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I fantasise
About you and i

Because that's the only way
I can dream happy
The only way
I wont get hurt
Chuck Kean
On A Feather In The Wind

      As I continue to age, it just
Keeps Getting Harder to pretend
I’m past the point of no return
And life is closer to the end

I’ve Rock & Rolled all nite and partied
Every day and now I must comprehend
Holding on to sixteen as long as I can is
Crazy, now I guess it’s time to transcend

As the cloud of depression covers me
And the Demons begin to descend
I have a Butterfly Angel watching over me
And against them my life she will defend

But even she can’t stop my natural decline
And time will pass with out a way to suspend
And my time will come and no money
Can ever buy any time to extend

But baby If I should go before you
You’ll still feel my love deep within
Every day you’ll still receive my love
I will send it On A Feather In The Wind

Written By:Charles Kean
"Did letting you go hurt?"

I said l had to **** every part of me
that loved you

Bury all memories, laughter and hope
Just not to remember

Regardless everyday I'm fighting your ghost
If l dare  open my heart to feel again
Either running or crawling
It will find its way back to you

So letting him go, took every part of me too
And yes I'm ok
I realize that we are different.
I am for world peace,
you pretend to care..
Behind your eyes
there’s only evil out there.

But I have met and experienced
people all over the earth.
They are all just like we are.
They  have the same hungers
and thirst.
We all want love and prosperity.
Knowing this brings me clarity.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Poetry is word-music
Word, word music.
Is soul, spirit, magical mystery
Quintessential essence
Of love and beauty.

Iambic and other rhythms and rhymes
Are optional
For, again, poetry is soul.
The Word is King.
Any word.

A singular word of double meaning:
Lickle bird and ******
No waxing lyrical here
Just a bit of lit that’s bound to fit
Brief word
Amongst sesquipedalian articulations
And rapturous birdsong that echoes through the forests.

So leave that doggerel alone.
Let your heart sing
Your spirit and soul
Shining like a supernova
Resonating through our minds.
A concerto of verbal sounds
Played with our inner voices.
Literary art
Expressed in musical notes.

Paul Butters

© PB 22\5\2024.
Our sleep's quality
Our satisfaction quantity
A newspaper
The sharpest weapon
against all kinds of atrocities
From racism to
All kinds of slaveries
It is also
the most effective guide
in dealing with calamities
From plague to
Covid transmities
Its hawker
A constant source
of confidence and consistency
in this period of all oddities.
I am missing my today's copy and that prompted me to narrate its importance
Love enters in life
with happiness
But it leaves life
in lonelines

Love is a rhyme
while the life is a book
of many sad poems
Which are written by
the ocean of tears
Putin and Xi Jinping
actually hugged!
Come on everybody
share the love!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Nature finds a new design
Repeats it endlessly
Out of utter joy
Like a baby
With a new word
Denise Uy
My blanket is trying to swallow me
while I sink deeper in my bed
My phalanges have harnessed fire
and authored many a great idea
but millions of years of progress
conclude in them hanging
like fruit waiting to fall to the ground
Severed from life
not to return again
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