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Out there in the gadgetry of space lies truth unspoken
as a robonaut delivers with precision dexterous air tasks
we  dreamers await  spacefaring races by God's millennium
and explore the starlit mysteries of the great beyond

With futuristic discoveries will scientists find evidence
of alien civilizations or will they find just a Universal void
from the footage of a comet to journeys towards the Sun
we never tire of searching out galaxies and their mysteries

Up there in the great unknown space stations ready for dock
it is a privileged place of research surrounded by innovation
studies of movements and relative positions of celestial objects
tell us so much about the inner mechanisms, of outer space

If God is eternal then space  is a sky light carousel, a perpetual room
of wonder, that carries particles of light dispersed across the moon.
as punctuation goes
there’s something intimate
about a period
so much wrapped in that little orb
endings to the left
beginnings to the right
a tiny dense anchor
between two thoughts
holding them together
keeping them apart
it has a big job
the period
I bet sometimes
it doesn’t know where it belongs
Dear Reader,

If you're still reading
this isn't poetry
must I tell you this
nor it is highly literary,
these thoughts
that I'm trying
to put into words
are born from crying
for the past hour
so **** silently
that no one could hear
how I suffer violently.
The point of this is
to tell you that
if any of you has
ever had:-
a starved stomach,
a broken heart,
an empty pocket,
a rough start,
a cheating spouse,
a failed attempt,
an abusive marriage,
a parent with contempt,
a chronic disease,
a severe accident,
a temper so short,
a frightening incident,
a bully so bad,
an addiction so strong,
a grief so shattering,
a relationship gone wrong,
a house too expensive,
a child you lost,
an unfulfilled dream,
an untrodden path of Frost,
a scar so ugly,
a few extra pounds,
a body too skinny,
a loved one inside the ground,
or anything/anyone that hurt you
putting you under depression's spell
I tell you,
that you've survived your own hell
so this makes you a hero
even if you're at level zero,
if you've got no one's care
I tell you, you're extremely rare.

Thanks For Reading.
I wrote this because I wanted someone to say this to me when I'd been crying, no one I thought- why wait for someone else when I've got myself?
how we survive
the changes

the formation
of a cloud


patterns of

form new

versions of

everything is
protected by

sensors and rays
detecting our

how can we

believe or
be believed
Chameleon, I change
Adapting, find myself
Lost in time
Or ever changing
I slip in quietly
Treat the hours as skins
And I am shedding
Every moment, reborn
Recreating myself
So definition
Never quite touches me
They're only dark clouds,
but could be omens
of soldiers marching
off to war,

the thunderclaps of Odin
that echo through Valhalla
ringing in my ears,

only dark clouds blown along
the wind imagining
of things they used to be.
Away from dreams
Away from reality and its schemes
Far from the realm of irrational interpretation
Far faraway on an emotional diversion

Just for a day
To be a different way
Taste a different air
To have no reason
No reason to care

This noise that deafens
A noise obscure
The sound that softens
A peace so pure
The maddening crowd
Of this future is so loud
Incoherent , ignorant
And foolishly proud

Away from dreams
Falling apart at the seams
From tempest to tranquillity
From complex chaos to simplicity
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