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 Sep 2021
Sara Brummer
On earth, in air, on water,
light is its own essence--
an enchanted dance,
a harmony of rhyme
in quick pearling as on
the surface of a pool ;
Or, it’s slow, expanding
as if some obstacle is in
the way.

Beyond sight’s reach,
light glides, swan-like
or blinks, star-like or
dapples uncertain between
sun and shadow.

A match darts it’s first
white flame, then flickers.
Splashing sparks may
tumble over pebbles or
moon repeat itself
a thousand times.
A translucent cascade
of bright snow illuminates
a winter field ; the gentle
glow of a candle flame
warms the heart.

Even what seems
forever dark as
midnight’s blackest
mood is not immune
to opening to the glory
of light.
 Dec 2020
Seranaea Jones

weeks after he ascended
from his fallen carcass—

troops vacated what once
was good ground,

rains washed in mud
to refill the holes,

the scent of honeysuckle
once again became

birds of prey returned
to their perches-

watching as

squirrels and rabbits
went about
their collections,

and the veil of silent
winds once again

after decades passed
through the footfalls
of morning strolls
between healing
vegetation and

a park had completed
formation about the
flanks of his bones ...

s jones

 Nov 2020
he expertly constructs
intricate structures and framework
laying the foundations on clouds
(the murky clouds of "what if")
he builds story upon story
erecting a crystal fortress
topping the tallest spires with mirrors
so the whole world will see
how completely right he is

as he steps back to admire his work
he notices the smallest of cracks
in the keystone above the golden arch
that branches as it advances
ripping through the glass castle
which crackles from threshold to roof
in an inherent and utter collapse
that leaves a glimmering shattered heap
of imagined debris at his nauseated feet
 Nov 2020
Orion Lesneski
Pick me up,
And open my cover,
But be careful,
Cause I might crumble,
Read my fine print,
Just don’t mock the way I am,
I’ve been through alot since then,
Heart breaks,
And more,
Are all the things you’ll find,
In my novel.
 Nov 2020
No directions
No manuals
You were gone before we could ask
Sometimes you head in a different direction
You walk your way and keep going
What you choose may not be popular
But it is right for you
That is all that matters
Feelings get hurt
Messages get confused
Time passes
Being comfortable with your life and choices
is all that should matter
Walking away makes you go forward
so don't look back
You know who and what is precious to you

For those who lost a loved one this year
Human or pet
 Nov 2020
My life is a poem
that is being written
day by day

It’s not pretty right now
nor will it be next week
and it might not make sense next year
but it’s coming baby

line by line it’s
getting better

after another
and then the next

I can't wait for
you to read it when
I'm finished
 Oct 2020
Those green eyes of yours
A background full of sour
And this love is ours

A hand full of blood
Your face filled with tears flood
Sad memories, so bad

You always wonder
Thinking you are a killer
Stop! Do not suffer

You may have been black
But you will always comeback
To our home track

Sacrifice so much
In a middle of a hunch
Lost in just a ******

You may be long gone
Left everyone and a son
You are just a man

Past full of sorrow
How will I face tomorrow?
My life froze in snow

Time will always fade
Goodbyes that never been said
Decisions are made

Let's go back and sway
In the night let us be strays
Please, you could just stay

Let us meet again
Maybe after all this rain
Us will be regain.
I'm not a professional writer. I just write poetry to express. 🙂
 Oct 2020
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