she waters her plants every Tuesday, goes to pilates classes on Thursday and on Sundays she watches Terms of Endearment in her pink jumper with her friend Chris and a box of tissues
he walks his dog at 7, plays rugby for Long Lane on Saturdays and on Fridays goes for a pint of Guiness with his friend, Joe
he snores/ she sings in the shower
he's a catholic/ she never quite liked Jesus
he hates his wife/ she loves her cookies
they laugh at the old woman shouting at a bus driver in the street and hate gyms, cyclists in Lycra and anything to do with politics
they secretly read Keats, eat onion bagels and tomato soup and listen to Gershwin


they never spoke
they never will
because if they would
Faith would never be able to watch Star Wars again and Luke -
Luke would lose his faith in
love at first sight
Jul 2012 · 702
(..’only dream I ever have is the surface of the sun...every time I shut my eyes is always the same’ - Sunshine)

hey, creatures of earth
I'm off to the sun
I’m packing up light,
no tooth brush, no gun
farewell weeks and years of earthly chores
I'm letting go now
my gravity's yours

the rocket is ready I'm happy to say
a heart and two wings
and a ticket one way

people are waving
their faces look numb
I smile and I show them
that up is my thumb

fear not for my future
full of fire and heat
I'll be hugging the light
while you'll lie or you'll cheat

10 9 8 7
I'm ready to go
6 5 4 3
this countdown's too slow
lift off
my *** what a blast
I'm coming I'm coming
behind me just dust

I'm passing the moon, the mysterious stone
good bye and farewell
hope you're happy alone

adieu, adieu
oh, muses of mine
I'm wishing you well
in my last hour rhyme

don't cry, I am smiling and that's all I can say
I’d be writing you letters and notes on the way
I'd be drawing you charts, as my words melt like butter
but the papers would burn and their ashes would flutter

I’m close, oh, so close
I’m finally there
what do I see?
is what no man would dare


as you stare at the sun
on a beautiful day
on a little blue planet
many light-years away
just smile for no reason
for I could be a ray
..where to? the sun, mon cher!
Jul 2012 · 1.2k
for better for worse
the club of Christian happiness is now open
patients are granted a place in heaven
dead or alive
the pharmacies are closed
doctors ***** their nurses in utility rooms
and paramedics race each other on the motorways
no tires spared
no lives to spare
the morphine of happilyeverafter has cured
all dead men walking


your slippers on
remove your needles the plasters the bandages the tubes
[they’re all in your head]
lift your knee, now the other,
and again
and again
does it hurt?
'[the pain doesn't go away, you just make room for it]'
keep eyes forward
I’m here, by the lifts
I pressed the button
we’re going down, baby,
way down

put your hand up
right up
laugh and show death the finger
(not that one, silly, the middle one!)
what now?
now we walk out through the double doors,
rip off our gowns, our labels, our old selves
we make snow angels in the grass
do the ***** in the pool of love

[quote from The Walking Dead]
when adrenaline hits you fight or
Jun 2012 · 946
Ain't life a poem
the first verse has some sort of divinity in it
followed by blah
induced by education
influenced by footsie
******* by governments
you never get the bike you want
spider-man is a man in a costume
your best mate takes your girlfriend to the prom
you blink
you water the roses
your parents and your wife
hate you
you have been adopted and divorced
without having a say
you loose your keys
the global warming ain't warm enough
to keep the numbness away
feed the meter
feed the children
feed the pigeons in Trafalgar square
you have a common face
and love is a hypothesis
never proven
your keys are missing again
your looks, brains and mojo forever
stuck in a queue for uniqueness
everyone else on Earth is already unique!
laugh like a clicked emoticon
when society flips you:
head - hope
tail - desperation
nada in between
watch out!
the last verse is coming
[look busy]
..from the underground
Jun 2012 · 664
Time after time
come on in
the coffee has been steaming in the union jack cup
for a while

