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 Feb 2022
Seán Mac Falls
Before the wings and spring of words,

Were cradle-held in a cloud of sleep,

Soft footfalls to hear ourselves turning

And ever new dreams were lofty keys,

We could not see the frost branching

And winter never was, nor winds cold,

In our temple eyes, the sun crowning

Imbued visions, fine as woven gold,

Draped in silks so rare, spun spinning,

To hear the birds sing in ears blossom,

For the very first time, true beginnings

And the flower's colour never forgotten,

All is mourning now— song, sings singer,

To morn, to wake, dream, dreams dreamer.
 Jan 2022
Francie Lynch
Where will we be?
Will we be in '23?
When '21 ended,
Where were we?
Will we make it through '22.
Let's be Smart
With '22's start.
Re-think.  Re-model.
'21's gone; '22's here;
So let's get smart.
No gloom. No dark.
Think on another;
Bring truth to our hearts,
And to this world. Our World.
Stay alert. Stay sharp.
There's others
Playing other parts.
Let's Help,
Without sounding a word.
"Help" is a word. No artist owns it.
 Dec 2021
Francie Lynch
She keeps saddest memories
Closest to her heart;
A death-like permanence
Keeping us apart.
Like X-ed out family pictures
In an album loosing pages.
She believes there were no good times,
Her memory's gone hazy-lazy.
 Jul 2021
Seán Mac Falls
It is over now.
I bow my head as you leave,
Rain fills your footprints
 Jul 2021
Seán Mac Falls
Live slowly in youth
Precious time recedes with age
Plaintive as guitar
 May 2021
Francie Lynch
I have tasted human flesh
From the oven of
Lips and tongue;
Dripping well-dressed
In savory sauce,
To stir me to feast on.
Yikes. Don't say I wrote this.
 Apr 2021
We're all in an ant farm
Ants doing what ants do
They March around
and feed king queen
They March around on cue
There those who March
to different drummer
But they are very few
They're ladybugs
Under the rugs
Living in a zoo.

The Ant Farm lives!
The ant farm lives!
They are everywhere!
The Ant Farm lives!
The ant farm lives!
They live without a care
Ladybugs are ruled by thugs
They live in despair.

Folks, you'd better listen
Listen to this rant!
If you want to live
(If you don't fit in you can't)
Ants wear armbands...
The UN wears the pants.
There's a pretty boy
Who does just as he wants
If you want to live
You'd better be an ANT!!

Chorus 2X
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