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 Nov 2019
I'm going under cover
where all vibration is a hum.
And where I tend to hover,
I lose track of where I'm from;
Or what direction I'm going,
But, I am indeed in contact~
With something in the sky, glowing.
Accept that as a fact.
They are speaking to me,
teaching me to attract.
It only takes a whisper
for my tongues to get flowing;
And, I start to look crisper~
Upon the world as an artifact
Of art and unknowing.
Part 4 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
 Jan 2019
He would tell you that he can't sing very well
But he sings in me
He makes my emotions dance to an orchestra he directs
He would tell you he can't reach the moon
But he kisses me in a way that would make the stars fall at my feet
 Jan 2019
It's like you swore you would never leave my mind
We painted our souls and hung them on empty walls
It's like I planted every future in the rows of your palms
You shone like a star and I fell apart like a comet
 Jan 2019
I wonder where I'll be when you come for me
Will you steal me away in the dead of the night
Or will you send me a message before you arrive
Will there ever be a right time
Or would I embrace you like I've been waiting for this moment my whole life

Will I get a chance to say goodbye
Would it be rushed with loud cries
Or would I leave with a life fulfilled
In the arms of my love
And a smile on my face

I wonder if it would be painful
Sudden in the breeze on the concrete outside
The distant sound of sirens lulling me away
Or patiently savouring me slowly from the inside
One ***** at a time
A pinch of clips on my fingers, my heart beeping me out

Would it be panicked and rushed
Would I try to escape and run
Desperate to evade your advances
Then hopelessly succumb

Would I remember God
Would I call for him in that moment
Would I ask Him to save me
Or let you take me
So He can keep me safely in his gardens

I'd like to think I won't be afraid
I've always known it would happen
Yet I can feel fear choking me at just the thought
But if that's of the process or the destination
I guess I'll have to wait
Until it's my time to go
 Dec 2018
I can still see our work boots lying
Exactly where we left them
Gates with padlocks unsure of what to guard
Windows gazing out for our return
The front door stiff in its opened position
Yearning to be slammed shut
But neither of us go back
To tell them it's over
In time
The bricks will grow tired of waiting and crumble
The crane will droop its neck in sorrow
The shovels will rust
Do you think the flowers will grow here
When you and I are off
Building something new
With someone else
 Sep 2018
Spriralling down profanity
Standing on the cliff of blasphemy
She looked for angels inside of demons
Where God's decree was nowhere to be found
She had faith in what she saw
Preachers and believers
Insolence and deciept
Their words of judgement reaching out to cage her in
Threatening punishment
Imploring her to forgiveness
God, there is sacrilege
This world is rampant with hypocrites
Her heart is full of your love
Yet desires the forbidden
The unsanctioned
It harms not a soul, not even her own
But holds her happiness down the one path
That strays just a little from the rules
God, who loves the impious preachers and believers
The patient and forgiving
Can these two paths not become one?
Where the blood in her veins runs by His decree
Every breath she takes is with His grace
 Jul 2018
In this story
I am in the future I dreamt of
I know that it's a dream and I mustn't wake up
I mustn't waste time with a dream within a dream
This version has been drafted and edited to perfection
I am the master of this ideal creation
The best conjuring of my imagination
The soft touch of wind at twilight
The mountainous range at dawn
The ocean glistening like diamonds in the distance
Fields and valleys as far as my eye can see
Cobbled paths
A cafe along the beach
So many places I could get lost in
But my favourite would always be the cliffs edge
Where the sunrise performs it's majestic show
Until it touches what the moon has paused
And everything comes alive for another day more
 Mar 2018
The first time she looked up
She fell in love with the sky
Her heart reaching higher
The only answer was to fly

So she made wings of her heart
Carved dreams into feathers
Bid farewell to earth
And fluttered towards ether

But gravity loved her too
Had no intention to let go
Pulled her firmly to the ground
And broke her wings in woe
 Feb 2018
She knelt down
And whispered her secrets into the earth
A prayer captured in her palms
And blown into the wind
To be heard in the heavens
We ambled the streets of Harare
Meandering aimlessly
Fleeting past wide-eyes scanning us enviously
Hand in hand we walked into the restaurant
Leisurely on Second Street
Our hunger awakened
Our appetites heightened
At almost closing time
With no one in overtime mode
A signal that here we could only dine on another day

Joina City was our next stop
Up the lift right to the top
'Closed' it read at the coffee shop
Into the nearest chair I went flop!
Though hungry, we gabbed non-stop
By and by we regarded the clock
It chimed 8 o'clock
And sadly, it was time to go home

Busy and noisy
Were the streets of Harare
Jabbering crowds, kombis hooting
Hawkers, vendors or is it hustlers now -
Calling for buyers or just huddled to pass time
No chill in Harare
Picturesque like a dream
Hand in hand we dawdled
In despair for a hot meal

In the shimmering distance
Like a mirage in the desert
The neon lights read
'Creamy Inn'
Something to calm our rambling bellies
At last…
Nippy evening air hit our souls
'Ice-cream tastes better at night'
I said
'I can't believe I'm having ice-cream'
He said
We frolicked
Hand in hand we danced past faces painted with adoration
'What a handsome lover!'
They probably thought:
My delectable younger brother
Wrote this after one of my visits to Harare, Zimbabwe in 2017.
 Oct 2017
She sat on the side of the bed
Knees hugged close
Elbows shaking unsteadily
She watched him wary and heartsick

Her eyes roamed his skin
The longing to touch
Tangible in the static air
His gaze a caress staring at the curtain of hair hiding her eyes from his

He let his back slide down against the door
As he rested on the ground opposite her
Slowly his hands hands crept forward
Seeking permission
Is this okay? May I....

And when she did not move
Nor flinch
Or call out
He shuffled forward
Arms outstretched
Like a warm blanket of safety

Gently plucked her from the ground
Resting her against his chest
Fingers stroked her hair
And lips whispered sweet things that she did not hear
All she heard was the low lull and hum of his voice
Felt his chest rise beneath her cheek
He was here
And that was all that mattered
 Oct 2017
His dark majestic fur demanded attention
Each muscle contracted and rippled
As he strutted across the track
Onlookers mesmerised at the power he possessed
A temptation to run
Free and wild
Owning the earth
As each hoove struck the soil
A thunderous rumble echoed beneath him
Mighty and loud
Head held tall and proud
Eyes staring straight ahead
A mission in mind
A goal in sight
Black silky hair billowing in the wind
Lashing against his skin in waves
And there I stood
At the black beauty
With so much life
 Sep 2017
I've lost you
I haven't had you for a while
And on my quest to regain you
I've been given much advice

Just pray
They say
And so I tried
But when I looked, you were nowhere to be found

So I sat in misery
At such disappointment in myself
Shrouded amidst the judgement
And pity alike

Fear him they said
But I had no reason to be guilty
I was just a lost person
Who had lost the peace

I lost you in the dead of the night
Still born for many dawns of days
I passed like a phantom
Through the slipping time

I wish I could call you
And book an appointment
On the weekend
When I'm home

Just know that I am waiting
For a high court order
Signed by the Majesty
To be summoned from the slums
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