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 Nov 2017 cloh
heart for bed
 Nov 2017 cloh
think what i feel
i (sleep) in your mind
you're frightened
and somehow
my heart skips two times
distant (in) nature and
foreign in tongue
still you remind me
(my) soul isn't young
my life's just begun
the worst part is over
and now comes the Sun
you move and it shifts me
i feel your (heart) drum
deep in my lungs
we're connected
as one
everything you do grows in me too. these empty beds that we share are not lonely as your heart pumps stars right to me. your Soul is what i wear, i still feel you everywhere.
 May 2017 cloh
charlotte hope
refined beauty turned wild,
like poetry, but too rough around the edges.
eyes like gemstones,
but not pearl,
or ruby,
or emerald,
but dark onyx,
precious only to those seeking the rare,
not the valuable.
but when the surface cracked
where golden sunlight should've shined through,
i found my fists full of broken pottery
instead of your hands.
and when the paint was scraped away,
i realized that you were just a boy
who liked watching sunsets,
not a masterpiece.
 May 2017 cloh
Sam Temple
Bending low over cultivated flowers
feeling petals soft and delicate betwixt rough
and calloused fingertips. With the gentlest tug
a single veined pollen respite
floats at first then lays weightless
within my palm. I hold the entire universe as well.
Each atom in balance expressing color
and fragrance. All without any
measurable substance. A slight but steady
breeze takes my prize. I stand defeated;
no longer able to garner a mate…
or experience joy. I pull another
and am reborn in nature.  /
Thinking a lot about Jung and Peterson and archetypes and my place in society, nature, and the combination of those two ideas.
 May 2017 cloh
No title
 May 2017 cloh
Average guy tried to kick the snake, so it bit him
He could feel the venom
A similar incentive

Unnecessary villain
Made necessary by
The collective litter
Turning sweet fruit bitter
 Apr 2017 cloh
 Apr 2017 cloh
sleepless midnight
crisp evening air
turquoise darkness
figures, waiting
painted the dawn
swirling blue
dreams, pooling
caramel lullaby
vacant home
no longer alone
 Jan 2017 cloh
Mysidian Bard
I knew you as a person
who wore daffodils in her hair;
dancing barefoot in the fields.
Always unpredictable,
your aura, like an aurora of Pandora's open box.
Recklessly compassionate in your unrelenting affection.

I remember when they told me
that you had passed away.
I watched as they returned your body to the earth.
They say that you're in heaven now,
but I don't know how this can be true
when every day I still feel you in my heart.

Maybe your daisy chain was a halo
and the fields that you danced on were clouds.
I think I finally understand.
I knew you as a person,
but maybe you weren't.
Maybe you were just an angel
that got lost along the way.
This is my first attempt at a free verse poem, please feel free to send me a message with feedback or critique. I honestly don't know what I am doing and writing this was a huge challenge for me. This is for anyone who has lost someone close to them in their lives. People die, but they live on in the hearts and souls of the people who loved and cherished them. Carry their spirits into the new world and they will live on forever.
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