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 Apr 5
Carlo C Gomez
Star pupils, interstellar eyes,

gazing across the frozen nebula

at stick figures in radiation suits,

lovers intertwined with reactant valves,

planted into unearthly soil,

a distant light from over our shoulder,

the good comet returns,

there might be an escape pod

for intangibles after all,

and once inside, images of moonbase love

and alien encounters,

that neither mocks the comically misjudged

visions of yellowed science fiction,

nor longs for some utopian future,

an environment that begs escapism

without denying humanity
 Jun 2023
nico papayiannis
head on
freight train trauma,
The constant
Non stop
Distribution of noise,
A siren sounds
Oblivious to life,
People talking so loud
The **** are so proud,
Cars with their
Unconfigurated congestion,
Life racing by
With on obscure obsession,
Beauty rides rough ridges into reality,
The sour and the sombre,
Their shoulders are rubbing
With the rich and famous,
The righteous reason makers,
Serenity shines from a balcony
5 floors up,
And anger
Immoral institutions,
They rise from the ashes,
They dominate the structure
They furnish our desires,
They instruct our illusions.
 Feb 2023
The flowers pass in waves
Waving as they go
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure as snow

The serenade of spring
The love new life will bring
Blossom on the trees
Fragrance on the breeze

While flowers pass in waves
Waving like they know
Colours fit to burst
Petals pure on show

The cavalcade of spring
When pigeons coo and sing
Heart strings stretched out tight
Each day’s a new delight.

(Plucking in the night ;)
 Jan 2023
Marking the moment
When 2023 was sent in from the cold
And 2022 bent to take the knee
The moment we all focus
On the year ahead
And wallow in our memories
Amongst the living and the dead
A time for hope
A time for prayer
A time to reaffirm existence
And welcome in another year.

Never got around to posting this one, but let’s hope 2023 can be half of what we’d like
I lost myself
in the process
of finding happiness

©IGMS 2022
 Sep 2022
The Queen has passed away
No longer will she reign
Just another day but,
It will never be the same

The world without a queen
Thoughts shift as we all take stock
Everywhere she’s been
Solid, like a rock

Mayhap a relic of the past
Promoting privilege and class
But the dye was cast, for her
In slippers made of glass

She was the rhythm of our days
The anchor of our nights
Now we stand here in a haze
Bow our heads and dim the lights

We say good night and thanks, to
The bearer of the crown
The face upon our stamps
And we watch the sun go down.
Ebony birds with damaged wings
Fling themselves
Towards the darkened clouds
And find no draft to lift them.
Screeching in despairing cries
They slowly circle back to earth.

Second verse of same sad song
Echoes and reminders catch the light.
Unexpected findings ring the bell
That calls to life the waterfall.
Help is proffered by empty hands
To heartstrings that no longer tug.

And the clock goes round and round
And the Sun goes up and down
And the Moon grows somehow dim
On a path that only circles back
Into a room that has no door.
I’m home again, it seems.
Just me being me, I guess.  Don't know who I am sometimes.
 Jul 2022
nico papayiannis
The more you live
The more you love
The more you love
The more you give
The more you give
The more you get
The more you get
The more you give
The more you give
The more you love
The more you love
The more you live
 Jul 2022
The day that John met Paul
There was a summer fete in the old church hall
And it was fate that day that came to play
As the powers that be had their way
Two young boys would come of age
They’d rock the world from a golden stage
The fates combined would all agree
And Mary whispered Let It Be.
A memorable day.
 Jul 2022
In the morning light, a shadow calls
I turn to her, still chasing waterfalls
Sunbeams beam in from the sky
Sunlight patterns catch her eye
The day begins soft and sweet
We go downstairs, it’s time to eat
Step outside, it’s still the same
The world moves on
With you or without you, that’s the game.
We walk along the sandy beach
Waves crash and splash our feet
But we’re feeling good and life’s a treat
Touch her hand, hearts beating fast
I close my eyes to make it last
The wind plays roughly roundabout
If you’re gonna speak you’ll need to shout
We drift along the sandy path
I turn to her and start to laugh
If it’s ever perfect it might be now
If it could be better, I don’t know how.
Home to change and music plays
Sparkling teeth and perfume sprays
Nighttime falls no need for shade
Head to town, you’ve got it made
Find a place we both agree
And sit inside, I brush her knee
And we eat and drink and laugh and talk
Then head for home and talk and walk
Near the end of a perfect day
We fall in bed and drift away
Share the heat, the dreaming’s sweet
The night ahead I yearn to meet.
 Jun 2022
Time is for tides
And boating lake rides
It’s for boiling your eggs
And the swimming pool regs.
Time is spent in detention
Or paying attention
Or sitting a test
Or having a rest
Time is for departing
Not for outsmarting
A pie shaped chart
With nothing to impart
A dish served cold
That chimes when your old
It scrawls lines on your face
And flutters the flag
At the end of the race
But the best of time
Is when it’s all mine
No pressure on the day
No programme to display
No seconds tick away
No words left to say
A smile paints my face
The sun warms my skin
My mind’s lost in space
My heart’s deep within
A Disney ride
With three kids in my care
Bristling with pride
The wind in my hair
And come the time
When I’m
Just a thought
Caught in your throat
That’s how to think of me
Because that’s where I’ll be.

If I still had hair.
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