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 Oct 2019
Eric Martin
I feel sick
Rotten to the core
All I want to do is quit
I can't take it any more

Nothing I do will stick
And just makes me feel more sore
I think about ending it
But I can't loose this war

I know there's no trick
To make me feel like I did before
But I'll keep on trying to make some thing fit
Because I believe life has more for me in store
 Jan 2019
Grace E
I drank in the words
Dancing off the page
Pouring into my heart
My mind opened
Like a flower turning towards the Sun
And the words flowed into me

They say,
He sits on a throne in the heavens,

A rainbow surrounds His throne.

A sea like glass,
Proceeds before His throne.
From the throne comes,
Thunder, lightening and a rushing voice like many waters.
Around Him sit 24 elders,
With crowns like gold on their heads.
Four living creatures, with eyes on both sides of their head,
Serve Him in His throne room.
And whenever they give thanks to Him,
The elders cast their crowns of gold at His feet.
Proclaiming He is worthy of all glory, honor and power.
He who was and is and is to come.
Revelation Chapter 4
 Jul 2018
Pagan Paul
It really happened this morning
you'll never guess what I saw,
happily playing in my bath tub,
was the ghost of a dinosaur.

Not knowing quite what to do,
feeling sorry for his poor soul,
I reached in, pulled the plug,
and he disappeared down the hole.

© Pagan Paul (15/07/18)
* not a euphemism.
So many reports of people, family, children, cats, dogs, headless horsemen, headless horses. But nobody EVER reported seeing a ghost of a dinosaur.
Playful Poetry :)
 Jun 2018
b e mccomb
you could knock
me over with a
puff of smoke

you know why
i've had a headache
in my sinuses
for three days?

it's from forcing
tears to
up there

you could knock
me over with a
puff of smoke
but please don't

i hate
this way




i feel
weak ******

like you could
knock me over
with a puff of smoke
and i wouldn't
be able to
get back up

and i hate
this way

worn down
like an old
more holes
than fabric
to be
ripped in half

if i open my
mouth to
i will be
out in my
own sobs

wanted to believe
i was strong
as strong as
any man out there
but if i can't even
speak how can
i possibly be
that strong?

my body is tired
my mind is tired
my emotions are tired
and worst of all
i'm weak

and you could
knock me over
with a puff of smoke
and i will break

*i hate feeling
weak ******
copyright 1/14/17 by b. e. mccomb
 Jun 2018
b e mccomb
i'm scared
to death

(it will be exactly three
months before christmas)

and i don't
want to
find myself
alone that
night and

(it hurts to even
think about it
because i'm still so
low it sounds okay)

but i don't want
to go anywhere
be with anyone
because there
are demons we
have to deck ourselves
and dates we
have to face alone

(on the other hand
who knows what might
happen if i were alone
i don't even know)

and i just wish that
none of this had
ever happened but
oh well it did

and now i have to
face the terrible
pain of seeing the
rest of the fall

(the chill in my
knuckles on
the pie dough
under my nails
thanksgiving day)

and into

(tape scrapped
palms before
hot mugs of tea
for the rest of

and on and
on for the
rest of time
and i don't
want the
rest of time

(i'd take the clock
off the wall and
crank the hands
around backwards
to give myself a
second chance but
denial won't help
anything at all.)

i've always hated
feeling trapped.
Copyright 9/16/16 by B. E. McComb
 Jun 2018
b e mccomb
If I could give you
A thousand smiles
I would bottle them up
For you to take out on a rainy day.

If I could give you
A million hugs
I would put them in a box
And write your name on the lid.

If I could give you
Ten thousand perfect days
I'd put them in a saltshaker
And sprinkle them out on you one by one.
Copyright 1/31/13 by B. E. McComb
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