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 Mar 18
Poetic Eagle
I remember, all the beautiful moments of us together, l had them with my eyes closed
I hold you  better in my sleep
 Mar 12
Charles Bukowski
don't undress my love
you might find a mannequin:
don't undress the mannequin
you might find
my love.
she's long ago
forgotten me.
she's trying on a new
and looks more the
than ever.

she is a
and a mannequin
and death.
I can't hate
she didn't do
I only wanted her
 Feb 29
Poetic Eagle
I remember the days we used to love in letters,
High school, love so surreal
Pure and free, it almost felt real
I wish l could continue the past
And write you a letter
I have a lot to say,
Lines to rhyme
I want to write you a letter
would appreciate the gesture?
But then l remember I'm in no position to write you a love letter
Remember the days when all your texts were in letters with a little " kiss before you open"😂
 Jan 20
Poetic Eagle
I kept wondering what it would be like falling in love after a heartbreak
And **** why didnt l let go sooner
Let go and make room for new
 Nov 2023
Poetic Eagle
When I'm tired
You are all the rest l need
Find your favourite people, rest will carry a different meaning
 Nov 2023
Poetic Eagle
My favorite show lost its plot in my sight,
Games lack the thrill once felt in their height.
Realization hits, a truth now clear,
I loved them all when you were near.
Sometimes you love things not because you actually love them but because people around you bring meaning to them
 Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle
Thoughts of you begin to fade, but still,
In missing you, my heart feels the chill.
Slowly, time will heal, and I'll find my way,
Learning to live without you, day by day.
 Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle
If l could be anything
I would be everything you need
 Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle
Pain stings from those we hold so near,
From hearts we cherish, love so dear.
Separating love from hurt's cruel art,
Is the challenge of the tender heart.
A puzzle, in life, we'll still impart
Life lately
 Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle
Spoken words,
a comforting embrace,
Lift the heart,
bring solace in grace.
 Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle
If l do not " only share with"
I might never know what you ate or how your day went

It's either left on read or "..... replied to your story"
So lm constantly looking for content that triggers your reaction

For If there is no green circle on my name, screaming " not yet viewed" l may never be remembered
 Sep 2023
Poetic Eagle
Gradually finding myself ensnared by your words
So much so that your silence becomes a vexing void
Poetry is still a safe haven
 Jun 2023
Savio Fonseca
Love has always had, a favourite corner.
With Secrets, Wounds and Scars.
Hearts often meet, at Sunsets.
So at Night, they can count the Stars.
Lonely is My Heart Tonight,
as I stand upon this Sand.
Crashing Waves roll all over Me,
Finally a Moonbeam holds My Hand.
At Midnight, as I try to close My Eyes.
To exhale My Loneliness Away.
My Eyes keep waiting for a Heartful Soul.
But not a Soul comes My Way.
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