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 Dec 2016 Chaos
Aleksander J Rain
when the language of rain
is in need of

when the parallel lines

when observing the time
by the pizza boxes
a ceiling fan.

when pages of
stories are skipped
to the end unread.

rain touches the lonely,
rain is weaving  
the hearts
with dreams.

rain colors the lonely
arching in color
touching the sky.  

droplets  of water
through your window glass
tapping of comfort
of watering eyes.
 Dec 2016 Chaos
raine cooper
one day the rain didn't come
her suicide note read,
i'm sorry i was nothing more than a life of falling
 Dec 2016 Chaos
Paul Andrews
Broken recognizes broken.
Two broken souls will find each other,
and hang on for life.
If broken recognizes broken
and I am alone,
am I really broken
have I just not found
someone as broken as me yet?
 Dec 2016 Chaos
blood and ink
 Dec 2016 Chaos
when my heart bleeds ink,
and when my pen sheds blood, please
know it's about you.
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