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 Jun 2018
Today I saw a
black and orange butterfly
My heart fluttered smiles

Then I saw a dead
moth it's wings white as snow, I laid
it upon a leaf

A little ant crawled
along kitchen floor making
me do a hopscotch

But last week I swept
one up by accident and
squashed  it , I felt a

ping of guilt because
all creatures have every right
to be here on earth

I saw two sparrows
on tv Ariel , made
a change from pigeons

But you know what my
best view today was a big
old tree at bottom

of garden , its flows
freely as blue sky surrounds  
it's like a blanket

It's happy and so
joyfully vibrant,  its
gives off awesome vibes

I think a fairy
called Jennifer lives on one
of its happy leaves

I've seen her sometimes
She wears an orange dress and
bright yellow boot skates

With striped socks and
her hair is ******* in a bun
filled with sherbet straws

Her wings are made from
fluffy clouds , and she carries
a bow and arrow

I hope one day she'd
come to visit me , she seems
a lovely fairy

She glows so bright I
see twinkly dust swish pass
me like flying stars

I shall leave window
open especially for
her to visit me

I've loved today
I wrote this one in my drafts yesterday Usinjg Reality and my imagination and mixed them both together was so fun to write **
I may continue this one if I remember as I have a brain like a sieve :)
 May 2018
South by Southwest
Sands of time are the tiny rocks from the mountains I tread upon on my way down to the sea
 Apr 2018
Chelsea Rae
He was like going on a walk early in the morning with falling snow.

That same quiet peace that muffles the air

Was why he was my chosen home.
He makes me calm <3
 Mar 2018
Juju Juju
We began with little mutations,
Harmless, or more so beneficial,
We adapted to our love,
With no methods of dispersal,
People thought we couldn’t get any closer,

But your behaviors changed and we began to isolate,
We were stabilized so I hoped for fusion,
But realized that overtime not even reinforcement could’ve helped,

We had our Kingdom set up,
And later we fell into a “Family”,
But you classified me too general,
Now I don’t know where I belong,

My feelings for you were like the Cambrian,
Sadly enough they became a catastrophe,
You started selecting,
Seeing me as worthless,
But I knew I am not one to select,

You looked at me like you’ve studied Phylogenetics,
I was at the most top,
But ended up at the bottom,
You were not natural, but neither was I,
What did our selections favor?

And our relationship turned into cloud and dust,
Sadly it collapsed,
And you left me imprints of lies and hurt,
And words preserved inside me like a cast,

You ingested away my feelings,
I was the pili so attached to you,
But you were an endospore resisting all of me,
You no longer knew what feelings were,

And to you, I was an annual,
Got replaced so quickly,
But I shed tears where the oceans have formed,
And supported you like the roots of trees,

But you were a virus,
A pathogen,
A parasite,
And I was the host,
Blinded by your toxins,

And my cells swelled in favor of you,
You offered me and I gladly took,
I thought I was an obligate,
Surviving off of you,
But I was too mindless to see the real you,

And I was like the Archaea,
Survived the harshest paths for you,
But with a single expression you crushed my world,
And like a Zygomycota you’ve molded our love away,

And sadly enough I couldn’t evolve,
With pain feeling like spikes inside,
I am no longer the magistrate of love,
And love is my killer.
Biology references
 Aug 2017
South by Southwest
Frozen in thought . . .
the silver gray moon bends
the sun's will toward an earthly
gravel grave in the Walker County
strip pit .

It was only yesterday . . .
when the Cougar Eliminator
prowled the highways of disappearing
white stripes seeking a crescent city moon that lays naked in the bending arms of it's river lover

"Drive !" , he said . . .
so I hit the pedal hard spinning tires
and burning up the moments in haste
that I would someday regret throwing
to the stars

Like a wolf howls at the moon . . .
we howled at our youth . . .
so far from home unaware we were truly all alone in bent light of folly

The horizon cradled the moon . . .  
slipping beyond the bridges of our possibilities and I am thinking of Macbeth blowing out his candles

"Drive !" , he said . . .
life is a stage , a highway going forward measured by our distance divided by time we are so defined

I have driven to the moon . . .
collected sunbeams and bent the light
and drove back howling with a midnight's voice warm in the south by southwest winds

So I will drive on . . .
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