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Saturday night, popcorn and fudge,
sober as much as I can judge myself to be
in fact, I am alcohol free,
which is another unchained melody.

old songs and vintage wines
fine dining and finer times,
reigning them in is grim
but it has to be done.
 Jan 2021
Carlo C Gomez
Oh dear!
So sheer!
No coverage
In the rear!
Testing to see if this post gets seen or just disappears into thin air...
So many poems from other writers not showing up on my stream page.
 Jan 2021
Thomas W Case
I'm in the hospital strung out on phenobarbital,
And Librium
The last thing in the world I wanted or expected was several Democrats seeking refuge under my bed.
Nancy Peloski (forgive me for my spelling, I'm high like a kite as George W. Bush at a New year's Eve frat party) and friends are
demanding gefilte fish and Matzo ball soup.  Somehow Bernie Sanders is under there, and he's rattling his cup for more scotch... I'm getting ready to push the call light and ask if they would dose them all with some Thorazine so they would go to sleep. I even think they dug Ross Perot up. Either I need more drugs or they need to get these politicians out from under my bed.  Or maybe order more matzo ball soup.
 Jan 2021
When we were still dating
my wife use to see orbs in the sky
all the time
called it distant planets
I still wonder.
"True story"
Inspired by
BLT poem A UFO experience
from Shamamama's poem Orb
enjoyed both so much
thought I'd add a penny for your thoughts enjoy:)
 Jan 2021
If you can’t justify
The beliefs and actions
Of your own spouse
All that is left
Is a contradictory
Traveler Tim
 Jan 2021
It’s merely the fabric of reality
It was meant to bend and shape
Just as the white background
By words has been displaced
So is your tomorrow
An opus to be painted
I would gladly guide you along
But I wouldn’t have the faintest
Traveler Tim
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