take of your coat
the cookies (can you smell them?) are

sit down
I shall lay my best hand-made napkin
on your knees

open the book
at the page where he never leaves again
and read it
to me
...will he stay?
Jun 2012 · 973
I swear with my hand on the heart
[mine, another’s]
that I know nothing
that I get on the train on my way home
and come off at some Glasgow terminal
that I write on my shopping list b r e a d
and rush through my front door with stolen roses
nowhere is written for how long, until when
but I hear your words climbing my body
like spiders the wonderwall
like ivy the cross
[mine, another’s]
I know nothing
and no book will be able to tell
how a hand is covering your mouth
and the screaming inside yearns for your body
like an unscrupulous *****
like ivy for the cross
[yours, ours]
May 2012 · 733
The 102nd humorous poem
[inspired by Wendy Cope’s anthology: ‘The Funny Side’ - published by faber and faber]

The sun is nowhere
This summer’s delayed
My throat is like sandpaper
Earth is my head
I read Wendy Cope’s masterpiece and I blabber:
“Will I ever be published by faber and faber?”

The news just announced
Now, at BBC
That people live longer surrounded by sea
“*******” I say and switch of the TV
“I’d live longer only if ff published me.”

So I close my eyes gently
And drift off to a dream
There’re thousands of people
Is my name that they scream?
Am I finally up on the poetry ladder?
Ms CGP published by faber and faber?

I awake with a smile
(that lasts a second or so)
My poem’s unfinished
I can hear the wind blow
The aches and the pains
Say “hello” once again
I don’t even get why
I’m a Wendy Cope fan
In fact if she’d be here
I swear that I’d grab her:
“How the **** you got published
By faber and faber?”

I’ll try one more stanza
My pain’s getting worse
My fever is up
And i turn and i toss
I have finished my drugs
But food still tastes like rubber
And I’ll never be published by
faber and faber

Alternative ending:
And I’ve run out of rhymes
For that ‘faber and faber’
..written on a flu-day inspired by Wendy Cope, faber and faber (ff) and co-codamol.
May 2012 · 1.6k
Deer in the headlights
we wonder from room to room carrying words
on dry lips like paper
and the windows keep them inside
so tight that we have to draw on them
with our last breaths
these fingers, once caressing the piano keys
are stuck on the wheel, tight
tighter then a walking rope under the overweight clown
but eyes are not laughing
eyes protrude the dark
like wings of a night bird in search of prey
and never look back
the answers await in front of us
so close that we can smell the fear
of all the questions we ever asked
and when the dawn comes
our hearts behave
like one..
one deer  in the headlights
Apr 2012 · 773
your seconds stretched over me
like the arms of a lover
day and night
I thank you for my gifts
the whispers of his lips
(oh, his lips)
the air built around feathers
in towers and towers of freedom
the blades of grass betraying the wind
the blood gushing in petals of tulips
(oh, his tulips)
the sun kisses crushed by skin
like strawberries by tongue

you leave me no choice
no other choice but promise
on the silence of your lambs
that I’ll be yours,
all yours
until May do us part
Sep 2011 · 888
dusk till dawn till dusk
her face too subdued
(don't you think?)
her hands too small
her ears in the right place
unlike her eyebrows, her nose and her mind
her back? a pack of bones
holding hopes at night
and that!dress
in the morning
she should eat more
no, less
her chin never moves
never moves
she sometimes does this with that
sometimes she doesn’t
sometimes she doesn’t?
she never ever.
could she be closer?
could she be further away? (yes, just there would be fine)
could she crawl?
what? she didn’t, did she?
her eyes don’t blink
her roses dead
her tires low
her zipper undone
her roast dry
her life*

..they are rating
Dec 2010 · 738
So, what is Xmas for you?
..the red cheeks of children,
the scarves and the rush
the patches of snow
lips in strawberry crush
I finish today the tasks of tomorrow
I’ll make a new list of TO DO
and to borrow
more time more time
I need it for something
perhaps to arrange all these cards on a word string
the kitchen in frenzies
the turkey asleep
the spuds and the pies
and the microwave bleep
the tree in the corner the cat and the guests
and the million dollar last minute request
the presents wrapped up
the smiles in their eyes
the mulled wine smells good
(I ‘m having a high!)
the sneezing, the coughing
the ‘I finished I think’
the sore feet and headache
the ‘I need that drink’
my eyes getting heavy
my glass gleaming red
the sounds bypassing
the thoughts in my head
as I sit by the fire
they should now all agree
that mission’s accomplished

