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  May 2018 lex
grahame rourke
They said
“You get back what you put out”
I said
“I love you”
lex May 2018
i thought i knew
what it was like to be afraid

that was until
i heard the bone-chilling voice
of someone who hurt me.

i ran faster than ever,
i locked my door,
and i sat there, shaking violently.

this is what he's done to me.
that ******* of a boy.
based on true events.
lex May 2018
the weight on my chest has been lifted.
i may not be fully happy today, or tomorrow,
but i know that at least
i told someone something
before i would face never being happy again.
  May 2018 lex
I'm not crying because of him, I'm crying because I'm not good enough for him.
  May 2018 lex
sitting in a public restroom
on a toilet, with your headphones
Listening as people come and go
Without the strength to get up
lex May 2018
small, low buzz

let myself
go numb for a while
in the warm waters

close my eyes
lose the ability to feel
  Apr 2018 lex
you dont have to be a writer to be a poet

you write poetry with the tears that glaze your eyes at three in the morning
you write poetry with the sound of your laugh and how your lips frame a smile
you write poetry with the eyelashes you bat at your lover
you write poetry with the words you whisper into their skin
you write poetry with the way your chest falls and rises with every breath you take

you dont have to put ink on paper
to be a poet
you just have to live

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