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 Oct 2020
Once upon a dark moon
not so long ago,
I went to see my other side,
the place of lost shadows.

The melancholy pushed me
into another plane.
A life transcending alter,
I did not pass through in vain.

I ventured to the edge
and that was close enough.
It pushed me back to life
before I could give up.

Coming back to consciousness
I was not the same.
My train of thought had shifted,
something in me changed.

Oblivion didn't scare me
when I laid down at night.
My future stopped controlling me
when I turned off the lights.

So, when curiosity strikes you
to venture your unknown,
please proceed with caution,
there's something you should know.

Everything has a price
and you will have to pay.
It takes away a piece of you,
a toll some would say.

I paid the worst of me
but that might not be you.
It could take away your best
if you make your way back through.
 Oct 2020
rain mist wreathed
virid groves
of evergreen
sun languished
behind clouds grey
overcast sky
distant rumble
pellet-laden gusts
of wind;cold
nubivagant drops
glistening foliages
celadon leaves
brushwood damp
galore humus
dewy silence;
gerful downpour
another rain poem:)
 Oct 2020
Raven Blue
Thank you for writing my story;
Thank you for bringing me to life;
Thank you for everything;
Thank you God.
 May 2020
I can view the places of rain memory..
Where the puddles gather ready to be taken by to the sky..
The sun calls to the waters...
And slowly takes it back to the clouds..
You had to kiss the earth before you become and Ocean..
And soon you will become a tide to greet the Earth again..
Only this time the moon will call to you to do so..
The puddles and tides..
 May 2020
Bogdan Dragos
as a kid
there's nothing
like wasting away inside a tiny
sitting on the backrest
of the couch
looking out the window
and seeing her
tread through the rain

a red umbrella covers


she's going back
to the liquor store
 May 2020
Pagan Paul
Last night
she said I was cold.
Surrounded in a halo of frost.
It burnt her fingers
as she dared to touch,
but there was little there.
Just … frost-bite,
and the sense
that she was alone in the room.
In body I was there,
but the Boat of Millions of Years
was sailing through my eyes
to the intended destination,
my lost mind.
She called to me
but I was to far to hear.
Down her soft cheeks
the tears did stream,
as she screamed my name
over and over.
She screamed until
the screams turned to sobs,
as the slow realisation
that I no longer knew her,
knew me, knew anything,
hit her like a wave of grief,
freezing her emotions dead.
Last night
she said I was cold.
And I was cold
because I knew that it was
our Last Night.

© Pagan Paul (16/02/20)
 Dec 2019
Riz Mack
It's not a feeling I understand
I feel I'm the best she ever had
And when she's with a new lad
I won't be too sad
I just wish him luck carrying my bags
Poems can be lies too, right
 Sep 2019
I trust in the repetition
the work of the Mantra

more and more recited
with love.

I trust in the deep ever-more
of life

the reaching out
of Love.
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