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I am sorry that I still held onto our hurts years later.
I know that we believe that awful lie about Dad.
Causing him so much pain that was unattended.
I know that we never stayed in any place very long.
That it was a struggle to deal with so much hurt.
I know that so many people really care about us.
That it was the very best job that we ever had.
Given to us by Christ himself my little self in me.
So much love through all of them there too.
But the loneliness still continue to keep happening.
Because I was and probably always remain broken.
Till the very day when I shall pass away from here.
This pain becomes so unbearable.
This is the time I have to give it to God,.
For only he can heal me of all of this pain.
Hear the wind,  but can you see it right.
Love is, just like the wind here as well.
You give, it away, but people don't see it.
Faith is, similar as well it can not be seen.
They are ,only seen once it hit the mark.
For until someone, accepts the love you give.
It actions, are not even seen by other people.
So remember ,that just because you don't see God.
Does not mean, that he is not real because he is.
Each fact is true
But not all truths are facts
You could spend all day measuring string
You can also go bet at the tracks

People will believe what they want
It doesn't make it any less true
But when you find the fact of the matter
You'll be digging up the rest of the crew

A captain can sink with his ship
That's what my mother would say
But that captain will never see daylight again
Unless someone else is willing to pay
a) Don't debt for love, After love is over installments are very heavy..
Before you write ask the Lord to clear your mind.
Then ask him to put into your mind the words.
That he wants you to write to Glorified him too.
For if you keep writing what he puts on your heart,
Then your poems becomes so much better and wisdom.
For his poems are words to live by for they are healing.
So whatever you do just pray to Jesus for his Guidance.
Also that he keeps putting the words into your mind to write.
Thus then you shall become so super-bless love you all.

Look at my LOVE
Do not look at my looks

And please tell me
What is going on in YOU?

Are you still thinking?
May I tell you not to think

Are you still evaluating?
Can I ask you not to...

When it comes to LOVE

It is unfair for the clouds of LOVE
Not to rain on YOU

It is unfair for the breeze of LOVE
To not carry the fragrance of LOVE to YOU

It is unfair on the dew
Not to form on your grass

It is unfair for the bees
To not find your flower to **** honey

It is unfair for the birds
Not to find a BLUE sky
To soar wings in flight

It is unfair for the Lioness
To cajole the Lion to LOVE

It is unfair for water to be dammed
And not flow into your ocean of LOVE

It is unfair to my skin woolens
Not to cover you with LOVE warmth

It is unfair for my blood
Not to flow within your veins

It is as much unfair for my breathe
Not to be oxygen for your lungs

Is not the silence of your being
Narrating a tale of LOVE?

The looks in your eyes
That shines rays of LOVE
That brings sunshine to life
Shows your tender heart within
Which is so overflowing with LOVE

It is unfair to imprisoned your LOVE

I took a second to tell YOU
"I LOVE YOU very much"

Now please give me
A million life-times
To be with YOU
To prove to you
How much I LOVE YOU

It is unfair for life not to LOVE
It is unfair for me not to LOVE YOU

Aiming at work
You won’t see idleness
Nothing luxurious
When you don't need it

Much around
Do you need all
When I saw her
I did not regret losing the other

Opinions change
Previous and the new
When I wrote my book
Englishman said
Good on you

Market lights close my eyes
The desire become my wish
So I don’t go; I don’t regret
My lifestyle

When I lose my motivation
Englishman joins it
You can’t be bored
In your home

Look around
Much to do
There is a poem to write
Which you have never done

Dr Baljit Singh
Tuesday 5 November 2019
I dwell alone here,
a prisoner within
my own mind and life,
encumbered in burdensome
shackles of my own invention,
locked restraints of self-delusion
to which solely I possess the keys.
To all of us who sell ourselves
short, who give up too soon,
who hide in self imposed prisons
of the mind.
Life is what we make of it and
thus perhaps what we deserve,
unless we endeavor to change it.
For a friend, he knows I mean well.
Glory, Glory, Glory is the One that saves Us.
Praise His Name both in heaven and on the earth.
Blessed be his Worthy most Beautiful Name.
I pray that we all shall be Praising His Name.
Singing most beautiful hymns to Praise him.
May each of you today be blessed and protected.
For being protected in this here age of many being killed.
Is very important the 91 psalms type of protection.
Into the Storm,  I fall in order to die once more to self.
Into the Storm, God has place me again to humble me.
Into the Storm, for this is my learning ground here.
Into the Storm, I live each day until I repent of sin.
In the midst, I must face the evil that I have unleashed.
In the midst, I must face the truth of all that has happened.
In the midst, I shall stay till I have become an changed man.
In the midst, I shall allow Christ to transform me today.
Out of the Storm, an much stronger warrior I am now.
Out of the Storm , Christ allows since I am humbled now.
Out of the Storm, I am now since I finally living in Gods will.
Out of the Storm, I am now and my life has completely changed.
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