...and this is Christmas for me
Nov 2010 · 585
Say 'aaAaAAaaaAa’
on the silence ward
we tip-toe in
dressed like wounds
and fiddle with
where the chin
hits the chest
stretching them
wide into
over milk teeth
until tongues
lay dry
as prunes
© 2010 Corina Papouis
Aug 2010 · 680
Return to innocence

I did not need a mirror to see my blood
deserting its own artery for another
nor did I need my flesh flaking
in the view of the public
at the sound of this name
or that

the quest?

I need it
to give my soldiers their Caligula
someone to follow to their death
with eyes tightly shut
and fingers clenched to their swords
a pair of cracked lips to sip wine with
from rusty pateras
in the early hours of dawn
before the enemy strikes

my hands?

oh, my hands are innocent
the left will caress young Jew hair
the right will carry on
playing Bach
© 2010 Corina Papouis
Mar 2010 · 540
She was here
..and tangled up in ivy
this tomb her humble home
no heartbeat to surrender to
so cold and so alone

a passing cloud of haven
she watches from above
you aching for her beauty
the lips you used to love

these tears of ***** sorrow
are kisses that you long
days pass without tomorrow
and no one to belong

for she is now your memory
her laughter now asleep
lay alongside this marble
and weep for her
just weep
Mar 2010 · 660
Poem for an X
You had enough of me? I often seem to wonder
Sometimes I cry, my face turned to the wall
I know, it’s silly yet I can’t stop but ponder
The little things like: Does he care at all?

I then run to the mirror and turn my lips blood red
I take out the mascara, the blushers and instead
Of trying to forget you...Oh, I am such a fool
I’m rushing to your door-step, breaking another rule.

I count to three, a thousand and sometimes I loose count
I lean, peek through your key hole without making a sound
All I can see is darkness and dust: an empty place
For you must always have been my favourite waste of space
Mar 2010 · 1.2k
Apology of a tsunami
I am a speed-dialled emotion
an ex-employee from ****
my name is [ ]
written in capitals
all over narrow alley walls
where blood traded its lingered beauty
in kind

the wind envies me
for the way I blow into oblivion
the unforgettable truth
and its reason 

disguised in a moment
of adorned power
a flightless bird
is flapping its wings out of instinct

this is the apology of a tsunami
on the peaceful shore of a Sunday morning
my trail is a promise
but I will pass
All poetry under the name Corina Papouis are the sole property of Corina Papouis.
Please seek permission before using any of my writings.
~Corina Papouis~
Mar 2010 · 735
In other words
perhaps is not all that bad
perhaps the way I see it
and the way you see it
are just two poles
of the same Earth
spinning around a dying sun
for its survival in other words
the going backward
and the going forward 
the yesterdays and the tomorrows
are just coordinates
a dot
on ***’s graph
the unpredictable trajectory
of fate
on some wall in Heaven

oh, me too
All poetry under the name Corina Papouis are the sole property of Corina Papouis.
Please seek permission before using any of my writings.
~Corina Papouis~
Feb 2010 · 2.0k
In this household there’s far too much noise!...your mobile, your pager, your palmtop, your laptop, your desktop, your land-line, your radio, your plasma screen, your mp3, your ***** driver, your GPS, your audio-books, your lawn-mower, your toothbrush, your stereo, your play-station, your VCR, your hairdryer, your podcasts, your DVD player, your digital clock, your analogue clock, your juicer, my *******, your drill...
All poetry under the name Corina Papouis are the sole property of Corina Papouis.
Please seek permission before using any of my writings.
~Corina Papouis~

— The End —